Cheap Best Famous Black Male Country Music Singers 2021

Music is food for the soul. Recent research shows that no one can end a day without listening to music be it voluntarily or subjective. Whether you subjectively find yourself listening to music being played on the bus or at the eatery, the fact remains that the cannot end without getting some melodies passing through your ears. Country music is one of the most famous genres, especially in America. Even though the biggest percentage of the music lovers are hip-hop fans, country music still has a significant percentage of fans or listeners. Even though whites have dominated country music for long, blacks have also joined and thrived in taking country music to another level. Even though there are a big number of the black males in the country music, the following are the top 10 best black male country singers of 2018 according to the current merit list.

10. Carl Ray

Carl Ray is a must-hear name upon mentioning of the country music. He is not just a singer but also an inspirational songwriter. The celeb resides in Texas, United States. To ladies, he can be described as a charismatic and handsome guy. However, his magnificent voice is recognized by all the country music enthusiasts globally irrespective of the gender. His love for Country music did not come as a miracle but rather through efforts. He began as a country music fan as a teenager and would occasionally identify himself with the previous popular country music songs. Carl has produced several top singles and albums so far. Among his many albums, the most sought after is the favorite “I Love Country Music.” Yes, he is famous, but did you know this? He is a family man too, of course, a husband to one wife and a father to two kids. Carl has also made several appearances both locally and international Country music scenes and concerts.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

9. Scott Eversoll

The man from Phoenix, Arizona is a famous country music singer not only in the US but also internationally. He is blessed with what people like, the traditional rich sounding voice that likens to the voices of former famous singers like Randy Travis. Scott is a member of the music family with a long line of musicians. It is a fact that success does not come once and takes perseverance, Scott similarly passed through the course. His first-time performance dates back to those days when he was still a young boy. However, the best moment for his singing career was in the late 80’s during his great performance in Marine Corps. He has since produced many thrilling singles including the most popular single that has become his signature, “What Color Am I.” The song has since become the virtual anthem for the BCMA. Different from other artists who had shunned the old school country music style by blending with hip-hop and rock, Scott has kept the traditional Country Music style. He is, therefore, qualified for a strong applause.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

8. Milton Patton

Forest City, Arkansas has produced one of the top men in Country Music Genre. Milton Patton is among the youngest but popular musicians not only in Country Music but also generally. At the age of 23 years, Patton can be said to have achieved his musical inspiration which is based on the foundation of his family which comprises of singers. The history behind his decision to do country music can be linked to the break up between him Brad Paisley and him. He did a mournful lyrics of Whiskey Lullaby and wrote the song in an attempt to console himself. He says that the friends inspired him from the outcome of his song and he opted to move from Forest City to go and pursue a career in Music. Here he is, appearing at position 8, Milton Patton is set to shine most in years to come and his thrilling sweet voice cannot be forgotten soon by country music lovers.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

7. Dwight Quick

Who is Dwight Quick? He is one of the most talented songwriter cum Singers.  He is a country musician based in Nashville, North Carolina. His fame is linked to his mode and style of singing which encompasses the traditional style. To his fans, Dwight is likened to top famous traditional styled Country musicians such as Patrick Black and Allan Jackson. He is not only popular for his numerous performances in packed Nashville bars and lounges but also a famous figure i the BCMA. His music career has been a successful one given that some of his popular songs have featured in some popular country billboards globally. At position 7, he is one of the best black male country singers of today.


6. Trini Triggs

Trini Triggs is a US based Country Musician who was born on August 5, 1965, in Louisiana. He is indeed one of the most established black American singers, especially in the country music genre. He first came into limelight in 1998 with his self-titled album under Antony Smith of Curb Records as the Producer. The album received international recognition with three singles from the same album featuring on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks Billboard chart of 1998. He has since produced lots of grossing singles especially with Asylum and Curb record labels to become an international figure. Therefore, the name Trini Triggs cannot miss in any serious country music chat.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

5. Cowboy Troy

Troy Lee Coleman III, a.k.a Cowboy Troy was born on December 18, 1970, and has lived to be a successful musician not only in Country music genre but also in hip-hop and rap. The Victoria native Troy is also a registered member of MuzikMafia that has international recognition based on the success stories of the members. Even though he started his singing career at a tender age, his fame grew, and he became more popular in 2005 with the first major label solo album called Loco Motive. Most of the renowned Country music enthusiasts worldwide gave credit and positive reviews to the album which was produced by the Warner Music Group and the RAYBAW records. By 2005, his single hit ” Chicken with the Train” became position 48 on the famous Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in 2005. Furthermore, Troy’s songs are among the most downloaded songs in most online stores such as iTune.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

4. Cleve Francis

The highly rated American Singer, Cleve Francis, is not appearing in the top 10 list for the first time in 2018. In 2018, the top rated singer Cleve appeared in various top 10 lists of popular male singers in the category of country music. Before venturing into the singing career, Cleve started off as a cardiologist and worked with Liberty and Playback music labels. Cleve has since become a recognized name in the country music arena. Furthermore, he has released three international albums acclaimed to be studio albums alongside four singles that are currently top on the Billboard Chat for Hot Country Singles and Tracks 2018. Although the guy is growing old, he is still at the peak of his career now at 69.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

3. Aaron Neville

Call him a multi-talented guy and you will not be wrong. The 74 years old country music singer still appears 3rd in popularity in the country music arena. Aaron resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, US though recognized internationally for what he does best, singing. Besides Country music, Aaron Neville also does jazz, pop, and soul but not with the vibrancy as for country music. In his long-time career, Neville has worked with a total of six music labels namely; Par-Lo, Curb, Burgundy, A&M, EMI, and Chordiant. Besides, he has also closely associated with Linda Ronstadt and the Neville Brothers. In January 2013, he released a total of 12 scintillating tunes to pay tribute to his youth. The tunes were produced under the banner “My True Story.” Aaron is still set to shine despite his age.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

2. Darius Rucker

Do you remember the Grammy Award winner, Darius Rucker? Darius Carlos Rucker is an American country singer based in Charleston, South Carolina. The 48 years old Darius started gaining fame in 1989 when still in the Hootie and the Blowfish band. He started off as a rhythm guitarist then a lead singer for the band. He also co-wrote most of his hit songs. He also did a lot especially as a solo rhythm and blues, R&B music by 2002. In 2007, Darius diverted his attention to country music after signing with the Capitol Records. He has released some of the best internationally acclaimed singles among them, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” which has appeared on the Hot Country Songs Chat billboard. Darius has the record for being the first black singer to win the Country Music Association New Artist Award back in 2008. Eight years down the line, the name Darius Rucker still has a lot of weight in the Country Music arena.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers

1. Charlie Pride

2018 is the year for Charlie Pride as the most famous black male country musician. Charlie, the most established songwriter, is not only a talented singer but also a talented performer. After 45 years of successful music career, Charlie Pride is the second best top selling artist currently to be signed by RCA records. He comes second after Elvis Presley who is considered the top selling. Apart from producing many chart-topping singles, he has also been an inspiration and a mentor to many aspiring country musicians. Topping this list of the Cheap Best Famous Black Male Country Music Singers 2018 is an indication that in deed Charlie Pride is the most famous.

Famous Black Male Country Music Singers