Cheap Best Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters 2021 Reviews

For a homeowner who wants to save money on drinking water, refrigerator water filters are ideal choices. Put simply, refrigerator water filters sieve out dust particles and more than 70 percent of contaminants in the water that passes through refrigerator water and ice outlet. This ensures that the water is safe for drinking thereby saving the user the cost of buying bottled water and that of installing external water filters.

Top Best Sellers in Samsung Refrigerator Water Filters

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10. Samsung DA97-11433A Assy Case Water Filter

Samsung DA97-11433A Assy Case

Manufactured in South Korea, the DA97-11433A is an O.E.M authorized part that fits in most Samsung refrigerator models. According to the manufacturer, the third plug will not be used anymore. This part comes with a 90-day factory warranty to guarantee its quality.


  • Works with almost all Samsung refrigerator models
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Safety certified

9. Samsung DA29-10105J External Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung DA29-10105J External

The DA29-10105J is an inline water filter designed to fit in all Samsung refrigerator models with an external cartridge and on other brands including LG, KitchenAid, Bosch, Siemens, Daewoo, Whirlpool and Maytag among others. This NSF certified O.E.M replacement part needs to be replaced after every six months. It works at a flow rate of 1.9lpm, between 4.4 and 38 degrees Celsius and a pressure of between 25 psi and 125 psi. The filter uses Activated Carbon Function technology and can filter up to 2464 liters of water within six months.

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  • Filters water fast and efficiently
  • Easy to install
  • Great price-quality ratio


  • Short connector tubing

8. Samsung DA29-10105J Comparable External Inline Water Filter 3 Pack

Samsung DA29-10105J

The DA29-10105J Comparable is for shoppers who need to save money on water filters. It is a pack of three sold at a fraction of the cost. Its features are similar to the Samsung DA29-10105J models discussed in 9 above.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Simple design eases installation
  • Compatible with almost all refrigerators with an external cartridge


  • Slow water filtration

7. Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

This model is tested and approved by ANSI/NSF. Created from durable materials, this filter lasts for up to 6 months. Aqua-Pure Plus is compatible with most French door and side to side refrigerators.


  • Compatible with many Samsung refrigerator models and other brands
  • Tested and approved for safety
  • Relatively cheap


  • No instruction manual accompanying purchased product

6. Swift Green Replacement for Samsung Model DA29-00003G Water Filter

It is compatible with other Samsung models and other refrigerator brands. It uses carbon to reduce sediment, chlorine, cysts and lead and in the process better the taste of water. Like other filters in its category, this model is NSF safety, and functionality certified and sports a simple design for ease of installation.


  • Filtration process relatively fast
  • Good value for money
  • Environmentally friendly material


  • Compatible with a limited number of refrigerators most of which are Samsung

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5. Samsung DA29-10105J –Filtre A Eau pour Water Filter

Samsung DA29-10105J

The DA29-10105J –Filtre is a refrigerator water filter for fridges that have an external cartridge. This O.E.M replacement part uses carbon to filter water and comes with all needed parts and mounting brackets to making installation a cinch. It is NSF 42 tested and approved and lasts for up to 6 months.


  • Simple design and accompanied by necessary hardware for easy installation
  • Fine filtration to remove up to 99 percent of metals among other contaminants


  • Relatively pricey

4. Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filters

Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Replacement

True to its name, all products are WQA certified and follow green appliances guidelines.This product are free of lead, arsenic, and BPA. This filter uses carbon to filter up to 99 percent of asbestos, mercury, dirt and rust, lead, cysts, atrazine and chlorine among others.


  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Efficient in water filtration


  • Suitable for a limited refrigerator models and brands

3. Samsung Genuine Aqua-Pure Plus Refrigerator Water Filter for DA29-00003G

Samsung Genuine Aqua-Pure Plus

The Aqua-Pure Plus water filter series is designed to offer clean and clear water, free of metals, cysts, and other contaminants. This model uses revolutionized filtration technology, which uses carbon, to filter most of the sediments away. It is NSF 42 tested and approved ensuring safety. The filter lasts for six months.


  • Fast filtration
  • Produces sweet tasting water


  • Not easy to fit in many Samsung side by side refrigerator models
  • Design tweaks confuse buyers

2. Samsung DA29-00020B Water Filter

Samsung DA29-00020B Water Filter

This is an O.E.M replacement water filter designed to fit into a high number of Samsung refrigerator models and other refrigerator brands. There are two types of packages to ensure better compatibility. This model is designed to deliver clean and clear water; it utilizes revolutionized technology to remove 99 percent of contaminants. Like other Samsung models, the filter uses carbon block and is NSF 42 tested and certified.


  • Filters water fast
  • Great for a budget water filter


  • Compatible with only a limited number of refrigerator models

1. Aqua-Pure Plus Waterdrop DA29-00012A Samsung Water Filter

Aqua-Pure Plus Waterdrop

The Aqua-Pure Plus is a high-efficiency filtration refrigerator water filter thanks to the revolutionized filtration technology that uses carbon as a filterer. All products are offered with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. The carbon block used in the filter sports millions of active sites giving it the ability to filter contaminants completely. Even better, the filter can break contaminants catalytically just like a catalytic converter.


  • Works efficiently in a wide range conditions; temperatures and pressure
  • Best value for money


  • Limited usage; only fits two Samsung models perfectly


The ten listed products are among the top in the market. Each of these models above is compatible with given Samsung refrigerator models, and some filters are compatible with other brands. Most of the filters run on the same filtration technology and use carbon blocks for filtration. You only need to consider the best fit and filter quality.

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