Cheap Best Golf Bags for Men 2021 Reviews

Whether an individual is a professional or a casual golf player, they need to have a good golf bag that will carry all the valuables necessary for the game. People who are new to golf find it intimidating since they do not know the right things to have for the match. The golf bag assists them is arranging their playing equipment well thus allowing the move fast during the match. The bag does not only keep you organized, but it also keeps every option open, in case you may need to add any other equipment for the game.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Golf Bag

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The kind of bag you carry to the golf game can be a significant determinant of your success. Nevertheless, there are several things you must look at before buying any bag for your sport. This is because it may prove very hard to narrow down to the various products in today’s market and to get the most appropriate products.

Durability of the Bag: Different Golf Bags for Men may not serve you for an extended period basically because of the materials or technology used to make them. It is important to research on the materials that make a given product before buying it.

Capacity and Functionality: Different bags have different sizes, and it would be important to know the kind of space you are seeking to have. Most importantly, define the various things you would like to carry for the golf games.

The following are some of the best bags in 2018. Each bag is unique in its way and has different features to fit the preferences of different customers. Understanding the features and advantages of the bags could be helpful in your selection.

10. Mizuno Golf Comp Stand Bag

Mizuno Golf Comp Stand Bag

This bag has sufficient storage for all your valuables since it comes with four compartments together with an extra mesh pouch for keeping your drink. It has an upgraded base for its stability. It also has Mizuno-aero straps which are to make it comfortable on the shoulders. The bag has four-way divider systems to help manage the game.


  • Has a great capacity to carry various things
  • Is Comfortable to carry due to its incredible straps
  • It is also durable


  • It is very common among people for those who love to look different

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9. Taylormade 2017 Flextech Lite Stand Bag

Taylormade 2017 Flextech Lite Stand Bag

Taylormade 2017 Flextech Lite Stand Bag is a high-quality bag, which that comes with some amazing features too. It has dual density straps which make the carrier comfortable. It also has two slots where you keep any oversized putter grips. The bag is water resistant and very durable due to the material used on it.


  • It has crush resistance features
  • It’s light to carry around
  • It is a water resistant.


  • May not have hood-features

8. Callaway 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

Callaway 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

The Callaway Hyper Lite -5 is a very nice golf bag that is considered by many as a versatile option. The bag works best as a stand bag or even a cart. The bags also have an in-built bottle opener for opening beverages during the game. It has eight pockets, and the material used to manufacture the bag is water-resistant. The bag also features an integrated stick holder.


  • It contains zips which can be grabbed quickly
  • The bag is also light to carry around the course
  • The legs can be tackled anytime


  • May be bulky if you have to a lot of valuables.

7. Titleist Golf- Single Strap Stand Bag

Titleist Golf Single Strap Stand Bag

This is another great bag that every golfer should own. It is because it is a single strap featuring 3-way divider systems. The kit also comes with two ball pockets, six other pockets including apparel pockets. It also has a rain hood cover, mesh hip pad and a large metal towel clips along with an umbrella strap.


  • Useful in all weather conditions
  • It is also durable
  • Has several compartments to carry your belongings


  • It is single strap made

6. Callaway Golf 2017 Chev Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Chev Stand Bag

The Callaway Chevbag is designed to be able to accommodate seven top clubs and has well-fitted mesh pads for significant ventilation. It has six pockets with an extra pocket to keep the player’s valuables. The bag also features Ergonomic Straps for balance as well as easy carrying.


  • Significantly padded that it is easy to carry.
  • Very comfortable to carry


  • The divider to not match the length of the golf bag

5. Taylormade Golf 2017 Stand Golf Bag 5.0

Taylormade Golf 2017 Stand Golf Bag

The bag has a 5-way organizational top with anti-split stand systems. It also contains some garment pockets. The bags products of this design come in two distinctive colors; black and white.


  • It is made of waterproof materials
  • It very light to carry
  • Can carry and keep beverages ever cold during the game


  • It does not feature a hood

4. Tangkula Golf Bag w/ 4-Way Divider Stand Cart Bag

Tangkula Golf Bag

Tangkula Golf bag is a Tangkula product that has some fantastic features. The bag compartments offer a lot of options for securing your valuable while in the game. It also has a 4-way divider to make the bag stable. The bag also features padded straps top reduce the pressure of the bag on the carrier.


  • Easy and comfortable to carry
  • It is also durable
  • Can stand on different terrains


  • It may not have straps to hold your towel or other valuables.

3. Titleist Golf- 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag

Titleist Golf 2016 Lightweight Stand Bag

This bag has excellent features which are useful to any golf player. It features several attributes which make it outstanding in the industry. This includes a 4-way top, two full-length dividers, a beverage pouch with other six zippered pockets. The bag also has an integrated lift handle for easy lifting.


  • Easy to lift
  • Secures your valuables because it has zips
  • Durable
  • Light to carry


  • May not be suitable for the bulky belongings

2. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag w/6 Way Divider Carry Organizer Pockets Storage

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

This is another outstanding Tangkula brand product. It has some extra features which make t the best bag to have on a golf course. The kit contains an extra large golf ball pocket, umbrella holders, glove holder and also padded straps. It includes seven pockets to offer enough and secured space for your game apparels, valuables, and gears.


  • Can be used in different terrains
  • Durable s
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Massive storage space


  • The handle grip at the bottom may not allow proper fit on the cart

1. Tour Edge Golf- Exotics 3 Stand Bag

Tour Edge Golf Exotics 3 Stand Bag

The tour Edge Golf-Exotic Extreme 3 stand Bag is a nice bag to have. It is easy to carry, and the prices are reasonable too. The bag has 7-way divider top that has an easy-to-lift handle on it. This product also features a bottle holder, pen, and a score card holder, two garment pockets and an easy-release stand.


  • It is light
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a waterproof velour lining
  • Have padded straps for easy and comfortable carrying


  • The lightweight is insane and unbelievable

Practically, a golf bag is something that every golf player must have. However, you should also note that the bag is not just for functionality but also for your safety. Buying a golf bag for men that best fits your budget and avoiding comprising quality for prices is also necessary.

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