Cheap Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 Plus in 2021

Cheap Best Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 6 Plus in 2018

As you use smartphone, you may know how fragile the glass screen (LCD screen) it is; therefore, using a screen protector is a must to protect your phone screen. Screen protector is like an invisible guard for your phone. It is thin, but tough enough to protect your phone from any smudge, scratch, or dust, and also to maintain the value of your phone.

The below list down top 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 6 plus you may consider for your phone.

Tech Armor Screen Protector

The high quality of this screen protector can perfectly protect the phone screen from scratch or any daily dust. The screen protector is clear and can totally cover the entire screen area. Be cautioned not to bend the screen protector!

iCarez Screen Protector

Made from Japanese PET film, iCarez screen protector has the high quality to protect your phone from scratching and shattering. This screen protector is anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and bubble-free screen, which makes it is installed easily.


Aerb Screen Protector

Aerb premium tempered screen protector is made of high quality thin layer crystal clear glass of 0.3 mm with shatterproof, anti-scratch and anti-oil function works well for protecting your phone. It is high absorption that can install quickly. Install this screen with caution since it will break if you attempt to fold it.

Poweradd Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This screen protector is made from Japanese PET material with high sensitive touch, HD ultra clear, bubble-free (easily install), anti-oil (free from fingerprint) and anti-scratch function. The 0.33mm tempered glass actually works well to protect the phone sreen. A package of the Poweradd includes: screen protector, cleaning cloth, alcohol pad and user manual.

Skinomi, Tech Skin Screen Protector

Skinomi offers a special design (precise cutouts) to give a full cover protection on the phone. Besides all the protections that other screen protectors can offer, Skinomi contains a high resistant prevent from yellowing that keeps your phone look like a new one.

Halo Screen Protector

Halo screen protector is made from the highest quality (grade A Japanese film) makes sure to leave your screen protected. It is completely invisible, no air bubbles, scuffs or shimmering oil slick effect. This screen protector also contains UV blocking, which prevents your eyes pressure and anti-fingerprint that will not smudge the phone screen. There are 3 screen protectors with microfiber cloth in a package of Halo screen protector.

Lab C, HD Tempered Diamond Glass Technology Screen Protector

With its 0.2 mm ultra slim glass, the screen protector shows a slim design fit to phone screen. The perfect outfits, with the curved surface, can maximum coverage on the phone. You will experience a very smooth coating while tapping or scrolling on the screen.

Foxx Electronics Tempered Glass Technology

This screen protector is made from superior grade glass 9H, which can protect your phone from scratches to the high drop down. The rounded edges of the tempered glass definitely fit your phone. The most important is Foxx screen protector can prevent the glass from shattering and keep your screen free of any smudge and grease.

Maxboost Tempered Glass Protector

The 5.5 inches of HD ultra-clear ballistic glass is perfectly matched the rounded edges of iPhone 6 Plus. The super thin tempered glass of 0.2 mm made it is flexible and not noticeable even after you installed it. The package of the screen protector comes with an alcohol pad, microfiber wipe, dust removal sticker and installation hinge stickers.

Please be noted that most of the screen protectors may not cover the whole front surface of the phone since iPhone 6 plus has the curved edge; however, the screen protector does perfectly cover the flat area. We recommend you to frequently change your screen protector as to keep the screen quality and prevent from any abrasion to the phone screen.