Cheap Best Most Hottest Female DJs in the World 2020


Your country might have female DJs who look beautiful and hot like actresses and models. Today, there are many female DJs competing for a real beauty champion and unique music playing. As you will see below, most of the hottest female DJs are from Europe. Explore their beauties and sizzling appearances together with the top 10 list.

10. Juicy M

10. Juicy M
Juicy M or DJ Juicy M has her birth name as Marta Martus who was born on May 24, 1991. She is a female house DJ and producer in Ukraine. Everyone knows Juicy through her famous video she played on YouTube with other four CDJ players without using headphones. Actually, she started DJ career since 2007 in a nightclub in Ukraine. Later, she received a headlining act of Fashion TV tour. As she joined in DMC World Elimination in Ukraine and World Technical DJ Championship in Dubai, she became well known as “Best Female DJ of the Year” at the 2010 ProDJ Awards.

09. Keli Hart

9. Keli Hart
Keli Hart started her DJ career in 2005, wishing to experience a life in nightclub in Australia and influence nightclubs by her dynamic talent. She is well known for her killer vocals and warm bass undertones. Her ability is great that she can make a music sound to get dance floor moving whatever she wants. Physically, she looks hot that her fans pay attention to only her with her amazing playing.

08. Claudia Cazacu

8. Claudia Cazacu
Cazacu was born in 1982 in Targoviste, Romania. She is one of the famous DJs in the world. Her career makes her a unique female Trance and Tech house DJ, record producer, and remixer. She went to England to study Finance and Banking, but later after arriving in London in 2007, she found her own interest in DJ career. As one of the hottest DJ ever, she looks like a night pretty music player who influence the popularity of nightclub life. She has moved to many countries like Sweden, Italy, Vegas, and Poland, for her recent gig.

07. Mari Ferrari

7. Mari Ferrari
Mari is a Russian female DJ, known to everyone as one of the hottest DJs in Europe and Asia. There are two features from her. First, she conjures up a unique music that’s just appealing to nightclub lovers. Second, her skin and hot body add to elements of the music beauty. Though Ferrari is young, she has moved to many parts of the world to show her talents and gained a lot of supports from wherever she has been.

06. Niki Belucci

6. Niki Belucci
This lady Niki Belucci is a Hungarian female DJ born on March 10, 1983. Her beauty is a different bless, and in addition, her capacity of playing music is very distinguished among others music players. And the way she plays dancing music is a release of freedom and sexuality. Compared to her competitive DJs, this is what makes her different in the list of top 10k hottest female DJs.

05. Lisa Kensington

5. Lisa Kensington
And if you go to New York, don’t miss visiting a famous female model and DJ named Lisa Kensington at her nightclub. She is an American DJ which is ranked the 5th hottest DJ of the world class. Importantly, she creates another different sound of music, along with her style and hot appearance on stage. Just like her body, her music displays energetic prompt to all nightclub lovers, and if you are there, you will forget everything and just want to dance with Lisa.

04. Tenashar

4. Tenashar
As the 4th sexiest female DJ is from Southeast Asia, Tenashar is a Singaporean electro house DJ and Model of Spanish and Chinese descent. Passing down to her with an Asian beauty, she is the first DJ to appear in the list of world class hottest DJs. The way she dresses looks appealing, and especially her white and slim face looks cute and innocent. If you meet Tenashar for the first time, you might not believe that such a girl is actually a famous DJ.

03. Ane Teri

3. Ane Teri
This is another Ukrainian female gorgeous DJ who becomes the 3rd hottest DJ in the world. Teri has been to many clubs around the world like India, France, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE, Belorussia, and more. Not many female DJs have scratch technique into House, Electro, Mash Up, R&B like her. She has become the first DJ in Europe to mix video in her show. She was praised and selected to be the winner of Vestax Dj Digital Battle in Ukraine. Moreover, she is very sexy best for VIP clubs.

02. Tamara Sky

2. Tamara Sky
Sky was born on February 20, 1985, in Puerto Rico. She is not only a famous DJ but also professional model. Therefore, no doubt that she is one of the hottest DJs in the world. She has once been Miss Puerto Rico Bikini, but her popularity appeared when she became the cover celebrity of Mexican edition of Playboy, and she is known as Playmate of the Month by United States magazine edition in 2007. In fact, she is a real beautiful and charming DJ that while she’s playing the music, everyone is absorbed to her appearance.

01. Seherezade

1. Seherezade
Finally, here is the most famous and hottest female DJ of the year from Hungary, Seherezade. Of course, she has been ranked the 1st hottest in the last few years. Moreover, because she used to be a super model, her appearance is her main feature, especially her strong and tempting body causes all men motionless. In addition, this hot DJ used to have some hot photo-shooting for FHM. Her every photo just looks in different sexy piece. She should be in Guinness record.

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