Cheap Best Big Names in Cell phone Brands 2021

When communication technology moved from telephones to cell phones, some companies come up to produce mobile phones of different designs and shapes all coming with different features. The companies have products in attempts to capture the market. Just like any other competition, business competition among the mobile phone producing companies is characterized by various strategies to outdo the competitors. Some of the strategies include the production of different designs of cell phones, coming up with new features, investing in research and development to ensure that their products remain among the most preferred in the market. Some of these companies are still preferred by the customer base even today for the production of cell phones. The following are the top ten big names in cell phone brands this year.

10. Alcatel

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Alcatel phones are among the strongest and the most lasting cell phones that are on the market today. The company has a wide variety of phones to make sure that the customers always have something that suits them. They have managed to satisfy the various preferences of their customers. The introduction of the QWERTY keypad was a big bust for the company in the markets as a good number of clients found it very efficient and most preferred.

In addition to that, the fact that the company can produce phones that are internet enabled gas given the company an upper hand.Some of the users of the company products confess that the cell phones from Alcatel are so strong that they remain intact even when dropped on hard surfaces. I am not trying to say that you go around experiment with your cell phone, but you can trust Alcatel to produce powerful phones.

Furthermore, the cell phones are pocket-friendly so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a high-quality cell phone. The company is a pioneer in the industry, and it has remained consistent when it comes to meeting customer expectations. If you have never used an Alcatel phone, then you must know that you have not tasted durability and efficiency that comes at a low cost. I will recommend the cell phone brands of Alcatel to anybody.

9. Sony

Cell phone Brands

The Sony Corporation is one of the companies that come early to this industry. My first mobile phone, a product of this company and I, can testify that the phone was one of the best that I have ever come across. At some point, I was tempted to think that no other company could produce phones that could compare to the products of Sony.

The products are characterized by durability and multi-functionality. If you want a phone that will ensure that you have sound clarity and give you high-quality pictures, you can be sure that Sony will sort you out. One of their products has managed to make it to the top best cell phones in the world.The Sony Xperia was the top best cell phone in the world when it was released.

The company has been able to remain consistent in its innovation and technological development to ensure that the changing customer expectation is always met. The products from the company are also considered to be the best in the market. If you are looking for the best phones with the latest trends, look no more. I talk about Sony with confidence because I know for sure that it can never let you down. All your expectations will be met fully.

8. Motorola

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Motorola is another company that has passed the test of time. The company for some time almost took total domination of the mobile phone market. The features that come with phones are heroic, and the energy is just perfect. You can be sure that a Motorola phone will last longer than any other phone that you will ever come across.

The batteries last longer, and that is because the company any uses that high-quality batteries for the products. Some of the users of the company products testify that the products are the most reliable and the most efficient. I tend to think that this company should be in the top three as the features are just perfect and they have also managed to satisfy the customer expectations when it comes to preferences and taste.

If you tracked back ten years ago, you might realize that the products of the company that comes in the form of RAZR series. The phones that come from the company during this time become the favorite of the majority of the cell phone users during this time. One would easily think that if you did not have a Motorola phone, then you had a cheap phone. The brand has also done well, and it will be very unfair to compare the brand with other phone brands. Motorola remains one of the best cell phone making company, and I would not discourage anybody to go for the products.

7. BlackberryCell phone Brands

I did not know about Blackberry until the need of having a phone with QWERTY keypad come. I then realized that the company was one of the best when it comes to the production of that type of cell phones. The company managed to do something that most cell phone companies have not managed to achieve.

The Blackberry phones have awesome keypads but still, manage to remain with a widescreen giving the phone elegance that does not come easily. One would think that the phone is for the high-class people in the society and that was because most of the people who had the Blackberry phone were people with relatively large financial muscle.

That is not because the phone were very expensive but it was because the phones come with the elegance and stylish design that suited the people who wanted to appear to have social power and large financial muscles. If you have seen the blackberry M+62 then you definitely know what I am talking about. This was a giant before the smartphones took the market and remain a giant when we talk about cell phones. If you are just about getting a cell phone, you should think in the line of Blackberry.

6. LG Electronics

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The LG has a large market share not just from the phones but also from other electronics that the company produces. I have a friend who is too loyal to the company that you might feel like you are committing treason by going to his house with a phone that is not an LG product. I mean all the electronics in his house are products in this company. He has manages influence me to try one of the LG phones and I think the product is awesome.

The cell phones from LG are very durable and can last up to five days before you need to recharge it. If you want a phone that will suit you in all the conditions then you should be thinking about LG. for those of us who love cool lifestyles, I don’t think there is anything that will make you cooler than having an LG cell phone. I cannot deny that this company is one of the best when it comes to production of cell phones.

5. Sony Ericsson

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I know what that you are probably thinking that we have the same company appearing more than once in this list. If that is what is ringing in your head right now, then allow me to confirm to you that you are either dreaming or terribly wrong. There is a wide gap between Sony and Sony Ericsson.

Despite the small similarity in the names, the two companies are completely different but one thing that they have in common is that they both produce cell phones. My third phone was a Sony Ericsson product and I think it was one of the best phones that I have ever had. If you want a phone that comes with a very clear camera and gives clear sound then you should not look far. Go for one of the products from this company and you will never be disappointed.

The usability is perfect and if you like media then consider you fully sorted. I not imagine what kind of a phone will exist if the hard drive of the Sony Ericsson phone is used for android phones. The combination can just be amazing and I hope the company is also thinking about this trick. That will be a super phone. The phone was the most preferred by the teens according to the top three teens.

4. HTC

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This is one phone that I have always desired to have. I know that the products of the HTC are always what anybody would want to have. I have seen a few friends of mine with the HTC phones and I envy them. The phone comes with high durability and it does not matter how many times you drop the phone.

However, I will not advise that you experiment with your phone but you can be sure that a few accidental drops on hard surfaces will not bring down your HTC phone.The phone also comes with a design that is stylish and has a high level of compatibility. A friend of mine confesses that he has been using his HTC phone for the past four years without having any problems with the phone. One of the best brands that have been produced by the company is the M+ 148. You can be sure of perfect functionality and excellent keys.

The display screen is not questionable as you can be sure that the quality display that come HTC cell phones. I have a feeling that the moment you get your hands on a HTC phone you will never even think of getting a different phone. The quality and efficiency that come with the phones will not allows you to shift to a different brand. The far you can do is to get a different model of HTC phone. In short it is very easy to become addicted to HTC phone.

3. Nokia

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If you were not expecting Nokia to be among the top three then I don’t really know what you had in mind. When Nokia hit the market for the first time, I must say that they hit very hard such that the impact is still felt today. The company had a trick that worked for them. They produced so many brands within a short period of time to make sure that the customer taste and preference was well handled. I mean, there was always something for everybody from Nokia.

The rankings that were done could not miss more than two Nokia phones so you can tell how the market felt about the Products. The phone is user friendly and very efficient and gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the features that you would like in your phone. That is what I mean when I say that there is always something for everyone at NOKIA.

2. Apple

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Apple phones are associated with the high class in the society. The elegance look that comes with the phones makes them very desirable. Why would you buy a computer when you can have one in a cell phone? The Apple phones are more than just phones and if you are tired of phones that a prone to freezing, then this is your solution. I would say that the inventor of this phone might have been trying to make something more advanced when it comes to technology before settling for a cell phone.

However the cell phone must have retained many properties of a high performance computer. This is one of the best phones that you can ever spend your money on. My favorite apple phone is the i-phone 8M. You should see it. I am one hundred percent sure that you will love it.

1. Samsung

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As expected by many of us, the Korean company, Samsung has managed to retain position one in the list of the top best cell phones companies. The company has produced a wide range of cell phone making it easy for them to capture the market and satisfy the customer base that has a variety of tastes and preferences.

The products from the company have been raised to meet the needs of the customers. The galaxy phones are just mind-blowing. I would say that this was one of the best ideas that a cell phone company has ever been implemented. You cannot even compare the Samsung phone with any other cell phone brands. One of my favorites is the Samsung galaxy two which I have had an opportunity to use. The efficiency levels are just wow!