Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

When it comes to music and entertainment, nowhere is better than Korea. Along with hit and interesting songs, Kpop stars are also playing an important part of making their music become well-known worldwide. We all know that Kpop is full of beautiful and attractive singers as well as dancers, but how can we distinguish who are the hottest and sexiest Kpop stars in 2018 among those talented and good-looking people? The list below is the review of top 10 sexiest and hottest Kpop stars of 2018 which will show you who are the sexiest and hottest Kpop stars of the year. Take a look at our list and share your thoughts below.

10. Kim Hyo-Yeon

10.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 22nd of September, 1989, Kim Hyo-Yeon is a South Korean pop singer in a girl group called Girl’s Generation. At the age of 11, Hyoyeon auditioned for S.M Entertainment through SM 2000 Casting System. She said that she auditioned because her mother brought her to the offices of S.M Entertainment in the hopes of meeting H.O.T. Then she danced in an audition show. In 2004, along with Super Junior’s Siwon, she was sent to study Chinese in Beijing. She was also pocked as Korea’s number one idol dancer on Star News as well.

9. BoA

9.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 5th of November, 1986, Kwon Boa who commonly stylized and known by her stage name as BoA, is an active South Korean singer and actress in South Korea and Japan. She is referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop for her talent and her beauty. BoA was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her older brother to a talent search. After two years of training, in 2000, BoA released ID, Peace B which was her debut Korean album. Two years later, she released her debut Japanese album, Listen to My Heart which later became the first Korean pop star to break through in Japan. By October 14th, 2008, BoA debuted in the United States with the single Eat You Up, then released her debut English language album BoA on March 17th, 2009.

8. Yubin

8.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 4th of October, 1988, Kim Yubin or Yubin is a South Korean singer in girl group Wonder Girls. She replaced original member Hyuna who left the group in July 2007. Yubin was introduced as the main rapper of the group replaced Hyuna after the group released their comeback single Tell Me. Although Yubin is known to the most rap singer in the group, she occasionally also acts as an additional vocalist to the group as well.

7. Narsha

7.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 28th December, 1981, Narsha whose also name as a DJ for KBS 2FM is a South Korean singer and dancer who is a part of the Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. She became a member of Brown Eyed Girls after a suggestion by JeA who had been her friend since their high-school years. After more than 3 years of training in singing and holding several small size concerts, the Brown Eyed Girls released their debut album Your Story in South Korea in February 2006 with the ballad track Come Closer as their single. In 2009, her popularity began to increase after she started appearing on many entertainment programs including Heroes and Invisible Youth which she gained the nickname Adult-dol. She has also made a name as a smartphone director as well as a musical actress.

6. CL

6.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 26th of February, 1991, Chaelin Lee, or Lee Chae-rin who is better known by her stage name as CL is a South Korean recording artist. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and spent much of her early life in Japan and France. CL trained in JYP Entertainment before joining YG Entertainment and became a member of the famous girl group called 2NE1. Although she was born in Seoul, South Korea, but she spent most of her childhood living in Paris, Tsukuba Science City and Tokyo. CL moved to Paris alone when she was 13 where she studied for two years. She is the leader, a vocalist, and rapper of the group 2NE1 and is famous for her high note singing voice as well as the sexy fashion of clothes and her dancing. On 21st of November 2018, CL premiered her first single ‘Hello Bitches’ which is the most listened song by people around the world in late 2018 which is one of her most achievements in her singing career.

5. Gain

5.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 20th of September, 1987, Son Ga-In is a South Korean singer, actress, and entertainer. She is best known as a member of the Korean Pop Music girl band called Brown Eyed Girls and for her appearances as the sexiest and hottest female singer. Son Ga-In was noticed by the existing members of Brown Eyed Girls after she was eliminated during auditions for the popular South Korean reality series Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa! Then was invited to the audition at Brown Eyed Girls’ company which invited by Ahn Jung Hoon, and eventually joining the group. Her group made a breakthrough into Korean mainstream with their hit song called Abracadabra which was notable for the group’s shift of their image and their new direction. Being the attractive girl in the band, Gain is so popular with her style and sexiness of her dressing in each performances which lead her to a very successful female group singers and one of sexiest female singers in South Korea.

4. Park Gyuri

4.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 21st of May, 1988, Park Gyu-ri is a South Korea idol singer, actress, and radio personality known for being the former member and leader of girl group Kara which formed by DSP Media in 2007. This talented girl has been offered various hosting jobs in Japan. She co-hosted the 26th Golden Disc Awards in Osaka with Super Junior’s Leeteuk. She also co-hosted Korean, Japanese Fashion Events KISS with the famous Japanese model Uri Ebihara. On February 20th, 2012, Kara’s agency DSP Media reported that, ‘Park Gyu-ri will be undergoing surgery on Febrary 21st to remove nodules and polyps that have been found in her vocal cords.’

3. Soyou

3.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 12th of February, 1992, Kang Ji-hyun who is better known by her stage name as Soyou, is a South Korean singer and actress as well as a member of the South Korean girl group Sistar under Starship Entertainment. Soyou was a Cube Entertainment trainee before debuting with Sistar and was originally supposed to debut as a member of 4Minute. She said that didn’t make it into the group because she was lacking in many ways. She was originally supposed to be in Sohyun’s place. Instead, she auditioned for Starship Entertainment, singing a cover of Navi’s ‘On The Road’, and debuted as a member of Sistar.

2. Lee Hyori

2.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 10th of May, 1979, Lee Hyori is a South Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. Lee Hyori releaser her debut solo album Stylish in 2003 which won several ‘Artist of the Year’ awards that led her to be a well-known singer. By 2006, she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea when she signed a contract with Mnet Media. According to her achievements, there are some points that related with this including her talents which are great voice of singing, great skill of performance, great style of clothing, and of course, her beauty. Lee Hyori is a vegetarian according to her personal ethics and health beliefs, and is an advocate for animal welfare and animal rights as well. Let’s take a look at her personal life, Lee Hyori married musician Lee Sang-Soon who is a guitarist of rock band called Roller Coaster. Surprisingly, both of them are members of an animal rights group and began dating after they collaborated in July 2011 on a song that Lee Hyori recorded to support animal shelters. They married on 1st of September in 2013 after two years of dating.


1.Cheap Best Sexiest and Hottest Kpop Stars

Was born on 30th of January, 19900, Yoo Bo-ra who is most often credited as Bora, is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group Sistar and their sub-unit Sistar19. On July 15th, 2013, it was revealed that Soyou would appear on MBC’s Star Diving Show Splash together with Kwon Yuri, Choi Minho, and others. By September 6th, 2013, it was revealed that Soyou together with Mad Clown would release a duet called Stupid in Love on September 10th. Her achievement as well as her beauty has led her to become the number one hottest and sexiest Kpop star this year.

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