Cheap Best Wireless IP Network Cameras In 2021

Cheap Best Best Wireless IP Network Cameras In 2018

Wireless IP cameras are now more affordable than ever and more and more people chose to get such devices for their own personal security at home. It is a simple way to get real time footage or record surveillance videos without having to deal with complicated tech.

One of the things that made wireless IP cameras so popular is how simple they are to setup. Most manufacturers realized that there is a genuine need for such control and security and developed models that are easy to configure even by a person that is not a technical expert. At the same time, the image quality of these camera improved significantly without pushing the price up. We are now talking about HD or Full HD cameras that are inexpensive, easy to setup and extremely reliable. Also, wireless IP cameras offer the great advantage of allowing the administrator to control them remotely. This means that if the user is for example at the office and wants to check the video feed, he can do so in a convenient and secure way over the internet.

As the market evolved the number of available models and brands increased significantly in the IP camera business. This drove competition and pushed everyone’s hands to lower the prices. Also the quality just keeps on improving while new features are constantly added such as dedicated apps, compatibility with mobile devices and many more. To keep things short here is our list of the top 10 best wireless IP network cameras in 2018 reviews.

Nest Cam Security Camera

Nest is considered a luxury brand for many reasons first of which would be the higher price. Another reason would be the build quality, features and support. The Nest camera offers full HD image quality in a compact form factor. It is extremely small and can be placed literally anywhere inside the house.

The model can be controlled from regular smartphones and takes only a couple of minutes to setup. As a bonus the manufacturers offer a 30 day trial for their cloud services that allows the storage to be saved on their servers.

We have removed our review of product #3. We are currently reviewing other Bass Headphones and we will post a new review soon.

YI Home Wireless IP Camera

YI Home wireless camera is a great option for the ones that have a limited budget. It is a compact camera that offers excellent HD footage and plenty of control options such as a digital zoom and a wide angle lens.

The sensor used for the camera offers HD streams paired with an infrared night sensor that can be activated remotely. Like with other IP cameras it can be controlled using computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets over the internet. It also includes a micro SD card slot that can be used to add storage for the footage to be recorded locally.

D-Link DCS-932L Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera

D-Link DCS-932L camera is one of the most compact models in our list. It is also one of the most affordable. Unfortunately the low price tag also means a lower quality image sensor that is capable of recording only footage at 640 by 480 pixels and 20 frames per second. For a lot of users the camera is idea when used at home especially since it is so inexpensive.

The model allows for wireless connectivity and can be controlled using the dedicated D-Link web portal. It can also be accessed using an iOS or Android smartphone and it is extremely easy to setup.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera

Armcrest ProHD 1080p camera is a great affordable option that delivers crisp clear images without any distortions. For the price it is difficult to get a better deal. Very few other cameras come with the capability to record full HD footage.

The model comes in a black finish with pan and tilt functionality and a wide viewing angle of 90 degrees. One interesting feature about it is the fact that the camera uses a Sony image sensor and an advanced Ambarella processor that translates into excellent image quality.

Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD IP/Network Camera

The Vitamag Fujikam 361 HD is a great simple option for the ones that need surveillance at home. It was designed to be easy to use while still providing a lot of features. The model comes with a night vision sensor as well as a motion sensor that can be configured to turn on the camera when activity is detected.

In terms of video quality the camera can record 720p footage at 25 frames per second. Its night vision features can be activated remotely and the entire camera can be controlled from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision

Foscam C1 is an interesting little device that offers a lot of functionality in a compact form factor. The model was designed to be small and easy to hide. It is easy to install and setup. The model uses a high resolution HD sensor that provides crisp clear footage which can be recorded on a network attached storage.

The model offers the option to record the footage on a local SD card and can be controlled remotely. Inside the box the manufacturers included a small manual and a driver CD that installs the software required to control it.

Wansview NCM625GA 1080P IP Camera

The Wansview NCM625GA 1080P camera is a great option for the ones that need high resolution footage. It has an advanced 2.0 MP sensor and surprisingly the price tag is quite decent. The model also features a night vision mode and pan and tilt.

Wansview also included a two-way audio that allows the footage to be recorded with sound as well. Like with any other respectable camera the model has dedicated mobile apps and can be accessed and controlled remotely over the internet.

D-Link Wireless Day/Night HD Outdoor Network Surveillance Camera DCS-2330L

D-Link is a well-known brand in the networking segment and recently they also introduced wireless IP cameras. The DCS02330L is a great little camera that was built sturdy enough to be used indoors and outdoors. It is a simple device with a simple construction and an easy setup.

If there is one thing bad that can be said about the camera is the fact that it is a bit expensive when compared with other similar models. However the image quality is crystal clear even with its 720p resolution.

TENVIS TZ100 HD Wireless IP/Network Security Camera

10. TENVIS TZ100 HD Wireless IP Network Security Camera

TRENVIS TZ100 HD wireless camera is a decent option for the ones that need a simple security solution. The model comes with a high quality HD sensor that can record footage at 720p. It is extremely easy to setup which is a big plus and comes with its own dedicated smartphone app.

The model comes in a black color and it includes a SD card slot that can accept memory cards of up to 32 GB. It also supports remote pan and tilt and can be configured to activate only when it detects motion in the camera.


Wireless IP cameras can come in various shapes and sizes. The most important difference between them is the image sensor used as it will determine the quality of the video feed. More expensive models do offer superior quality but there are also some exceptions from the rule. Our list includes several inexpensive models that are capable of delivering crystal clear video streams.

An important thing that needs to be taken into account is if the footage needs to be stored and how that will be done. Some models support video recording directly on a network attached storage while others have a card slot. In the end it is a matter of personal preference but it is important to look at all the options available for a given budget.

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