Cheap Best Lamy Safari Fountain Pens 2021 Reviews

Every individual wants to have a personality that shows his/her character but to make it unique he/she must have something unique in him/her like his/her handwriting. Lamy is a brand that offers fountain pens to help in making one’s handwriting unique. When it comes to fulfil your writing needs in a stylish, comfortable and quality manner then one must use Lamy fountain pens.

Benefits of Lamy Fountain Pens

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  • Lamy fountain pens are provided with a wide range of nibs to make them the writing instruments that can be adapted by everyone for the best writing experience.
  • Main benefits of using lamy fountain pens include their availability in three filling systems including piston operated and cartridge pens.
  • The piston-operated fountain pen is a self cleaning pen that can be filled out of an ink bottle whereas cartridge fountain pens are easier to use.
  • Cartridge fountain pen can be converted into piston operated fountain pens just by using Lamy converter.
    Things to consider while buying Lamy fountain pens
  • Lamy fountain pens are made of ABS plastic which is also used for making Lego bricks. This material makes them strong enough so that they may not damage even if you step over them. This highly impact resistant and tough material is available in various bright colours.
  • These fountain pens are the combination of toughness and style as their reliability and different types of replaceable nibs make them popular among the business people as well as school and college going children. You can change its nibs as per the style of writing you want to write.
  • If you want to have some exclusive pens then you should go for limited edition Lamy fountain pens as they are much better and high quality pens as compared to other fancy fountain pens introduced by this brand. These pens are available for a limited time period only.In order to find the best suitable fountain pen for you, brief reviews of some best Lamy fountain pens are given here under for your guidance.

10. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, White

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

It is a white coloured Lamy Safari fountain pen that comes with an ink cartridge and an extra-fine steel nib to allow you to start writing just after getting it. In order to use the bottled fountain pen ink you will have to buy a Lamy Z24 converter separately.


  • This Lamy fountain pen includes a steel nib
  • Its colour is stylish White
  • This pen has an ink cartridge
  • It can be converted to use bottled ink


  • Leaks ink when pressed a bit stronger
  • Visibility of scratch at its white cover

9. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen (17F) Umber

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

This Umber colour Lamy safari pen includes 5 cartridges of black ink to use them writing consistently for long time. Its steel nib with fine point is coated black to help you write quickly and smoothly. The flexible shiny chrome clip is its other feature that makes it a perfect fountain pen.


  • Umber coloured ABS plastic body
  • Fine point of black coated steel nib writes smoothly
  • 5 black cartridges offer consistent writing experience
  • Accepts separately sold Z24 cartridge converter


  • Grip is not natural
  • Takes time to start its converter

8. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Blue – Red Body, Blue Ink

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

This safari fountain pen is made of vibrant colour of ABS plastic to give it a colourful look. An ink viewing window, a black chromium-plated steel nib, ergonomically grip and spring-loaded brass wire clip are its other features.


  • Sturdy design made of ABS plastic
  • Steel nib with fine Point
  • Stylish pen with red finish


  • The triangular grip of this pen is not easy to handle
  • Its snap fit cap is quite hard to remove

7. Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen, Purple

Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen

This Lamy fountain pen is durable being made of lightweight aluminium like other pens in safari line of products of this brand. An ink viewing window, a polished steel nib, spring-loaded brass wire clip and an ergonomic grip are its other important features.


  • Durable and lightweight due to aluminium body
  • Grip section is ergonomically built
  • Steel nib with fine point


  • A bit scratchy at some angles
  • Quality is below expectations

6. Lamy Vista Fountain Pen with Cartridges

This Lamy fountain pen is popular among youngsters due to its transparent design made of non-fading plastic and chrome plated clip with silver logo.


  • Made from non-fading ABS-plastic
  • Quality like build in Germany
  • Snap-on mechanism in cap
  • Durable steel nib


  • Transparent body gets scratched

5. Lamy Safari Vista Fountain Pen – Extra-Fine Nib

Lamy Safari Vista Fountain Pen

This vista fountain pen from Lamy has a transparent cap and barrel to show its internal working clearly. It is light in weight and hi-tech in looks which made it popular among writer students.


  • It has nib with extra fine point
  • This lamy pen is made of non-fading ABS Plastic
  • It shows the working of inner chrome


  • Looks are not so good
  • Scratchy writing

4. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Fine Nib, Yellow

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Fine Nib

This yellow coloured fountain pen is made of sturdy ABS plastic and looks great with its steel polished nib and flexible shining chrome clip. You can use it with T10 Lamy ink cartridge as well as with Z24 converter.


  • Made of ABS Yellow coloured plastic body
  • Fine Point Steel polished nib
  • Compatible with Z24 cartridge converter, sold separately


  • Its fine nib skips badly and very scratchy

3. Lamy Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Fine Nib

Lamy Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator

It has a strong plastic body made of ABS plastic. Its other features include steel polished nib, flexible shiny chrome clip and transparent body. It can be used with Z24 converter and T10 cartridge, both.


  • It is made of ABS transparent plastic body
  • This pen has polished steel nib with fine point
  • It accepts separately sold Z24 cartridge converter


  • Quality of its fine nib is medium as compared to other fine nib fountain pens

2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Medium Nib, Charcoal

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Medium Nib

It is a durable Lamy fountain pen made of charcoal coloured ABS plastic. Its ergonomic grip allows you to write for hours consistently.


  • Sturdy ABS plastic body
  • Flexible clip
  • Comfortable writing with ergonomic grip
  • Steel polished nib


  • Its medium size nib is bolder than required.

1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Charcoal

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

It has steel polished nib, shiny flexible chrome clip, sturdy body made of ABS plastic and compatibility to Z24 converter and T10 cartridge both.


  • Its charcoal black coloured body is made of ABS plastic
  • The steel nib with fine point of this pen is black coated
  • Includes one Lamy A Z24 INK CONVERTER and one T10 blue cartridge


  • Its looks give a cheap feeling


So the information provided in this write-up will help you to buy the most suitable Lamy fountain pen for you.

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