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Cheap Best Best Toilet Paper 2018

People do not spend much time thinking about it but you can go wrong with toilet paper.

In general when we’re happy with a product, we tend to stick with it. But, when their favorite brand is no longer available it is wise to go for something else that is just as good in terms of quality.

Toilet paper is no exception from the rule and there are many factors that go into making a good product. Small factors such as the number of layers, paper texture and even price can make one brand of toilet paper better than the other.

Here are our choices of  the top 10 best toilet papers 2018.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is a great choice for the ones that have children or toddlers. It is extremely soft and it is one of the few toilet papers that come with 3 layers thus making it extremely strong at the same time. Surprisingly it is also quite affordable which is why it is one of the favorite product for so many people.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls, Bath Tissue (Pack of 4 with 12 rolls each)

An ideal balance of softness & strength. It has 60% more sheets per roll than the Charmin Ultra Strong, making it a smart choice for your family and budget. 48 Double Rolls = 96 REGULAR ROLLS. 2-PLY toilet paper. 264 SHEETS per roll. SEPTIC-SAFE, flushable, and unscented toilet paper. Packaged in an easy-to-open box.

Scott 1000 Bath Tissue

The Scott 1000 is one of their most popular toilet paper products. It is actually a long lasting toilet paper due to the fact that there are 1000 sheets per roll. Although it’s a single ply tissue, it has decent strength. It is sewer-safe and septic-safe. It breaks up four times faster than the average bathroom tissue, so it is safe for RVs and boats. This Scott tissue is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified from responsible sources. Scott has multiple packaging options as well as a subscription service that can help save money and make sure that you never run out of toilet paper.

Charmin Sensitive Toilet Paper

Charmin’s Sensitive toilet paper should be a great product for the ones that need something more mild. It was designed to be used by the ones with sensitive skin by adding aloe and vitamin E. At the same time the texture of the paper is extremely soft and gives it extra strength. The product comes with 2-ply rolls and it is available in multiple packaging options as well as a subscription service.

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong Bath Tissue

The Quilted Northern toilet paper offers exactly what one would expect from such a product. They come with a 2-ply texturized sheet that offers excellent absorption and a soft sensation. It is an unscented product which means less chemicals were involved in the process and they are completely flushable.

Scott Extra Soft Double Roll Tissue

Scott Extra Soft double roll tissue is a great economy product that comes in multiple packaging options and offers an excellent sensation due to its soft pattern. The product comes with a 2-ply sheet and was specifically designed to be safe for septic systems. They also last longer than other products as the Scott offers more paper for the same roll size. In terms of strength, the Scott uses thicker sheets that make them superior to other toilet papers.

Cottonelle Gentle Care Toilet Paper with Aloe and Vitamin E

Cottonelle is one of the bigger brands or so it seems judging by the volumes of their sales. The Gentle Care toilet paper is an interesting product that comes with added aloe vera extracts and vitamin E which are known for their protective skin properties. The product is available in multiple packaging options and offers a subscription option that makes sure nobody is left out of toilet paper.

Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue

Charmin UltraSoft was designed to be both mild on the skin and economical at the same time. It is made of a highly absorbent paper that offers both strength and softness. For some it is more of a family product as it can be used for both adults and toddlers since it is so soft. At the same time the Charmin is also one of the more affordable toilet papers thus saving money on the long long.

Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue

The Charmin Ultra Strong is a good product that comes with their specific DuraClean texture. It is made of a soft 2-ply sheets of paper per roll which averages about 266 square feet. Charmin Ultra Strong has a simple diamond weave texture that makes it a bit stronger and it comes unscented. In terms of packaging it comes in 8 mega rolls, 9 rolls, 32 rolls or 36 giant rolls. Like with anything else larger packs offer a better deal.

Seventh Generation Unbleached Bathroom Tissue Roll

The Seventh Generation unbleached bathroom tissue roll is what some might call a natural product. It is made of recycled paper and it has not been treated with chemicals to bleach it. It is an environmental friendly product that comes in big rolls that last longer and save space. Each roll has a 2-ply sheet for added strength and comes with a simple texture that gives it softness.

Overall all products listed in our Cheap Best Best Toilet Paper 2018 offer excellent strength, softness and decent pricing. When it comes to it is just a matter of personal choice.

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