Cheap Best Newborn Baby Hats 2021 Reviews

If you visited babies in hospital nurseries a decade ago, conversation was often centered around how much hair one baby had over another. These days, you’ll see nothing but newborn baby hats covering heads, so you’ll have to take mom’s or dad’s word for it that there’s hair under that cap! Is this a fad or a trend? In fact, these caps are lifesaving measures that do more than just make babies look cute.

Top Best Sellers in Newborn Baby Hats

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10. XiFe Newborn Cool Boy Nursery Beanie

XiFe Newborn Cool Boy Nursery Beanie

“Cool Boy” nursery caps feature a cute knot at the top so it can be adjusted to fit baby’s head. Moderately priced, this monotone collection is made of 100-percent cotton.


  • Soft, hospital-grade cotton is gentle against a newborn’s skin.
  • Adjustability is a bonus since every infant’s head size is different.
  • This neutral color palette coordinates with all garment colors.


  • This nursery beanie hat must be hand-washed or it won’t last long.
  • Prefer American-made products? These are made in China.
  • May be too large for preemies and low-weight newborns despite the adjustable top knot.

9. Eriso Unisex Striped Bear Soft Knitted Beanie

This Eriso unisex newborn hat is just what the doctor ordered. It’s 100-percent cotton, whisper-soft and features adorable embroidered details. This hat can be machine washed.


  • Affordable enough to buy in multiples–in case you’re shopping for twins.
  • High-quality cotton is durable, soft and the weave helps ventilate baby’s head.
  • The Eriso sizing chart allows you to choose a size custom-made for your baby.


  • The cut is large, so this cap may not be suitable for small babies and preemies.
  • This hat’s cotton fabric content is just 33-percent though it’s advertised as 100-percent.
  • Cap could shrink after multiple washings.

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8. Leegor Newborn Infant Knitted Wool Crochet Cap

Leegor Newborn Infant Knitted Wool Crochet Cap

Is your baby a budding fashionista? Don’t spend a fortune to dress her in style when this bow-embellished cap is so inexpensive, you can by all 6 colors without compromising the family budget.


  • Fabricated of wool knit, thus it helps baby’s body retain heat.
  • White, black, pink, red and lavender caps with coordinated bow trim matches all outfits.
  • Stylish and unique, you won’t see this cap coming and going.


  • Sizing can present problems for shoppers who find this cap too large, even for big babies.
  • The wool content could irritate baby’s skin if she is hyper-sensitive
  • May have an offensive smell from chemicals used as preservatives.

7. Dreshow 3-Piece Newborn Cap with Big Bow

Dreshow 3 piece Newborn Cap with Big Bow

One glance at this cap and you may not be able to resist spending more than you budgeted on this “girly-girl” style. Practical? Not so much—but you may not care when you see how cute baby looks wearing it.


  • Outrageously fashionable and different, buy it for those first baby photos!
  • This 3-cap collection covers all color bases: pink, blue and white.
  • Fabricated with “authentic” hospital-grade fabric.


  • These hats are so ornate, they must be hand-washed.
  • Designs are trademarked so you’ll pay more for them.
  • Bows on the hats are heavier than they look and could be uncomfortable.

6. Gellwhu Sparkle Gem Newborn Baby Girl Nursery Beanie

Gellwhu Sparkle Gem Newborn Baby Girl Nursery Beanie

From the moment you glimpse this Gellwhu sparkle gem nursery beanie you know what you’ll put on baby’s head when you get out the camera. Available in five colors, buy one or the whole collection.


  • Sweet design combines an oversized bow with a faux gem clip on this stretchy, feminine beanie.
  • Sized to fit little ones between the ages of 0 and 3 months.
  • Made of “authentic, hospital-grade” fabric.


  • These caps can’t be machine washed; could even unravel if hand washed.
  • The decorative clip could present a hazard if it comes off when you’re not around.
  • Pricing is higher per cap due to Gellwhu’s proprietary designs.

5. Oenbopo Winter Warm Knit Infant Crochet Cap


Oenbopo Winter Warm Knit Infant Crochet Cap

If the fluffy, oversized pompoms atop this cap don’t win your heart, your heart may not be winnable! Sold in 6 colors, this unisex cap keeps baby warm indoors and out when temperatures drop.


  • Affordable and trendy, this newborn cap is crafted of quality knitting yarn.
  • Affordable and distinctly styled, buy one or all 6 so baby stays cozy all winter long.
  • Cap is machine washable so it stays clean and hygienic.


  • Manufacturer’s claim that this cap can be worn past newborn stage may not be accurate.
  • Materials isn’t top grade say purchasers expecting wool and the pompom may fall off.
  • The most-often registered consumer complaints have to do with inconsistent sizing.

4. Foxnovo Caterpillar-Style Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat/Costume

Foxnovo Caterpillar Style Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat

Pretend to be iconic photographer Anne Geddes with this colorful pairing of cap and body stocking that turns baby into a caterpillar. This outfit makes a baby or shower gift that won’t be duplicated.


  • Unique and colorful, pose your baby boy or girl in this set and your photos will look professional.
  • Designed to fit infants between the ages of 3 and 9 months, pricing is surprisingly affordable.
  • Hand crocheted of soft, breathable elastic yarn to keep baby comfy, even when posing.


  • Shoppers insist this is made for older babies, not newborns.
  • Washing and drying may be problematic; the yarn tends to “pill” after laundering.
  • Set could arrive smelling like chemicals used to preserve garments for shipping.

3. Gerber Baby Boys’ 5-Pack Caps

Gerber Baby Boys 5 Pack Caps

If you trust the Gerber brand, these newborn caps are right up your alley. Lots of value for your money, too. Get all 5 for the same amount of cash you would spend on a single pricey cap.


  • Purchase an entire wardrobe of color-coordinated caps for under $10.
  • Manufactured of 100-percent cotton that’s soft to the touch.
  • Machine wash and tumble dry makes these caps easy to care for.


  • If you worry about heat containment, this thin fabric may disappoint.
  • Because they are lightweight, Gerber caps can fall off baby’s head easily.
  • Some stretch issues reported by parents who insist this fabric doesn’t “give.”

2. L’ovedbaby Organic Infant Cap

Lovedbaby Organic Infant Cap

While some manufacturers stick to half a dozen colors, L’ovedbaby knows that today’s parents are finicky about fashion so this style comes in 30 colors. The brand behind this product is Carter’s.


  • These caps are meticulously stitched to fit comfortably before adding the company’s logo patch.
  • Machine wash and dry so these head coverings stay clean and fresh.
  • Comes in 7 size groups; the largest features an adjustable tie back for a better fit.


  • Parents complain the border seam can leave indentations on baby’s forehead.
  • Adjustable tie-backs prompted returns from buyers dissatisfied with “ugly; weird flaps.”
  • Given the higher price point, shoppers complain that sizing issues can’t be overcome.

1. Zutano Unisex Baby Fleece Hat

Because this cute hat is made of 80-percent cotton and 20-percent polyester, it’s soft, strong and washes nicely. Available in 11 sizes, this hat could solve previous fit issues.


  • 14 bright color options allow you to coordinate this hat with existing wardrobe.
  • Cute silhouette is neither too fussy nor too unimaginative.
  • Cotton/poly textile mix makes this hat ideal for laundering.


  • Some babies have experienced head marks as a result of a too-tight fit.
  • Overpriced, say critics who were disappointed enough to return it.
  • Interior lining could rub against baby’s head and cause irritation.

Benefits of Newborn Baby Hats

A baby’s head makes up 21-percent of his body’s surface, says the March of Dimes, so a stocking cap placed on his head following birth helps him retain body heat. Did you know that baby can lose nearly 19-percent more heat if his head is left uncovered? That’s why caps are essential during those early days. Since newborn baby hats are cute and relatively inexpensive, today’s parent has so many choices, choosing just one isn’t easy. That stated, before you peruse our top 10 list, consider this baby hat advice:

  1. Hats made of ultra-stretchy fabric make it easy to slip them on and off baby’s head.
  2. If a newborn has sensitive skin, look for signs that the fabric is triggering a reaction.
  3. Fancy newborn hats are adorable, but it’s more important to buy caps that can be laundered.
  4. You can’t own too many newborn caps, so buy in quantity and change them frequently!

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