Cheap Best Sleep Masks In 2020

Cheap Best Best Sleep Masks In 2018

Maybe you’ve noticed that in many television shows, the characters often go to bed with a sleep mask, otherwise known as an eye mask, covering their eyes. Would it surprise you to know that this portrayal is actually more than just a television habit?

The truth is that the best sleep masks can help create the ideal conditions for getting real rest while you sleep. The reasoning behind this is simple: total darkness. Your body is designed to sleep in complete darkness. The main hormone involved with inducing sleep, melatonin, is inhibited by light.

That means the longer you are exposed to bright lights (cell phones, television, lamps, overhead lights) before you go to bed, the harder it will be for your brain and body to transition into a healthy sleeping rhythm. When you create a sleeping environment with total darkness, your sleep will come faster and its quality will be better.

It’s not only your actual sleep that is affected by the level of darkness, though. Light exposure while you’re sleeping has been proven to cause increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. So if you’re sleeping in an environment that is not completely dark, you are increasing your chances of developing health problems which are related to high levels of cortisol.

The reality is that we all need sleep. Modern life has skewed what we believe is ‘enough’ or ‘proper’ sleep. Your body needs long periods of uninterrupted deep sleep. Sleep is not as simple as it seems. It is not just a time for your body to rest after your long day. Your brain is extremely active while you sleep. Some of its most important processes to keep you functioning correctly take place while you sleep. So you can imagine what happens when you are not getting good quality sleep: you are not functioning as well as possible!

So the main and most important to think about using a sleep mask in your everyday routine is because it will promote a healthier sleeping pattern. It’s not just your process of falling asleep that is disrupted by presence of light. Your whole sleep cycle will be affected when you are not sleeping in total darkness. A healthy sleep cycle is one of the most important factors in your well-being and keeping your body and mind balanced to avoid issues such as depression.

If you decide to start using a sleep mask, be prepared to wear it every night. While you may notice that you slept a bit better after one night with a sleep mask, after an accumulation of time, you will notice positive differences in many areas of your sleep and functioning. You will likely start to dream more and to remember your dreams more vividly. Your waking hours will be improved because you will feel more rested and alert during the day.

Think about the level of convenience it will add to your life. There will times when you’re traveling or you find yourself sleeping in an environment that is not familiar to you. Generally, this can be very detrimental to maintaining your individual sleep patterns. Maybe you work at night and sleep during the day, making it really difficult to create a room that’s totally dark. If you are in the habit of using a sleep mask, however, then any situation or environment you find yourself can be neutralized by wearing your sleep mask.

Total darkness is not the only benefit to using a sleep mask every night, though. If you need more convincing, consider the fact that wearing a sleep mask at night can prevent unnecessary damage to your skin. Yes, your skin can be damaged while you’re sleeping! From tossing and turning and rubbing your face on your pillow all night, imprints are often left. Although you don’t always see them when you wake up, they often stay on your face for hours at a time. In the long run, this can lead to wrinkles and other permanent skin damage.

If you wear a sleep mask, the very vulnerable skin around your eyes is protected from too much moving around and imprinting. Even a standard sleep mask will do a great job protecting your skin from extra damage, not to mention that there are many types of sleep masks that are created to provide other specific skin benefits in addition to total darkness.

Now that you’ve learned why you should use a sleep mask, it’s time to get out there and start searching for one that will suit your needs. Remember, you want to wear your sleep mask each and every day for optimal improvements in your sleep and functioning. So make sure you spend time looking for a sleep mask that you will feel comfortable with wearing each night. There are many types and variations of sleep masks to choose from, but even a simple and standard design will do. Here you will find the top 10 best sleep masks in 2018. Keep the light out and you will find yourself sleeping like a baby!

ALASKA BEAR® – Natural silk sleep mask

This is a package that features a blindfold and an eye mask, both of which are specifically designed to serve as outstanding sleep aids. Made from mulberry silk of the highest quality, this sleep mask mimics the effect of window blinds or curtains and blocks out all the light, without tangling your hair or interfering with your sleep in any way! With this mask, you will never have to worry about waking up tired or with dry eyes.

Price Range: Low

The Bedtime Bliss Contoured Eye Mask

Last, but not least, this is a very comfortable sleep mask that molds around the contour of your face and eyes. Soft and quite comfortable to wear, the mask blocks out the light coming from the sun or lamps and helps you get a restful night’s sleep. Besides this, the mask also comes with a unisex design that allows it to be used not only by women, but also by men.

Price Range: Medium

The Dream Essential Sleep Mask

This is a great and contoured eye mask that comes with a black colored sleeping mask, a fancy traveling pouch as well as a pair of ear plugs that you can use whenever the noise prevents you from falling asleep. This mask is designed to be easy and comfortable to wear and it does not interfere with REM sleep!

Price Range: Low

Sleep Mask By Sleep Master

Made by Sleep Master, this eye mask is also very cool and soft and, most importantly, it allows you skin to breathe throughout the night. Made from a hypoallergenic material that can be easily washed by hand, this mask comes with flexible and wide velcro strips that allow you to easily adjust it to your size!

Price Range: High

Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs

Comfortable and high quality, this is yet another sleep mask kit that you should put on your list. It comes with ear plugs for sleeping anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, on long flights or short naps, this sleep mask blocks light fully, is super lightweight, soft and comfortable.  Featuring a sturdy and durable construction and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee (as well as a money back guarantee) provided by the manufacturer.

Price Range: Low

The Lewis N Clark Eye Mask

Made from a high-quality velour and cotton material, this is a truly comfortable eye mask that can be easily washed by hand and that comes with a smooth and soft padding that blocks out the light and helps you relax!

Price Range: Low

Sleep Mask Made By Drift To Sleep

Manufactured and sold by Drift To Sleep, this is more than just your average eye mask – it is actually a full sleeping kit that features a comfortable, smooth and soft eye mask along with a pair of ear plugs. This way, you can block out not only the bothersome light, but also all the noise. Besides, the soft and comfortable adjustable straps also come in handy!

Price Range: Medium

Contoured Eye Mask By SleePedia

Soft, small, compact and light weight, this package will block light and noise in an instant, while helping you stay chic and stylish even when you travel. Also great for insomnia or just a quiet night sleep. It blocks light completely. It is very lightweight with adjustable Velcro strap. No matter if you travel by plane or by car, this mask is very comfortable and comes with a two-month money back guarantee, too!

Price Range: Low

Luxury Pink Sleep Mask

This is one of the most adorable sleep masks you will ever find – pink, fluffy and very easy to clean and adjust to your face, this eye mask blocks out all the light. Besides, the best thing about it is that it is entirely padded, it comes with Velcro straps and you can wash it either by hand, or by machine. Moreover, the sleep mask comes with a beautiful blue satin bag as well, thus allowing you to store it in a hygienic and safe manner when you are traveling!

Price Range: Low

To conclude, these are the best sleep masks you can get in 2018. Say goodbye to insomnia and those annoying airplane travelers sitting next to you, with one of these high-quality sleep kits!

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