Cheap Best Recycling Bins for Home 2021 Reviews

Recycling bins for home use make it easier for you to recycle glass, plastic, paper and other items to protect the environment. Some bins even feature multiple compartments that help you separate different types of recycling from others. This is a great way to reduce the trash that your family produces and keep waste out of local landfills. Take a look at the best recycling bins for home use to find a set that is just right for your home and family.

10. Suncast Stacking Recycling Bins Value Pack With Two Bins

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Suncast Stacking Recycling Bins Value Pack

The best recycling bins for home use might be this value pack from Suncast. You can use just one of the two bins, stack the two bins on top of each other or use extra bins for stacking. The lids stay in an upright position when filling and emptying the bins. The bins will stack together with or without the lids too.


  • Lids can remain open or closed, based on your needs
  • Can stack the bins together with or without the lids


  • Hinges on the lids are too weak for constant use

9. Richell Recycling Tower With Three Bins

Richell Recycling Tower

The taller height of this recycling tower limits where you can use it and makes it less than ideal for some homes, but it has three bins that you can use for any of the materials commonly found around your home that you want to recycle. Though it has doors that you need to open to toss things inside, the tower also has built-in hooks for keeping extra bags on hand.


  • Features three bins that you can use for the recycling your family does
  • Has its own built-in books for storing extra bags


  • Is too large for some homes
  • Requires that you open the front to see which bin is for what type of recycling

8. United Solutions EcoSense Blue 28-Quart Recycling Wastebasket

United Solutions EcoSense Blue 28-Quart Recycling Wastebasket

This recycling wastebasket is suitable for both homes and offices. It comes in a bright blue color that has the classic recycling logo in white on the front, which lets everyone know what they can toss inside. As it holds up to 28 quarts, this wastebasket doesn’t require emptying as regular as smaller models can. The wastebasket also comes in a convenient size that can fit under a desk or anywhere else in a home.


  • Holds up to 28 quarts
  • Convenient size that can fit anywhere in your home


  • Does not let you separate your recycling

7. Recycle Bin Separate Recycle Container with Frame

Recycle Bin Separate Recycle Container

Teaching your kids how to recycle is easy with this recycling bin set because it comes with three bins that each feature a different bright color. Lettering and images on the front of the bins show you which one to use for paper, plastic or metal. The only possible downside to this set is its size because this limits what you can toss in the bins and how much you can store.


  • Includes three bins for storing paper, metal and plastic items
  • Bright colors make it easy to see what goes where


  • Too flimsy and weak for heavy/larger trash
  • Limits the amount of recycling you can do each week

6. Rubbermaid Commercial 18-Gallon Stacking Recycle Bin

Convenient carrying handles on this Rubbermaid commercial recycling bin make it easy to carry the bin in and out of your home on garbage day. While it’s safe to use in the sun and rain, you may find yourself wishing it had some drainage holes, especially after a rainstorm. This bin is durable enough to stand up to high winds while outside.


  • Resistant to common problems like sun bleaching and dents
  • Built-in handles make it easy to move the bin inside and outside


  • Can hold too much weight for you to carry
  • Lacks drain holes for getting rid of liquid inside

5. Blue Stacking 6-Gallon Recycling Bin With Handle

Blue Stacking 6 Gallon Recycling Bin

With this set of recycling containers, you get three separate bins that you can stack together in different configurations. All those bins will work with any sets you purchase in the future too. Though the bins are too small for holding some items, each one is small enough that you can store one under your sink or in one of your cabinets.


  • Includes three bins that you can stack in different ways
  • Will stack and work with sets you purchase later


  • Each bin holds only six gallons
  • Handles are a little flimsy

4. Rubbermaid Swing N’ Toss Recycling Bin

Rubbermaid Swing N Toss Recycling Bin

If you want something simple and basic that you can keep in your kitchen to store recycling, this Rubbermaid wastebasket recycling bin is a good choice. Though it has a plain look, it comes with the recycling logo printed on the front and a swing top that gives you easy access to the inside. You’ll want to watch your hands when changing out the bag because that lid can snap down on your fingers. It works with standard kitchen bags too.


  • Fits most standard size kitchen garbage bags
  • Comes in designs that let you stack different containers together


  • Swing top can close on your fingers
  • Only holds 12.5 gallons

3. Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Bin

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Bin

Rubbermaid made this recycling bin for those who want to recycle but don’t want to leave smelly bins sitting in their kitchens. Designed for use inside a cabinet, this bin has a fabric cover in a neutral shade that will match your decor. The main issue that some have is that this wastebasket has a flimsy lid that can break with minimal pressure.


  • Decorative design and neutral color helps it blend with your decor
  • Fits inside your cabinet to keep your recycling out of sight


  • Requires some type of shelf or base to use
  • Lid is flimsy and can break easily

2. United Solutions Highboy Recycling Bin

United Solutions Highboy Recycling Bin

If you think that you don’t have enough room to recycle, this bin will change your mind. Not only does it have a slimmer design that can fit in more places, but it comes with a built-in dustpan for cleaning up spills and messes. This bin also has built-in handles that let you carry it when empty or full.


  • Hand grips let you lift and carry the bin, even when full
  • Built-in dustpan helps you clean up messes
  • Has a slimmer profile to fit in smaller spaces


  • Slim design limits the storing of larger objects

1. Suncast Recycle Bin Set

Suncast Recycle Bin Set

Suncast makes this Recycle Bin Set for those who want to recycle different materials with ease. The kit comes with three plastic bins in bright colors that stack together for storage and stack on top of each other when you use the included lids. A dip lip wraps around each bin to create a small handle.


  • Large lip surrounding each big creates a handle for easy carrying
  • Bright colors make it easy to differentiate between materials


  • Using too much weight on an upper bin can break one of the bottom bins
  • Are too large to store in many indoor spaces

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