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Fighting for poverty in a nation is a substantial part where comes very difficult considering the aspects to come over. Every country has their different reasons why they are regarded as one of the poorest countries in the world today. Despite the ranging technologies, globalisation, and industrialisation of other nations, these top 10 poorest countries stay the same and move slowest in attaining such improvements which other rich countries developed. See some hints on why these countries remain to be poor after several years.

10. Madagascar

GDP: $1,477.78

Several reasons are keeping Madagascar to be in the top 10th of this list, though it’s sad news, which behind the country’s economy which is largely based on agriculture and biological and cultural richness, Madagascar stays to be unproductive. The kleptocratic rule is known to be the very first reason why Madagascar is poor. The rule of French-backed dictator Didier Ratsiraka, This is where government officials stole millions of dollars in the country’s funds that must be for people’s aid and development activities.  Also, living in economic colonialism makes Madagascar tied to resource extraction for it also includes lack of investment in sustainable industries.

The third reason for Madagascar’s poorness is the lack of infrastructure, wherein cyclones and other rampant weather conditions wipe out their roads and bridges making travel a lot difficult. Other aspects are geographic isolation, relatively small population, educational system, and environmental degradation.

Poorest Countries in the World

9. Guinea

GDP: $1,388.74   

Oil-rich Equatorial Guinea has a collapsing economy which especially puts children in the dangerous situation. Demanding higher wages and lower prices for fuel and rice makes Guinea difficult to hold the situations. Young population in this country is in huge risk for despite of its natural resources, Guinea remains underdeveloped and leaves poverty enormous. Its young population of five children out of every nine people makes it vulnerable to epidemics like HIV/AIDS. Most especially, when Ebola virus ravaged Guinea in 2014 making the country’s economy to remain in a state of dwindling growth. Socio-political crisis is the third reason why this country rapidly decayed the state of their economy.

Poorest Countries in the World

8. Eritrea

GDP: $1,210.15

Being situated on the Red Sea makes Eritrea one of the youngest independent countries in the world. However, is it the 8th poorest country. Having so many socio-economic problems after 30 years of war from Ethiopia added the country’s problems. More than 50% of the entire country was located below the poverty line, and 44% of children are under the age of five which belongs to the underweight. Likewise, a large amount of the country’s population are experiencing economic hardships. Eritrea has a low livestock productivity affects each family in the country, resulting two-thirds of the country in a lack of food security. Malnutrition levels are very high in Eritrea where they also does not have much enough access to social services like purification systems for a clean water and healthcare support.

Poorest Countries in the World

7. Mozambique

GDP: $1,208.61

Four main reasons make Mozambique the 7th of the poorest country under the European colony. Mozambique is situated on the east side of Africa. This country just attained independence in 1975, which it was listed as one of the world’s poorest country. Firstly, Civil War aftermath is the major obstacle for Mozambique to attain development. For twenty years the pro- and anti-community groups fought a bloody war that killed almost a million people. Second is the external debt of Mozambique. Over the age of war, this country’s foreign debt was over $5 billion. External debt service payments take away much needed funds allocated for the country and its people. Third is workforce independence on agriculture where the productivity is considerably poor and less than 7% of Mozambique’s land is arable. And the last aspect is the lack of quality health and social service access, it is where this country cannot able to response to problems involving health.

Poorest Countries in the World

6. Niger

GDP: $1,069.59

According to the World Health Organization, there were only fewer than 300 doctors that are working in Niger during 2000-2010. Likewise, one in six children was not able to reach their fifth birthday due to weakened malnutrition and illnesses. Health and sanitation problems in Niger make the country one of the poorest. Two-thirds of the population in Niger live below the poverty line, surviving on less than one dollar per day making hunger a daily issue for many families. Several attempts to uplift Niger from family only resulted in failures due to high political instability, high levels of gender inequality, high rates of malnutrition, high birth rates and ethnic conflicts. Livelihood situation in Nigeria mostly depends only on fishing and farming which then only provides a little amount for every family. Education levels in the country ranks among the lowest in the world plus there are nomadic children who often do not have access to schools.


5. Burundi

GDP: $951.69

Political and ethnic conflict in Burundi is what make this country emerged in poverty. Beng located at the heart of African Great Leaks; Burundi has weathered more than a decade of violence and troubles creating a widespread poverty all over the land. There are several cases which result in the poverty of Burundi. For instance, high population pressures on overcultivated eroded land supporting farms of an average size of 0.5 ha. Also, insecurity and displacement with persistent drought added the amount of poverty in the country. Plus the scarcity or poor quality of agricultural implement and technology, and limited market incentive. Low productivity of labour and low cash incomes from subsistence agriculture or limited non-agricultural activities. The last but not the least is the poor basic health and education services and potable safe drinking water.

Poorest Countries in the World

4. Liberia

GDP: $934.91

Liberia was severely damaged by the 14 years of civil war which just ended in 2003. Until now, the country is still recovering from the wrath of war leaving it in a fragile state. Three-quarters of poor people in Liberia lives in rural areas where agriculture is the primary source of family income. However, the agriculture sector faces significant challenges affecting both farmers and rural institutions which totally depend on it. For instance, low yields as a result of poor access to farming technologies and poor access to inputs and markets are the frequent contributor that makes the country one of the poorest as of 2018. At the same time, inadequate road infrastructures and limited smallholder participation in value chains gives low income to conventional farmers. Aside from this, corruption and poor governance in the country covering a couple of dictatorial regimes weaken the country’s productivity all over the years.

Poorest Countries in the World

3. Malawi

GDP: $818.69

Malawi’s rank in the poorest countries in the world are caused by few but massive reasons that the has been the state’s burden for several years. These are politics, trade, healthcare and continuing practices from colonial era. To elaborate these causes; HIV pandemic all over the country is one of the primary cause of HIV/AIDS which then become rampant and affected nearly a third of the adults. Its one of the reasons for the Malawian food crisis that wrenched the country of most farmers. Secondly, the bad government in Malawi is another factor, being ruled by an oppressive tyrant, hinders the state’s improvement over the years. They rely mostly on tobacco farming which prices is very unstable on the market making it a major environmental disaster. Lastly, the geographical area of Malawi is not okay for it does not have prosperous countries to trade with.

Poorest Countries in the World

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

GDP: $753.91

Congo is the ranked two among the poorest countries in the world, it is due to several facts covering the country and its people. First, most of the country’s 6.7 million hungry people are living in five conflict-affected provinces which are located in the Eastern part of the country. Also, nearly half of the country’s children under five are stunted; short for their age or are malnourished. Twenty three percent of children under the age of below five years old and 14 percent of women are considered underweight. Because of on-going conflict in the DRC and nearby regions, there are 2.7 million internally displaced people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was also recorded that between years 2013 to 2014, 1.8 million IDPs have returned to their areas of origin and finds their houses, schools and professions but all have been looted or destroyed. Aside from these, there are much more factors that makes this country almost on the 1st rank of the poorest countries in the world.

Poorest Countries in the World

1. Central African Republic

GDP: $639.938

People are asking why such a wealthy country which is known to be the land of gleaming diamonds has been the most poorest among all countries in the world. Central African Republic or CAR’s poverty are caused by so many factors covering the whole country. As such, lack of education and awareness of the people hinders the country’s development. The small growth of its economy which yearly slowed, makes its people suffer from famine and disappointments from the government, though they have a diamond exports. It has also a weak agricultural conditions which are significantly affected by their weather condition and only 4% of the arable land is cultivated each year causing more than one in three children under the age of five to be malnourished. Children and women are very pathetic and deprived of their rights, not giving them proper assistance and required education. Lastly, it the health sector of the country is very poor and HIV is a significant threat to people’s health.

Poorest Countries in the World

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