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Music is love, and music is life. Some people might take music as an inspiration to go through their days. Most of the time we celebrate our happy days and cheer up our sad days by listening to music. No matter what situation you are in ranging from jogging in the morning, coffee break, or even before going to sleep, we listen to music. All we need is a top portable MP3 player so that it can go along with us anywhere we go. To get the best portable MP3 player, quality of the sound is the most important factor we should consider. The durability and other components like speaker and so on are also important making up the best portable MP3 player for you. To get you the best portable MP3 player, this is the list of top 10 best portable MP3 player in 2018.

1. Sony 16 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Black)

1.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Are you a music lover? You need music most of the time since it is the best companion for you. With one of the most famous MP3 device, Sony Walkman, you will get the best quality of music no matter where you are. With this special MP3 device, it offers digital music, video and photo player along with FM radio. Thus it feels like you get everything that the digital device can offer. You can drag and drop from iTunes or Windows Media player. This top portable MP3 player is rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 hours. The music, and movie quality is amazing. You can enjoy your music even you’re working out or heading out on your trip.


2. Sony 8 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Red)

2.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Ready to rock your life with music? You can go to the gym working out while putting on the earphone to listen the music or giving yourself a break relaxing with music. With Sony NWZE384, it is the portable classic device with amazingly perfect design. The media device would offer the great quality of movie, music, photos, and radio all in one. Moreover, it is really convenient to load songs and playlists from iTunes and Window Media Player. The compact and portable design makes it easier for you to carry it along. The long-lasting batter which is rechargeable gives you more advantages with the music without having to go back and forth to buy the AA batteries. Live your life with style and convenience with this Sony Walkman.


3. SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player (Orange)

3.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

When there is nowhere to go or you want to stay alone, music can be the best companion. Put on the earphones, and feel the melody from the top music player brand, SanDisk, which offers you the best quality of music. With its bigger storage capacity of 8 GB you can store more videos and songs. With the super lightweight design, this is the wearable music player. The best quality of deep rich sound with built-in micro SD card expansion slot can offer more storage for you. It supports many media files allowing you to access to more entertainment. The special feature of big bright readable screen and large navigation buttons offers more convenience and high-quality of video. The long-lasting rechargeable battery is also a credit to your music experience.


4. SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

4.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Another best product of MP3 player is this SanDisk Sansa with 8 GB storage capacity. You will never get disappointment from it. With the bigger internal storage capacity, this can offer up to 2000 songs for you and you can also add another memory slot up to 32 GB to be able to store more songs and media. It is designed with the Digital FM tuner with 40 presets as well so that you will enjoy all in one. The compact and lightweight design offer convenience in portability. It comes along with the built-in clip for easy carrying as well. The long-lasting rechargeable battery will never let you down while you’re enjoying the music.


5. Apple iPod nano 16GB Space Gray

5.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

From the best media device company in the world, Apple has introduced one of the best MP3 players you might not have expected. IPod Nano with classic design and space gray color, you will get to love it every day. Apple never fails to amaze its supporters in term of its performance. With the special feature of frequency response 20Hz to 20,000Hz, this MP3 player is the best choice. Its crystal clear screen with high resolution of 202 pixels per inch and 240 by 432 resolution makes the video quality an amazement. The long batter lasts up to 30 hours of video playback time. It is the great choice for all the music lover with styles for any circumstances.


6. Lonve Music Player 16GB MP4/MP3 Player

6.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Having trouble finding the best Music player for yourself? Music shares most of the important part of everyone’s life. Without music, it should be very silent. Lonve is one of the best music players you can rely on. It has a very reasonable price with many special features such as built-in rechargeable battery up to 4 to 6 hours play time. It has bigger storage capacity of up to 16 GB being able to hold up to 5500+ songs. It supports many media files offering you to enjoy variety of files of the songs and videos. The screen size is 1.82 inch full color screen. You will enjoy the life every time with music.


7. SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB MP3 Player, Black With LCD Screen

7.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

It’s not only a Music player which serves you when you relax, it also the best companion for you when you do sport or work out. It is best design for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The compact design with lightweight and the clip-on make it easier for you to carry it on along even you’re running. Besides the design, its dynamic audio quality offers great experience of music and entertainment to you. it is also featured with easy on-the-move navigation with a large color LCD screen. You can also add more memory capacity to the memory slot for more music and videos. You can also enjoy the FM radio to update the news on your daily basis as well. It is perfect for the choice of athletes so the wait is over.


8. Sandisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player

8.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Never let the fun over with the best Music player, Sandisk. You can be fully entertained by its variety of features ranging from songs, videos and even other media entertainment. It is designed with a very super lightweight wearable personal music player with deep rich sound quality with internal memory and expansion memory slot. The best quality of the music and video offer you the best experience. It supports many audio files in lots of formats. The best designed of big bright readable screen and large navigation button offers you crystal clear picture and video. It is guaranteed with 2 limited years so that you can get the peace of mind.


9. Lonve 8GB Big and Clear Lossless Sound Music MP3 MP4 Player

9.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

It’s time to rock with music. Music is the part of our lives, and some people are born for music. Lonve is the new version MP4 player. It offers the highest quality of lossless sound with wide range of audio format support. The built-in speaker offers the clear sound for you as well. You can control the music more easily to find you favorite songs. Its built-in internal memory is up to 8 GB and additional memory slot which can store up to more 32 GB. It has the long-lasting battery life and is rechargeable. The fully function of control allows you to get better experience in music. It is also packaged with earphone which allows you better sound quality as well. Get the love of music and enjoy it endlessly with this top music player.


10. Tomameri Black Color Portable MP4 Player MP3 Player

10.Cheap Best Best Portable MP3 Player 2018

Want more than just a music player? Tomameri is one of the best portable Music player with multi-functions devices that offers music, photo viewer, E-book reader and also voice recorder. It is featured with the easy handling with “Plug and Play”. It is compact and portable which enables you to carry it along more easily. The built-in internal memory is up to 16 GB offers greater storage capacity. It is really great for the music lover and also enjoy the wide range activities of electronic devices. Get this and you will never be disappointed of its performance and quality.


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