Cheap Best Junior Golf Shoes 2021 Reviews

Junior golf shoes are specially designed to improve kids’ sporting performance by enhancing comfort, grip, and stability when playing on wet, rough, or soft golf grounds. Just like the conventional shoes, the market offers numerous types of junior golf shoes that differ depending on color, sole design, and many other factors.

Are you looking to purchase the right pair of golf shoes for your kid? If you are, we suggest that you shop around for a pair made from a sturdy material to last long. As such, you should choose shoes made of polyester and leather.

Size is another crucial consideration to take into account when shopping for the best golf shoes. We recommend that you get a size that fits snugly onto your kid’s foot since small or large sized shoes can affect your child’s sporting performance.

Moreover, the best golf shoes for juniors should have sturdy spikes, they should be waterproof, and they should offer adequate foot comfort. We have examined some of the best golf shoes that you could consider purchasing.

10. NIKE Golf Boy’s Shoe- Pure Platinum – 5 Medium

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NIKE Golf Boy shoe Pure Platinum

The NIKE Golf boy’s shoes are constructed from leather and a sturdy rubber sole to last long. We recommend these golf shoes for your kid because they are reasonably cushioned, and their lightness eliminates unnecessary weight that can compromise your junior’s performance.


  • The shoes’ red and white color combo gives them a stylish look.
  • Their outer sole has rugged waffle patterns to enhance grip and traction.


  • They lack spikes for added traction.
  • The shoes do not come in multiple sizes.

9. FootJoy’s Freestyle Golf Shoes for Boys

The golf shoes are specially designed to provide comfort and traction at the playground. You would want to buy them because they are designed from a sturdy synthetic fabric and they are generously cushioned to provide comfort and heel support while your kid is engaged in sport. Moreover, they have spikes for enhanced grip and traction.


  • The shoes come in size 3, 4, and 5 medium to let you buy the right size for your kid.
  • They are light in weight.
  • FJ’s freestyle golf shoes are cushioned for comfort.


  • Some users claim that the shoes run big

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8. PUMA’s Titantour Cleated Golf Shoes

Are you looking for waterproof golf shoes for your junior? If yes, you should consider buying PUMA’s titantour cleated golf shoes. These golf shoes for juniors come in size 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to let you purchase the right size for your junior golfer. The golf shoes are made of a sturdy synthetic material and rubber sole to last long.


  • The shoes are generously padded with fusion foam for comfort.
  • They have an excellent grip.
  • Puma’s Titantour shoes come in black and white colors to let you buy your kid’s favorite color.


  • The shoes can only retain their waterproof nature for a year.

7. Adidas’s Jr Adicross Skate Shoes

Adidas Jr Adicross skate shoes

The gray colored adicross skate shoes come in sizes ranging from 1.5M- 6.5M. Like the competitor models, these shoes are constructed from a synthetic fabric and a rubber sole to last long. The adicross skate shoes are ideal for your junior because they have spikes for enhanced grip and they are light in weight.


  • The shoes’ outsole is abrasion resistant.
  • They are padded for comfort.
  • The shoes are stylishly designed to be worn on or off the course


  • Adicross skate shoes may run small.

6. FootJoy’s DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoys DNA Golf Shoes

These DNA golf shoes are designed to give your junior golfer the comfort he/she needs while playing golf. We recommend them because they feature a full collar lining for a snug fit and they are spiked for added grip. You might also want to buy them since they are available in multiple sizes to let you purchase the right pair for your kid.


  • The DNA shoes are light in weight.
  • Their cleat webbing design makes cleaning an easy task.
  • They feature a Lopro last design that offers advanced support to your kid’s legs.


  • Some customers claim that the shoes run small.

5. Nike Free 5.0 Flash

Nike Free 5.0 Flash

Like most shoes reviewed above, these Nike’s 5.0 Flash shoes come in different sizes to let you pick the right size for your kid. The shoes are designed with a breathable mesh fabric to keep your child’s feet dry and a sturdy rubber sole that lasts long. Nike Free shoes also have reflective strips to enhance visibility in a low-light environment.


  • They are light in weight.
  • The flexible outsole supports natural movement


  • The shoes lack spike for added grip
  • They are not waterproof.

4. Under Armour UA Crusher for Kids

Under Armour UA crusher for kids

For children with plus sized feet, the Under Armour’s UA crusher might be the right type of shoes for them. This is because the shoes are available in size one medium for small feet and size 13medium for plus sized feet. The shoes are constructed from a synthetic material and a rubber sole to last long.


  • Their black and white color combination looks stylish.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • The shoes have a power strap that supports the heel.
  • They are cushioned for comfort.
  • The outer sole is molded for enhanced traction.


  • You need to wear long socks as the shoes may rub against your ankles.

3. PUMA’s Unisex Titantour Golf Shoes

PUMA Unisex Titantour golf shoes

Does your kid love sport and style? If he or she does, then you ought to buy him or her these stylish and sporty junior golf shoes. Unlike our picks above, these shoes are uniquely sized to fit onto the feet of both female and male golfers. We recommend the shoes because they are constructed from full grain leather to last long. The leather is perforated to enhance breathability.


  • The shoes are waterproof.
  • They are cushioned for comfort.
  • Their outer sole has a superior traction.
  • They are light in weight.


  • The titantour golf shoes lack spikes.

2. Adidas Adizero Golf Shoes

Adidas Adizero Golf shoes

The adizero golf shoes are designed from a synthetic upper and sole to withstand the wear and tear resulting from regular use. These shoes feature in our top ten list because they have a breathable upper mesh, they have a padded collar and tongue for enhanced support, and the outsole has traction lugs for increased grip.


  • They are manufactured from an ultra-light cushioning.
  • Adizero golf shoes are durable.
  • The shoes are correctly sized.


  • They are not intended for junior golfers with a plus sized foot.

1. Adidas Adicross IV Golf Shoes

Adidas Adicross IV Golf shoes

The white colored Adicross IV golf shoes come in white, gray, black, and charcoal colors to let you pick your kid’s favorite color. Besides color variation, these golf shoes are also available in different sizes. Both the top side and the sole are made of a synthetic material to last long.


  • The spikeless sole has lugs for increased traction.
  • Its padded collar and low profile enhance your kid’s comfort.
  • The heel side of the shoes is perforated for breathability.


  • They may run large.

Purchasing the right pair of golf shoes for your kid is a good way to enhance his or her performance. This is because the shoes provide traction while playing and they support the heels. The best golf shoes should have a good grip, they should be comfortable to wear, and they should last for long. The shoes on our top ten list meet the qualities that define good golf shoes for junior golfers.

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