Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas for Father

So, your father is about to enter retirement age? Right now, you should start thinking about the best things to give your dad on this momentous event in his life. For some, this phase may be quite exciting because it frees them from their hectic schedule at work. On the other hand, there are those who may feel rather emotional since they will miss their daily routine and complacency of having a regular job. Hence, make sure your dad has plenty of reasons to enjoy this phase in his life by giving him one of the items featured in this top 10 retirement gift ideas for father. These fabulous gift suggestions will surely draw a smile on his face and look forward to his retirement.

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8. Gym Bag

Sporty dads will need a spacious bag to put their gym supplies including their towels, shoes, extra shirt, and other items. Thus, a nice gym bag for your dad will make a fine choice when you want to make him appreciate your present even more. Choose a style that comes with durable and lightweight materials, so it will be easy for him to bring around the bag during his workout sessions. You may even pair off the bag with a stunning tag to give the item a distinct look.

7. Loafers

Everyone loves to wear comfortable loafers or slip-on shoes for casual occasions. Your dad will definitely appreciate receiving a stylish pair of new loafers that he can wear at the mall, at a party, or just about any places he plans to go to. Purchase a good pair made of durable materials and with a trendy design that will complement his personal style.

6. Fishing Gear

Spend some quality time with your dad as you go fishing together, and consider giving him an excellent set of fishing gear to bring along the trip. Your dad will be amazed about the idea of receiving a brand new set of tools and equipment for fishing, so make sure you buy quality brands that are made to last for years.

5. Wallet

A chic and durable men’s wallet may be just the perfect retirement gift for your dad. Whether you give him a branded wallet or not, as long as it is made of high quality materials, it is bound to last for a number of years. Opt for a wallet with several compartments such as sections for credit cards, business cards, and cash. Your dad will be delighted to receive a stylish wallet that he can bring wherever he wants.

4. Sports Jacket

Make your father look hip and funky with a sports jacket that he can wear during a get-together with friends, a night out with the family, or one of your fishing and camping trips. You can always find the perfect style and color that will suit him well, but make it a point to buy one that is comfortable and durable, at the same time.

3. All-Expense-Paid Trip

Your hardworking dad needs a break from his stressful job, so try to give him one by gifting him an all-expense-paid trip to his favorite resort. He will certainly have a blast spending a relaxing weekend with his family, so give him that golden opportunity as he approaches retirement age.

2. Gym Membership

Give your dad the gift of good health with a 1-year membership to the nearest gym. This is one way to help him maintain a stunning figure and youthful looks even if he’s in his late 50’s or 60’s. What’s more, he will enjoy being with other people his age who may also be gym members.

1. Recliner with Footstool

Let your dad unwind, relax and enjoy his favorite book or films as he sits on his brand new recliner with footstool. Recliners made of leather are fine choices because not only do these look elegant, but they are ultra-comfortable, as well. So, try not to go cheap on your dad, and consider giving this fantastic gift that he will adore.