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Japan is a first country in East Asia to adopt Westernization in the 19th century, and the most first developed country to rehabilitate its devastated economy after World War II. This country has its own unique culture partly influenced by China and Western Europe, but most uniquely it is known as a home to gorgeous women on earth. Everyone knows many great female stars from Japanese movies, most of which are sexy, white, and cute. This article introduces you to the top 10 hottest Japanese Women in 2018.

10. Keiko Kitagawa

10. Keiko Kitagawa

Kitagawa is both an actress and a model. She used to work as a model for Japanese Seventeen Magazine from 2003 to 2006. But later, she left the magazine and stopped her model-career passion, and turned to acting in a few films, one of which is “Fast and the Furious”. When she was young, she would always want to be a doctor, but after attending high school, she changed her interest to entertainment. More than an actor, Kitagawa graduated from commercial science at Meiji University in 2009.

09. Kurara Chibana

9. Kurara Chibana

This lady is called Kurara, the one who joined in the Miss Universe 2006 contest and finally became the 1st Runner-up. Besides, Kurara studied philosophy at Sophia University, and graduated a bachelor degree in 2006. At the moment, Kurara is working as a reporter, going around the world to interview some people for her fashion magazine in Japan. Incredibly, she can speak four languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, and French.

08. Yukie Nakama

8. Yukie Nakama

Born on October 30, 1979, Nakama is a singer and actress. Throughout her life, she has experienced different works from a comedy talent to acting for TV series. Therefore, she is known as an actor who makes a lot of money. Probably, her success is Gokusen, a live-action version of famous manga. Moreover, this woman is employed by many companies in Japan. Once a time, she was also a spokesperson for Japan Railways and Japanese Tax Agency.

07. Nozomi Sasaki

7. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi has another nickname as “No Mercy” given to her when she was working with her co-workers, most of them are actresses, models, or fashion models who Nozomi saw as fat. Borning on February 8, 1988, this woman started working as a professional model, gravure idol, and ringside commentator at martial art ring when she was in her teens. In 2010, she turned to music job when her album Nozomi Collection was produced in 2012.

06. Miyako Miyazaki

6. Miyako Miyazaki

Miyako is a pretty Japanese model who is known as Japan’s 15-year drought in the Miss Universe. Born on February 25, 1978, this woman is an extremely sexy model. Miyako completed Bachelors of Arts degree from Kumamoto University, and she is also a spokesperson in Japan. This sexy beautiful lady has another interest on calligraphy and literature. Besides modeling, Miyako initiated a children’s library which focuses on calligraphy.

05. Karina Nose

5. Karina Nose

You would be a weird person if you go to Tokyo without knowing Karina. This lady was born on February 21, 1984, in Nagoya. As one of the most gorgeous models and actresses, she is 165 centimeters tall, and has two older sisters, all of who are also actresses. Likewise, she involves in business activities like supporting companies such as Baush & Lomb and Pepsi Nex. At the moment, Karina has contract career with Ten Carat, a talent agency.

04. Reon Kadena

4. Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena was born on February 19, 1986, and she is also well known as Leon Kadena or Minamo Kusano. Being a Japanese attractive model and actress, Kadena is a star who is often shown in photobooks and films in which she models costumes, bikinis and underwear. Moreover, she is famous for Himitsu Sennyu Sousakan: the Wildcats in Strip Royale which was filmed in 2008. There are more films she starred like “God’s Left Hand” and “Movie War Core”.

03. Maria Ozawa

3. Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa is known in Japan as AV idol. Born on January 8, 1986, in Hokkaido, she has a Japanese mother and a French-Canadian father. As a hybrid Japanese woman, she has proved that she was able to write and speak English more fluently than Japanese. This woman likes playing hockey as her hobby, and goes to karaoke after school. When she was 13, she had told that she learned sexual acting from 48 sexual positions. As a talent sexual actor, Maria became popular and starred in many porn movies.

02. Komatsu Ayaka


Born on July 23, 1986, in Ichinoseki, Komatsu is both a Japanese actress and model. Komatsu used to work as a permanent model under Candy Magazine. However, currently she is modeling for Amuse Inc. in 2005, this model was on Manga Young Sunday cover. From her achievements, she has produced 10 idol DVDs and 6 photobooks. She starred in a movie called “Odoru Daisousasen” for which she played as a woman who was bitten by a vampire.

1.Masami Nagasawa

1.Masami Nagasawa

Masami Nagasawa was born on June 3, 1987 in Iwata. In a movie called Gunjo, Nagasawa was selected to star in it whose director is Yosuke Nakagawa as the second Japanese film released by 29th Century Fox. In the movie “Magare! Spoon”, Masami stared as an awkward assistant director working for a TV show of paranormal. In 2011, she was known for “From Up on Poppy Hill” and “Love Strikes” in 2011.

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