Cheap Best Reasons To Choose Russian Woman As Your Girlfriend

Cheap Best Reasons To Choose Russian Woman As Your Girlfriend

Want to have a russian woman be your girlfriend? But feel hesitate to choose one as you don’t have enough reason to convince your mom? In this post we would like to introduce you the top 10 reasons to choose russian woman as your girlfriend so that you can bring them up to your mom and explain her to give you greenlight. Here they are:

Unique Style:


Russian women tend to take care of their appearance and always like to look their best. They dress more femininely than western lady and love to look stylish and classy. Skirts, heels, and sexy dresses are the norm. Just spend a few minutes on the streets of Moscow and you’ll see what I mean.

Intellectual Life:


Most Russian lady also have a rich intellectual life, well-educated, speak a number of languages than American and Australian Lady. If you’re looking for someone to connect with on a deep level and want conversations that consist of more than just “cool”, “awesome, or “like, whatever” then you’ll most likely find Russian women intoxicating!

The family is the priority:


Russian women stay faithful to the traditional views of the male and female roles in a relationship. A man in Russia is considered to be a provider who supplies the family with tangible assets, while a woman is viewed as a housewife and the mother of children. In contemporary Russia, many women use all the opportunities to get a good education, get a good job and build their careers. However, family always remains the main priority for most Russian women.

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Pride and Modesty:


Most Russian women can be described as modest and friendly. Being brought up according to patriarchal traditions, Russian women are acquiescent with men being the authority. In Russia, women never rush to break up or end their relationship with a divorce. They instead use every possible chance to save their marriage and continue the relationship with the man of their choice. They place great importance on romance. For example, when men give them flowers and red poetry. Moreover, there are no rules to obey if a Russian woman is in love. Even if they can’t be named the women with southern temperament, the Russian women are very passionate and tend to fall in love once for all.

Good at cooking:


Russian women are also famous for being excellent housewives, great cooks and loving mothers. They usually learn since childhood how to cook traditional Russian meals and they love doing it. Besides, it’s not very common to keep a housemaid in Russia. That’s why Russian women are used to doing all housework themselves. These qualities of Russian women are highly valued by men in Russia and many other countries. In fact, there are many foreigners who are happy to have a Russian wife, as well as there are many Russian girls who dream of marrying a man from abroad.

A Good wife:


Russia women will want to have children and a family. She will want to be a wife and mother. Many will be totally happy these in these role alone. Some will like to work outside the home as well, some will not. By and large these women know how to be a wife and mother! The whole Russian culture teaches that a women finds her highest fulfillment and mother.

Firm, adaptable and good attitude:


After nearly 80 of communist rule, women has some of the most adaptable than people anywhere in the world. These ladies, for the most part, know about living in a poor economy. They know how to make something out of nothing. . They are not afraid of difficulties. In the West we tend to emphasize the outer things money, possessions, etc. but for Russian women they more highly value the person. Friendship and inner beauty are very important to most of these women. She will love you for who you are. In the end, isn’t this what every man really wants?

Like to looking husband abroad:


Even Russia men are smart and interesting but Russian men just can’t make good husbands to his wife. The overwhelming majority of Russian women seeking husbands abroad are honest in their intentions. They want to have a reliable partner, happy family and stable future. They are not going to marry a guy just to divorce him in a couple of years.

It will be a paradise on the earth after I marry a Russian woman:


An old proverb says that it’s very easy to find a suitable partner for marriage: one just must be a suitable partner himself. Another nice saying is “marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Exactly, marrying a Russian woman does not have a principle difference from marrying any other women.

Russian women are not interested in your money or financial situation:


A Russian girl will love you as you are. A Russian woman is definitely interested if you have a stable secure job to provide for the family, own a house or have another property. She of course will decide in your favor not only because of your money, but your financial security is of great importance for her on the introduction stage. At the same time any your attempt to impress women with your wealth will receive a negative response. We all usually have at least two reasons for doing something: the real one and the one that sounds good. . They will tell you that the wealth of your soul is much more important than the wealth of your bank account.

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