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Special forces are military units that undergo extreme training in readiness to perform insecure missions for military purposes. The history of the special forces is attributed to the German Brandenburgers fighting models during the World War II. Currently, near all countries, have Special Forces. The top 10 best Special Forces ranking takes into consideration the skills and experiences. Their main aim is to get the best tactics in dealing with the impossible security situations to make the conditions possible. Here are the best Special Forces worldwide in the 2018 ranking.

10. MARCOS, India

I know you have heard of the Marine Commando Force. The MARC0S (Marine Commando Force) is a special elite operations unit of the Indian Navy Force. The group was created purposely to do special operations such as counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, Asymmetric warfare,  counter-proliferation, reconnaissance, and more. The squad is well trained and equipped with the special knowledge to conduct a special operation in the maritime environment.

Best Special Forces

9. GIS, Italy

The Gruppo di Intervento Speciale is an elite special unit within the Italian Carabinieri military. The force engages in special operations that involve countering of terrorism. The reason behind the creation of GIS was the growth of terrorism threat back in 1978. The unit is popular globally due to its sharp marksmanship. The unit currently has approximately one hundred soldiers and is charged with the responsibility of anti-terrorism operations.

Best Special Forces

8. EKO Cobra, Austria

Einsatzkommando Cobra a.k.a EKO Cobra is the Austria’s primary counter-terrorism special tactical unit. The unit was formed in 1978 in response to the attack on the Israeli athletes in 1972 at the Munich Olympics. Even though the squad retains a low profile, its high-speed involvement in the anti-terror war is amazing. One of the best operation that the group is being remembered for is the hostage rescue in1996 in Graz-Karlau Prison. The group is considered as one of the best counter-terror. Plane hijacking has become a thing of the past in Austria through the unit.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

7. GIGN, France

The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, GIGN, is a special operations unit in the French Armed Forces. It is a super-trained unit that performs hostage rescue and counter-terrorism missions within France and anywhere worldwide if called upon to. The squad was formed as a result of the Munich massacre during the 1971 Olympic games. The unit was formed by preparation for response to future similar incidents. GIGN is famous for its proficient combat and swift response capability in conducting anti-terrorism operations and hostage rescue mission.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

6. SSG, Pakistan

The Special Service Group is a special unit of the Pakistan Army force. This force is likened to the British Army’s SAS and the U.S Army’s Special Forces. The unit was formed in 1956 and is specially trained to conduct Asymmetric Warfare, Counter-Proliferation, Special Operations, Foreign Internal Defense, Hostage Rescue, and Anti-Terrorist  operations within and outside Pakistan’s borders. SSG is also known by many as the “Black Storks,” a name derived from the appearance of their unique headgear. Bravery is a character associated with this force going by the sentiments of one Russian president. The president said that if only he could get the Pakistan’s army and the Russian weapons, then he would conquer the world. He asserted that the Pakistan’s forces iv very brave.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

5. JW GROM, Poland

The  Jednostka Wojskowa GROM is an elite anti-terrorism special forces of  Poland. It was established on July 13, 1990, in an attempt to respond to terrorist threats. the term GROM means “thunder” and you can, therefore, tell how lethal the unit is. It is one of the renowned five special operation sub-forces of the active Polish Armed Forces. The officers in the unit are trained specially to respond to unconventional warfare and a variety of threats, including anti-terrorist actions.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

4. GSG 9, Germany

The German counter-terrorism, GSG 9 is a German Federal Police’s special force created in1973. The unit was established to assist the regular German Police in effecting the freeing of the Israeli athletes kidnapped in Munich during the Olympics Games competitions. The squad is trained and acquainted with perfect skills in tackling operations on kidnapping, terrorism, hostage, and extortion. It also engages in tracking down fugitives, neutralizing targets, securing locations, and conducting sniper operations. From the year of its establishment to date, the unit has completed over 1,500 missions.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

3. Delta Force, United States

I remember watching the movie ” Delta Force I” when I was still a school boy, and you might have also watched. The movie depicts a slightly exaggerated operation that the actual Delta Force unit does. The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, popularly known as Delta Force was established in 1997 after the US received numerous terrorism threats and incidents. It is also likened to the British 22 Special Air Service and the SAS. . Delta Force’s is charged with the responsibility to counter-terrorism and an extremely versatile group that can cause a security threat or attack. Therefore, the clandestine missions for this force include but not limited to raids and hostage rescues.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

2. Navy SEALs, United Staates

The Nave SEALs is also known as the United States Navy’s Sea. The unit traces its origin to the World War II. The SEALs comprises of the male members of the US Navy. It is the US most elite forces or special Warfare Combatants. Its establishment is linked to the initial stages of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The squad cooperated with the CIA and succeeded in finding, capturing, and Killing of the long-time enemy of the States, Osama Bin Laden.

Best Special Forces Worldwide 2018

1. SAS, United Kingdom

SAS, Special Air Service, is the best and most elite Special Force in the UK. The unit was formed in 1941  during the World War II. It has been the model for most of the special Forces globally. It was initially a part of the renowned TA, Territorial Army, and was later named the 21st battalion in 1941. It gained popularity worldwide after successfully attacking the Iranian Embassy and rescuing the hostages in London during the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980. The unit currently comprises of two territorial regiments and one regular regiment. The main responsibilities for the unit are special operations in wartime and counter-terrorism.

SAS, United Kingdom

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