Cheap Best Solar Outdoor Lighting Reviews

Outdoor lights are essential for any household from many aspects. It keeps the house and the surrounding areas secured, visitors or family members can comfortably step into the house as also the building looks good under bright light. Apart from household or apartments, there are many other places where constant lighting from dusk to dawn is required everyday to keep the place or area accessible to common people. The gardens, parks, retail stores, pavements or any other locations for safe walking or driving of citizens and for security reasons also. Solar outdoor lightening systems are increasingly getting wider attention from common people as also from authorities as everyone now feels that going green in any form is the ultimate responsibility of mankind. Solar lighting is the best way to keep an outdoor area brightly illuminated without polluting the environment and consuming expensive conventional electricity.

There are various types solar outdoor lights are available all of which are very popular in the market for their utility, style and inexpensiveness. Here are descriptions of 10 best solar outdoor lights having wider utility:

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9. 10 LED Motion Sensor Solar Light



It’s a perfect outdoor all purpose solar light used widely in gardens, fencing areas, courtyard , terrace and many other outdoor places. It consists of Solartron X 10 LED super bright light equivalent to 200 lumens. The motion sensor enables the system to lighting up the place with required brightness depending on the availability of natural light. At dusk it switches on automatically and likewise switches off at dawn. Its installation is very easy with 5 pieces of double sided tape and 2 screws for permanent installation. It possesses internal Lithium ion battery having 12 hours back up facility.


8. Kootek outdoor waterproof solar power deck light



A perfect outdoor light for path, pavements, garden and landscape. The lightweight deck light is made of aluminum, steel and armored glass. The system is fully weather proof and rustproof. It has 0.54W Solar Panel and 3.7 V built in battery. It has three modes of controlling the “brightness” to be operated manually.


7. Cozypony 8 LED with motion Sensor



The powerful solar light is completely weather proof and heat proof. The automated switching with motion sensor capacity enables the system to save maximum energy to lengthen the lighting capacity. It has 0.55W solar panel having 12 hours lighting capacity when fully charged.


6. Aluminum- Glass LED solar light



One of the most popular solar lights in the market. This product is just perfect for illuminating garden paths and pavements. Each unit consists of 6 LEDs with powerful solar panels having the capacity to illuminate each unit of 6 LEDs up to 10 hours. Each unit weighs around 8 pounds and very easy to install.


5. Ultra bright solar powered glass lamp post



This spectacular solar lamp post is a new addition in the market, but sure to get attention from the customers quickly. The complete system weighs around 4.5 pounds and almost 25inch tall. It has a 1400 mAH AA Nickle Cadmium battery with almost 10 hours of back up capacity. The 0.75W LED is sufficient to illuminate large spaces brightly.


4. Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light



This gorgeous looking outdoor solar light is widely used most for security purposes oven the lawn gates, in backyard and garages. The product has 16 powerful LEDs with motion sensor facility. It’s very easy to mount on any flat wall with just two screws. With no batteries and no wiring, the solar light is very handy and a good investment.


3. Innogear 850 Lumen 48 LED waterproof Solar Powered Lights



The black colored, 1.2 pounds very handy solar light is very popular brand in the market. It has 48 LEDs with a capacity to produce 850 lumens, which is indeed a unique feature in the solar lighting industry. The product is accompanied by 2 powerful lithium rechargeable and replaceable batteries. It also has motion sensing facility to keep the area more secured and save energy for longer illumination.


2. Lightahead 60 LED Solar Motion Sensor light



It is a perfect flood light suitable for any outdoor purpose. The system is very lightweight (1.5 pound approximately), and can be mounted easily in any kind of wall or curved stature. The system is completely weatherproof and possesses motion sensing feature.


1. Sunforce 82120 White 120-LED Solar Motion Light



The 120 LED solar light is a splendid lighting system for any outdoor purpose. The 1 watt amorphous solar panel is powerful enough to keep on charging even in low light conditions. It carries 5 AA Ni-MH 6 Volt 900mAh rechargeable batteries. The light is automatically turns on when motion is detected, thus making it a perfect lighting for security purpose.

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