Cheap Best High Quality Tripods for Camera 2021 Reviews

As you can imagine, photographers are always looking for the best equipment for improving their photographing experience. The camera and lenses are extremely important, but so is having a reliable, sturdy, and functional tripod. Finding a reliable base for a camera is crucial for ensuring crisp and clear photos are achieved. The 2017 market for camera equipment presents numerous high-quality tripod options. Here is a list of the top ten tripods available on the market. Each tripod was selected based on its range, stability, ease-of-carrying, and affordability. Each tripod brings forth its own set of benefits for photographers.

10. The Universal Camera Tripod by BC Master

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The Universal Camera Tripod by BC Master

This lightweight camera tripod comes with a carrying bag, ball head, quick release plate, and a bubble level. This extremely sturdy tripod is constructed with aluminum alloy and adjusts from 10-inches up to 75-inches.


  • This tripod is compact and easy to carry. The legs can all be folded back 180-degrees and inverted down to around 15″ for packing and carrying. The leg heights can be adjusted and set to take photographs at various angles with the assistance of the ball head. The tripod is extremely strong and sturdy.


  • This tripod does not have a head knob, which is used for smooth panning shots.

9. 3-Way Panhead Tripod

3-Way Panhead Tripod

The 3-way Panhead tripod by Carson is the staple of the TriForce series. This tripod reaches heights up to 65-inches and it contains aluminum legs that lock into place quickly so you can capture the moment in a breeze.


  • The 3-way pan head provides an ultra smooth 360-degree transition. The legs are divided into 3-sections and contain retractable feet that are spiked for better stability and positioning. This tripod has a built-in bubble level, an accessory hook, and a gear elevator.


  • This item requires a 3mm Allen wrench for adjustments, but it is not included.

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8. Camera Tripod by LimoStudio

Camera Tripod by LimoStudio

This sturdy 50-inch tripod by LimoStudio Digital Photography is composed of double stage aluminum alloy for reliable positioning. The bubble indicator ensures your tripod is truly level for capturing those beautiful photos every time.


  • This tripod adjusts from 16-inches to 50-inches in height. This tripod has a quick-release flip leg locking system, adjustable tilt and pan controls, and a truly gearless center column that provides precise positioning. The platform has a quick-release lever and the tripod has non-slip feet to ensure sound positioning.


  • This tripod becomes less stable as the legs extend more.

7. K&F Aluminum Tripod

K&F Aluminum Tripod

This camera tripod is made with some of the highest quality material around. The metal legs are constructed using military grade metal. The DSLR tripod legs can be folded 180-degrees in reverse and can be minimized down to 16.15-inches for storing. The lightweight camera comes with a carrying bag, making it small enough to carry virtually anywhere you go.


  • The ball head is made with metal die casting and can be rotated 360-degrees. This ball helps improve activity range while casting panoramic shots. This tripod has a pull-out button for angling, quick release leg locks, and a recessed center column hook.


  • Some users report problems with the bubble level not working accurately.

6. The Ultra Compact Tripod

The Ultra Compact Tripod

This ultra compact tripod by Dolica is just 2.5 Lbs and folds down to 12.5-inches. This tripod is extremely sturdy, lightweight, and highly reliable.


  • This tripod is great for heights between 18 and 57-inches. This tripod has a 360-degree horizontal angle and a 90-degree vertical angle.


  • The legs can pop out of tripod if over-extended, which can be an inconvenience.

5. The Lightweight Mini Tripod

The Lightweight Mini Tripod

This lightweight miniature tripod has adjustable metal legs and sturdy rubber feet. This tripod is extremely lightweight and small, ranging from 4.76-inches to 7.5-inches in size, perfect for table top use.


  • This tripod has a mini ball head with a 360-degree rotation and a 90-degree tilt. This tripod works well with small digital cameras, smartphones, webcams, and GoPro devices.


  • This tripod is recommended for cameras under 1.1 Lb. This is not a suitable option for heavy duty professional cameras.

4. The Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

The lightweight aluminum tripod by Ravelli is perfect for camera heights between 16.5-inches and 50-inches. This tripod is perfect for landscape or portrait orientation and it comes with a bag for easy carrying.


  • This tripod has pan and tilt motion with built-in adjustments. The legs lock in place with a lever. This tripod is extremely durable and reliable and collapses easily to fit into the bag.


  • This is not a reliable option for mounting heavy cameras.

3. The Professional Tripod by Ravelli

The Professional Tripod by Ravelli

This professional tripod reaches heights up to 70-inches. This tripod has an adjustable pistol grip head and a heavy duty carry bag sure to enhance your photography experience.


  • This top quality professional tripod has a quick release camera plate to help you set up quickly for that next shot.


  • This tripod needs to be tightened before using to ensure everything remains assembled correctly.

2. The Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

The Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

This tripod stand by Smatree is designed for use with several GoPro Hero cameras. This tripod stand is made of high-quality material that is guaranteed to support your camera for the perfect shot.


  • This stand contains a flexible ball head that allows a 360-degree rotation. This tripod has quick length adjustments that range from 11.8-inches to 36.6-inches, making it a great option for desk or table top use. The rubber feet are slip resistant.


  • Some people feel the legs are not as supportive as they should be.

1. The Lightweight Tripod by AmazonBasics

The Lightweight Tripod by AmazonBasics

This lightweight tripod by AmazonBasics is an adjustable-height tripod that is made of super lightweight aluminum. This tripod extends from 25-inches up to 50-inches and collapses down to 16.5-inches.


  • This tripod is extremely stable and contains a 3-way head for a 360-degree swivel function. There is a quick-release plate that allows you to easily remove the camera from the tripod for a quick transition between different shots.


  • Cannot go lower than 24-inches.

There are several great options available for camera tripods on the market for 2017. Finding the best one for you depends on your camera type, what you plan to use the tripod for, and what level you need to achieve. This list is some of the best tripods available to choose from, each offering its own set of benefits.

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