Cheap Best Junior Golf Gloves 2021 Reviews

Golf is a beautiful sport, but without firm grips and hands protection, proper swinging is hardly achieved. This is one reason why gloves are essential for all golfers including juniors. Gloves help junior players gain control of swings and the speed, enabling them to have a real time when playing or exercising. The following are things to consider before buying a junior glove and a few of the top 10 junior golf gloves 2017 reviews to help you pick one that suits a junior player needs.

Apart from shopping for a junior glove in person, the choice of the right hand comes next. Right handed golf players use gloves for the left hand same as how the left handed require a right-hand glove. This ensures the hands stick over the club appropriately. Also, choosing the best fitting and durable gloves is equally important. Leather gloves provide comfort while synthetic ones guarantee durability and flexibility. There are also hybrid gloves made from real leather.

10. Tour X Junior Gloves

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Tour X Junior Gloves

The Tour X Junior Gloves are all-weathered synthetic golf gloves that are reinforced with palm patches to enhance durability. The gloves also have Lycra Knuckles for comfortable fitting and an incredibly digitized palm for an impeccable fit. They are available in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. The extra small size is only left handed. All the glove sizes have removable ball marker snaps on them. There are no excess materials on the fingertips of the gloves, and they offer room for no bunching when they wear out. The perfect fit doesn’t allow the club to slip from the hands.


  • Cheap
  • Durable and highly flexible
  • All-weather gloves


  • Not the best all-weather gloves on the market, but they are worth it

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9. FootJoy Junior Glove

FootJoy Junior Glove

FootJoy Junior Gloves were designed with the player in mind with an all-weather build. Come rain or hot temperatures, the gloves remain a perfect choice. The gloves feature microfiber lining at the back of the glove that offers a consistent, soft and leather-like feel as well as ensuring secure and firm fits. The advanced traction the gloves pack is ideal for the enhancement of primary area strength and the improvement of general performance. FootJoy gloves provide an excellent experience and are the perfect choice for the needs of all junior golfers.


  • The gloves are flexible and stretchy to fit growing hands
  • Leather palm for perfect feel and grips
  • Long lasting and require little maintenance


  • Despite their durability, they wear out fast
  • Might be a little big for others

8. PowerBilt Junior One-Fit Golf Gloves

PowerBilt Junior One Fit Golf Gloves

PowerBilt One-Fit Junior gloves are universal and fit almost all juniors. They have been uniquely designed to stretch and fit different hand sizes and are available in a wide array of colors to choose from. The gloves are digitized and incorporate Cabretta and synthetic leather to look great and have a long life. The combination also gives a golfer improved performance through perfect grips and controlled speeds. They are also constructed to resist harsh weather.


  • Non-slip with digitized palm and finger surface
  • The microfiber material makes them extra soft
  • They are stretchy and fits many hand sizes
  • Are available in many colors


  • They lose elasticity after several uses

7. Nike Tech Remix Junior Gloves

Nike Tech Remix Junior Gloves

There are no distractions while using the Nike Tech Remix Junior Glove. It is a commendable choice for gripping and ripping in the golf court. The synthetic leather it features offers a great feel and a firm grip, which is exactly what every golfer is looking for. The gloves are durable with Lycra spandex that provides customized fitting. Fingers are perforated for hands breathability and to ensure an increased range of motion. They come accompanied with four interchangeable Swoosh snap markers, which are colorful.


  • Highly comfortable and durable
  • Fits juniors perfectly


  • It is a bit pricey

6. Puma Golf 2017 Kid’s Golf Gloves

Puma Golf 2017 Kids Golf Gloves

The gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather for comfort and durability. They also come with a simple Velcro tab closure to enhance a custom fit. Like the Nike Tech Remix, the gloves are packed with Lycra, which is strategically placed and is double perforated on the fingers for breathability as well. The Puma Golf Boy’s Script Gloves have a beautiful look with a Puma Cat on the closure and its script logo across the top of the hand. Wearing them makes juniors look like stars even when they are only practicing.


  • Textured palms for optimum grips
  • Made from premium quality materials that makes them durable
  • Perforated for breathability


  • The Velcro tab may not last as long as the gloves

5. SKLZ Women’s Junior Smart Gloves

SKLZ Womens Junior Smart Gloves

The gloves have a beautiful design and come with detachable wrist guides that set correct positions during the play. The rigid wrist guide minimizes casting, and the grooved release enhances amazing performances. The palms are constructed with premium quality fabric for excellent grips and positioning. They are incredibly comfortable, and with the high-quality construction, the wrists are kept from flexing improperly, making them among the biggest rivals of any other quality junior brands on the market.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Offers perfect grips
  • Provide proper support and release


  • Not very strong
  • The size isn’t standard
  • Expensive

4. Finger Ten 2017 Junior Kids Gloves

Finger Ten 2017 Junior Kids Gloves

Finger Ten Junior Kids Gloves are specifically meant for junior players, both boys and girls. They have an enhanced hybrid palms made from synthetic leather and pads that provide powerful grip. The gloves are ideal for all weather conditions. With a 3D performance capability, the gloves are extra comfortable and fit different hand sizes and shapes. They are available in junior sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. Several assortments of colors are available for the gloves, giving juniors a variety to choose from.


  • Fit well
  • They have an extra value of 2 pack
  • Are available in various colors


  • The durability is terrible
  • Way too small for other juniors

3. Zero Friction Junior Gloves

Zero Friction Junior Gloves

The new Zero Friction Junior gloves are constructed with all-weather synthetic materials with matching color patch. The back is smooth and is made from synthetic microfiber and with the re-enforced palms, the gloves lifespan is enhanced. Nonetheless, the gloves ensure maximum gripping with the digitized palms and the synthetic patch first finger. The gloves are perforated with black mesh Lycra throughout the back, the palm and the finger for breathability. Detachable tee and ball marker are two other admirable additions to the gloves.


  • Digitized for comfort
  • Have synthetic patches to increase the grip ability
  • Have detachable tee and ball marker


  • Some users have issues with the gloves durability
  • The size is wrong and rarely fits those younger than 10

2. Callaway X Junior Gloves

Callaway X Junior Gloves

The gloves are an excellent choice for many junior players as they come with thin and soft Cabretta fitted on the thumb as well as the palm. The Cabretta offers the player an incredible feel as they swing the club during the play. The Callaway X Junior Gloves are packed with cool-max mesh that makes them breathable and moisture wicking. The palms are digitized, and the Nanomesh offers flexible hand fit in all kinds of weather. They meet a broad range of hand sizes as well.


  • Offer comfortable fit
  • They are the best for all-weather conditions
  • Cool-max mesh for moisture wicking


  • Smaller than the expectations of many
  • Not extremely durable

1. Paragon Rising Star Junior Golf Gloves – Boys

Paragon Rising Star Junior Golf Gloves

Specifically designed for boys, these gloves are among the most popular on the market. They are of premium quality and are built to last. Their comfortability runs from the fingers to the palms with impressive firm grips that offer no chance of the club slipping. Featured also is synthetic leather and strategically placed Lycra for maximum ventilation, durability as well as the flexibility. The Paragon Rising Star Golf Gloves are available in all junior sizes. This particular product is left handed.


  • Good quality for the price
  • Incredibly durable
  • Very comfortable


  • Wears off after several uses
  • Sizing is misleading to some

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