Cheap Best Pull-Along Wagons for Kids 2021 Reviews

Wagons are the staple of outdoor fun. Whether you are looking for something to pull your little ones through the park or trying to find a comfortable seat with added storage for your day out at the beach, there are many great options available. All of these pull-along wagons are comfortable and reliable options sure to meet all of your needs.

Wagons are an example of a multi-purpose toy that is great for all aged children. Not only do wagons help build social skills in children, but they benefit emotion and cognitive development. When choosing a wagon, it is important to one that is durable and has wheels that are designed to function on any terrain. Here is a list of the top ten wagons available based on price, value, and customer ratings.

10. Large Roadmaster Wagon

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The Pacific Cycle wagon by Roadmaster is a whopping 34-inches of steel. The body is supported by 8-inch rubber wheels designed for easy rolling. The no-pinch handle is specially designed to keep your hand comfortable even after hours of pulling.


  • The handle is long-reach and contains a no-pinch pivot so no one gets hurt while enjoying the pull. The bed edges are rolled and powder coated. This is a large wagon that is comfortable and fun.


  • Takes two people to assemble, time, and patience.

9. All Around Canopy Wagon by Step2

All Around Canopy Wagon by Step2

This wagon has a canopy sure to keep the little ones dry. The ultra comfortable wagon has a weight limit of 75 Lbs and cup and snack holders inside and outside. This wagon is multifunctional with seats that you can convert into a table or a flatbed for laying.


  • The large wheels provide a smooth ride for the little ones. The handle folds neatly underneath for easy storage or transportation. Additional storage space is available under the seats.


  • This wagon has a relatively low weight limit.

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8. Classic Walker Wagon

Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer presents the classic walker wagon boasting a natural solid wood body. This wagon is perfect to pull your little one around or help them build confidence as they push the wagon around themselves.


  • The resist push feature enables little ones to learn how to walk by using the wagon as a balancing tool. The stake sides are removable for easier loading, storing, and cleaning. This item is safe for use indoors as it has a bumper that protects your home and furniture from damaging bangs.


  • Some parents believe the wooden sides are flimsy. They also do not like that the brackets made to hold the wagon together are plastic and not metal.

7. Neighborhood Wagon by Step2

Neighborhood Wagon by Step2

This stylish and comfortable wagon by Step2 holds two children comfortably. This wagon has storage for snacks, sunglasses, and drinks along the side panels. You can buckle children in with the seatbelts, and the oversized handle ensures a comfortable pulling experience.


  • This wagon is extremely durable. Its handle folds under, making storage and transportation easier than ever.


  • Directions are not too easy to follow for assembly.

6. 2-in-1 Journey Wagon by Radio Flyer

2-in-1 Journey Wagon by Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer presents the 2-in-1 journey wagon with fold up seat backs designed to provide a more comfortable riding experience. This wagon rolls around on 8.5-inch wheels, which ensure a quiet ride.


  • The under seat storage is great for carrying your belongings with you. There are 4 cup holders that allow easy access to drinks as well as an extra long handle for the ultimate pulling experience. This wagon includes seat belts to keep your little ones safe while riding.


  • Some screws near the seats are not flush with the surrounding area, which can result in scratching.

5. The Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

The Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

The Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with an Umbrella by Little Tikes is built for a day out in the sun. The umbrella keeps damaging sun rays away from your child as they relax on their comfortable wagon. Whether they sit on the wagon for a ride or flip up the seat to transform it into a bench, a cool drink in the attached cooler is just an arms reach away.


  • This wagon includes a flip-under handle for easy storage. The sides can be removed so you can use them to transport large items. This wagon has covered storage so you can take everything you need with you for a day out with the little ones. This wagon has drink holders and seatbelts to strap your children in before they go.


  • This item can be difficult to assemble.

4. Step2’s Wagon Designed for Two Plus

Step2's Wagon Designed for Two Plus

Step2 presents their blue wagon designed for two, with the option of a tag-along trailer for more storage. The long handle is perfect for pulling and it folds under to make transportation and storage a breeze.


  • This wagon is very easy to assemble and it comes with two safety belts to keep children safe while riding. The easy-latch door opens up to provide little ones easy access to seating. There are molded-in drain holes to ensure liquids do not fill the wagon during or after use.


  • This is a very basic wagon that is comfortable but has little to no storage. You need to purchase the trailer in order to carry items with you.

3. Red Canopy Wagon

Red Canopy Wagon

This red canopy wagon by Step2 is perfect for sitting, laying, or snacking while enjoying a comfortable ride. Large wheels make this wagon easy to pull and provide an ultra-smooth ride for your little ones.


  • The wheels feature “whisper ride” which is works to ensure a quiet ride. The handle is made easy pulling and tucks away for storage. The interior of the wagon is very roomy and contains 6 cup and snack storage spots. The side door makes it easy for little ones to enter and exit safely.


  • This large interior is only suitable for a maximum of 75 Lbs.

2. Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon

The little red toy wagon by Radio Flyer is a smaller version of the original. This is the perfect item for decorating, holding small toys, and carrying or storing gift baskets.


  • The red steel body contains no-scratch edging for a seamless appearance. The handle contains a solid grip, allowing you to pull it comfortably. The wheels are extremely strong and durable, providing a smooth rolling experience.


  • This wagon is not suitable for pulling a child.

1. All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

The All-terrain wagon by Radio Flyer is perfect for any ground surface. Whether rolling over rocks, grass, or road, the 10-inch rugged air tires provide a smooth ride for your little ones. The extra long handle makes pulling without stooping easier-than-ever.


  • This item has a classic handle that works well for on and off-road use. It can easily be folded under for storage or transportation. The turning radius is controlled to prevent tipping. The sides are wooden stake style, providing a stylish classic touch.


  • The wood quality is not the best.

Pull-along wagons are great fun for the whole family. Whether you are looking for a wagon to use on rocky paths, or a great seating option for a picnic, these ten wagons are sure to be a reliable, affordable, and extremely durable for everyday use.

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