Cheap Best Most Popular Male Singers in 2020

Songs express inner feelings. Different people have different taste of music. Different singers have different voices. Each singer has his unique voice. People love the uniqueness of their voice. When people like a particular singer, he becomes popular in the world. Popularity is dependent on how people love the songs of a specific singer. Here is a list of Cheap Best Most Popular Male Singers in 2018.

#10. Chris brown

The cool singer has his full name as Christopher Maurice brown. He started his career in the year 2005. From then he has been the heartthrob of millions of people round the world with his stylish singing and quality voice. The American artist has many movies in his name.

Most Popular Male Singers

#9. Macklemore

The American rapper gained his popularity among his fans with famous number ‘Thrift Shop’. Originally known as Ben Haggerty, the singer has produced many hits to capture his place in the hearts of a flock of music lovers all over the world. He is best known for his lyrics and voice.

Most Popular Male Singers

#8. Kanye West

The American rapper is an entrepreneur and fashion designer at the same time. He has released many singles with various other artists of his time. He is the singer who dropped his school for practicing music. He has many television series in his name. He has enacted roles with his wife in the television series.

Most Popular Male Singers

#7. Drake

The Canadian singer started his career in 1986 and he came in to limelight in 2010. Since then he has been the all time favorite male singer of his time among fans over the world. He is best known for his single track “Best I Ever Had”. He practices both the genres popularly known as hip hop and R&B.

Most Popular Male Singers

#6. Eminem

Here is a singer who is best known for his fast rapping abilities. He is not only a singer but also an actor and songwriter. He has featured himself with various artists for producing songs. He is one of the male singers who hold the record of selling maximum number of records in 2014.

Most Popular Male Singers

#5. David Guetta

The French singer is originally a disk jockey. He started his singing career in 2002 with the release of his debut album ‘Just A little More Love’. He became popular among his fans with his album ‘One Love’ 2009. From his debut till date he has captured love of millions of fans all across the globe.

Most Popular Male Singers

#4. Pitbull

The American rapper started his career with the album ‘M.I.A.M.I.’. He became famous with his album ‘Give Me Everything’. He collaborated with Jennifer Lopez to release the official song of the FIFA world cup 2014. He was conferred with American music awards in 2013.

Most Popular Male Singers

#3. Bruno Mars

He is at a time a singer, voice actor, choreographer, and song writer. He has mastered in multiple genres such as pop, rock, funk, R&B and many more. He is famous for his number titled as ‘Just The Way You Are’. He was named as the Artist of the year by billboard in 2014.

Most Popular Male Singers

#2. Taio Cruz

The British singer started his career in 2008 with his debut album ‘The Departure’. He is the one of the singers who got nominated for award in his debut album. He is going to release his album named as ‘Black’ in the same year. This will be his fourth album produced by him.

Most Popular Male Singers

#1. Justin Timberlake

The American singer is a songwriter and actor at the same time. He started his singing career with is album ‘Justified’ in 2002. He has won 9 Grammy and four Emmy awards for his singing abilities. His singing talent has not only earned him business success but also has earned him fans all round the world.

Most Popular Male Singers

The list goes endless when it is about Cheap Best Most Popular Male Singers in 2018 but this article is an effort to list down some of the most popular singers in the world. This article gives an insight to the career of some of the world’s famous singers in the same year.

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