Cheap Best Dart Board Cabinets 2021 Reviews

Dart board cabinets are designed to provide style and luxury to an ordinary dart board. Cabinets are extremely popular because they can be closed to create a stylish piece of furniture that blends with any room when it is not in use. When searching for a dart board cabinet, it is crucial to find a strong and durable board. The cabinet material should be high-quality and built to last.

Top Best Sellers in Dart Board Cabinets

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10. Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet by American Heritage Billiards

Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet

This mocha finished solid wood and MDF dart board cabinet comes with six darts. This kit is the perfect way to finish off any home game room.


  • The bristle board is tournament-quality. The dart board contains two scoring chalkboards and two weighted steel-tipped dart sets of three. The doors are made of solid wood.


  • This dart board is of great quality, but it will cost you.

9. Bull Dog Dart Cabinet Kit by Dart World

Bull Dog Dart Cabinet Kit by Dart World

These stylish solid pine dart board cabinets are on par with other quality professional dart boards. The cabinet opens up to a quality dart board and closes to display an English Bulldog across the front.


  • This kit comes with two sets of English brass darts and a Lexan throw line. The rules are hung in one of the doors next to the board and a score card displays on the opposite door. Finger joints and hinges are used to mount the doors and create a strong hold.


  • The quality of the darts does not match the professional quality of the cabinet. This is something you may consider upgrading in the future.

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8. Arachnid Illuminator Light Up Dart Board Cabinet Set

Arachnid Illuminator Light Up Dart Board Cabinet Set

Unlike traditional dart board cabinets, this kit provides a light-up experience. The lights creatively illuminate, allowing interactive technology to introduce 13 dedicated light up games to users.


  • A contemporary style board that is in a much lower price range than professional grade wood cabinets. Comes with six darts and interchangeable soft tips. The lights are very bright.


  • This dart board is battery operated and the light feature consumes a lot of battery power even when it is turned off.

7. Arachnid Crickettmaxx Electronic Dart Board Cabinet

Arachnid Crickettmaxx Electronic Dart Board Cabinet

This cabinet has thirty-four games built-in, providing endless fun for the entire family. This board has a built in dart holder and can be played solo.


  • The X/O display mounts inside the door and lights up. There are 183 different level variations so you can challenge yourself as you see fit. This board has an AC adapter, eliminating the need to rely on battery power.


  • Some users find closing the doors on the board to be quite difficult due to the power adapter cord location.

6. The Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board by GLD Products

The Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Board by GLD Products

This board contains a 15.5-inch target face and is composed of thermal resin segments, a tournament quality material that is extremely durable.


  • This board has fifty-seven built-in games and 307 different play options for up to sixteen players. Extremely crisp and bright LCD display screen. Comes with six soft tip darts and all the mounting hardware necessary. Comes with an external power supply adapter.


  • Darts tend to stick pretty regularly, making it difficult to remove them after throwing. This is more of an inconvenience for players but nothing too drastic.

5. King’s Head Light Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set

Kings Head Light Wood Dartboard Cabinet Set

This dart board cabinet provides a quality appearance at a fraction of the cost. The large 18-inch diameter makes it on board with professional level boards.


  • This board comes with all the wall mounting hardware you will need. There are six steel tip darts included. The sisal fiber is self-healing so it does not leave unsightly holes or marks. The dart cabinet has a door mounted chalkboard.


  • This product is made with wood veneer and not solid wood.

4. Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set by Hathaway

Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set by Hathaway

This solid wood dart board by Hathaway is made with solid 1/2-inch North American yellow poplar hardwood and finished off in dark cherry. The cabinet set comes equipped with everything you need to play darts.


  • The kit comes with two sets of steel tipped darts that are finished off with flights displaying either an American Flag or a British Flag. The hinges are made with top-quality stainless steel, providing a secure and reliable hold. The 18-inch dart board is made with sisal fiber that is self-healing and easy to remove darts from. The outer ring is removable and the target frame itself is rounded to prevent darts from bouncing out.


  • Some customers were displeased with the quality of the dart board itself. They found the wood to be quite flimsy, causing the board to move excessively during dart removal.

3. Bristle Dartboard by DMI Sports

Bristle Dartboard by DMI Sports

This dart board kit by DMI Sports comes with a build in chalkboard scoreboard and an electronic score board displayed inside on either door. The plastic dartboard is encased by a cherry wood cabinet and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The sisal material is self-healing and made to last. The cabinet holds six darts on a shelf below the dart board, allowing easy access and beautiful display. The dual scoring board is extremely convenient.


  • Some customers report being displeased with the quality of the cabinet itself.

2. Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

This stylish dart board by Trademark Gameroom is truly built to impress. The beautiful wood finish and curved door shape are some of the quality features this board boasts.


  • Magnetic door closures provide a reliable hold that keeps the cabinet closed when not in use. The door mounted cricket chalkboard provides adequate score keeping ability. This board comes with six steel tip darts so you can begin playing instantly once mounted.


  • The cabinet itself does not have a dedicated location for storing darts.

1. GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Board Cabinet Bundle

GLD Products Viper Hudson Dart Board Cabinet Bundle

GLD Products offers their comprehensive dart bundle kit. The kit features a mahogany finished solid pine cabinet, darts, attached cricket and out chart boards, and all the mounting and writing accessories necessary.


  • The cabinet itself is solid wood and made of top-quality materials. The box joint construction ensures smooth and steady movement of the doors. The doors contain compact stoppers that keep the doors from slamming shut. The dart board has a felt background, which provides a more luxurious appearance. The dart board itself is finished with Sisal, which is self-healing and extremely durable.


  • Some users report a high amount of bounce-outs with this dart board.

Each of these dart boards is guaranteed to last in both style, design, and function. These ten cabinets rank higher among the competition based on their quality and performance. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive board or a professional quality cabinet, this list has the perfect options available for you to choose from.

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