Cheap Best Purity Rings For Girls 2021 Reviews

In the 1990s, purity rings for girls became popular. Christian parents who wanted to encourage chastity in their daughters began giving them these items. They were constant reminders of a pledge to maintain their virginity until marriage.

The main thing to look for in purity rings are symbols of holiness. They can range from scripture to crosses. These features help young women remember their dedication to God and sexual abstinence.

Top Best Sellers in Purity Rings For Girls

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10. Women’s Crown of Thorns Ring

Stainless steel purity ring with a dark enamel band displaying a raised crown of thorns. The word “purity” taken from scripture, Matthew 5:8, is engraved in the interior. The edge of the face and thorns are light silver.


  • The offset of silver with black enamel make this ring ‘pop’. The crown of thorns is a conversation piece. Onlookers will stop and ask questions. Wearers then get an opportunity to share their faith.


  • The design is unisex. Both males and females can sport this purity ring. For females who want to flaunt their femininity, the style is a no-go.

9. Princess Cut “True Love Waits” Ring

Princess Cut

Remarkable, dual face, stainless steel purity ring. One third of the face showcases 11 clear cubic zirconium stones. Two-thirds of the face reveals the scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.


  • For girls who enjoy having options, this purity ring is perfect. The band can be turned to show only cubic zirconium stones or an engraved phrase. So, owners experience two different looks that match a variety of earrings and necklaces.


  • The mix of stones with engraved words may be too busy for some recipients. Also, a few reviews indicate the band scratches easily. Therefore, buyer must handle the purity ring with care.

8. Silver Scripture Ring “I Know the Plans I have For You”

Silver Scripture Ring

Silver, stainless steel purity ring. Sparkling, raised edges make this jewelry sparkle. The rest of the band has a high polish. It’s also comfort fit The exterior is engraved with the scripture “I know the Plans I have for you . . . In Christ Jesus”, Jeremiah 29:11.


  • For individuals who object to cubic zirconium stones, but desire bling, this purity ring delivers. From the font of the wording to the lifted edges, the design is eye-catching. For this reason, the band complements both casual and upscale attire.


  • The style of this purity ring is slightly masculine. Girly-girls might view the dynamic exterior as a turnoff.

7. “True Love Waits” CZ Heart Solitaire Chasity Ring

CZ Heart Solitaire Chasity Ring

Petite, stainless still purity ring – that’s all heart (literally). A large, cubic zirconium, heart-shaped stone rests in the center of the band. Towards the back of the face is black enamel graving of a scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.


  • Females with dainty hands are an excellent match for this purity ring. The size won’t overwhelm any of their fingers. The heart-shaped stone isn’t too small or big either adding a touch of elegance.


  • The engraved scripture isn’t visible unless the wearer twists the band or flips over her hand. As a result, it could be mistaken for something else other than a purity ring. This factor may take way from its meaning.

6. “True Love Waits” Sterling Silver Purity Ring

Sterling Silver Purity Ring

Sterling silver purity ring. Simple face with an engraved scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12. Font used for wording is unassuming, classic.


  • Teens can stack other sterling silver rings on top of this one. The shape and cut are basic. Furthermore, there’s no confusion over the meaning of this accessory. Only the scripture stands out.


  • Alone, this purity ring isn’t a show stopper. Girls who appreciate bling won’t appreciate it. They’ll desire a more intricate counterpart.

5. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Prince Solitaire Chastity Ring

Prince Solitaire Chastity Ring

Petite, stainless steel purity ring. Six cubic zirconia stones surround the band. A larger, heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone rests in the center. On the back half of the face, engraved black enamel scripture rests. The scripture comes from Proverbs 3: 5, “trust in the Lord with all your heart.”


  • This purity ring makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift for a young girl embarking on puberty. It gives significance to the holiday and virtue of purity. The heart and remaining stones add a bit of flair to the design.


  • Unless the ring is twisted, the scripture is hidden. This factor diminishes the significance of the purchase. The style passes for a promise ring.

4. Christian Woman’s Stainless Steel “With God All Things are Possible”

Christian Woman Stainless Steel

Stainless steel purity ring with comfort fit. Engraved on the face is a scripture “with God all things are possible”, Matthew 19:26. No raised surfaces or interior markings.


  • The engraved scripture inspires more than just purity. Wearers of this purity ring can apply the words to every challenge in life. The style is also basic, appealing to a variety of tastes.


  • Outside of the font, the style is simple. This might put off some recipients. They may desire a more intricate purity ring.

3. Bella Lotus 18K Rose Gold Purity Ring

Bella Lotus 18K Rose Gold Purity Ring

This purity ring is made with Bella Lotus material and 18 white plated gold. A pearl (0.24”) sits in the center. Cubic zirconia stones offset this jewel. The color of the band is a pretty rose.


  • People searching for purity rings with no stainless steel might go giddy over this one. From the cut to the color, it’s unique. In addition, the pearl rightly enhances the band giving the face a vintage look.


  • Teens who abhor vintage won’t like this purity ring. They may see the design as something their mother or grandmother might desire. Then, there’s the rose color of the band which doesn’t coincide with a lot of other jewelry.

2. “True Love Waits” Ring Sideways Cross Purity

Ring Sideways Cross Purity

Stainless steel purity ring. Center cross made of 13 clear cubic zirconia. The number of stones symbolize the apostles and Jesus Christ. Black engraved scripture enhances the back half of the face. The scripture reads “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12.


  • A center cross is an unusual aspect of purity rings. It’s an instant reminder of holiness to the wearer and anyone who tries to date her. The cubic zirconia stones bring out this feature.


  • The sideways cross isn’t a design beloved by everyone. There’s actual controversy on the meaning of this symbol amongst Christian circles.

1. “True Love Waits” Crystal Band

Stainless steel purity ring. Crystals set off the upper half of the face. A scripture “true love waits”, 1 Timothy 4:12, is engraved in black on the bottom half of the face. The font is cursive.


  • Decadent is the only way to describe the design. The crystals create an aura of luxury. So, recipients can flash their purity ring to friends and family.


  • At times, people mistake this purity ring as two separate ones. For a few, this causes a problem. They want a more classic design that puts less emphasis on the crystals.

The above top 10 purity rings for girls offer parents options. They can pick a cut, color and design that suits their daughter. As a consequence, everyone gets a bit of satisfaction to go with a commitment to chastity.

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