Cheap Best Slim Wallets for Men 2021 Reviews

Slim wallets for men are accessorizing devices that limit the surface area in your pockets. They take up less space, producing a more fluent range or motion and limiting the discomfort a bulky wallet can cause. It also allows you to limit you carry, ensuring you don’t expose your identity with multiple credit cards and identification items. They often represent a tool for concealing identity with RFID and other chip influenced technology. The slim wallet is an innovation that will continue to work toward the benefit of its users.

When looking for a slim wallet, assess the individual features. If it does not contain a money clip, is there a bill slot? If RFID technology is not included, are there additional security measures visible? Answering these questions and locating these features is the primary benefit you stand to gain from your comparisons. You also want to make sure it matches your style. Materials range from leather to denim, providing the accessory you need to meet your outfit or daily style.

10. Guess Men’s Naples Slim Front-Pocket Wallet

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Guess Men Naples Slim Front

The Guess Men’s Slim Wallet takes a chic look at fashion with elegant design patterns and reinforced leathers. This wallet features multiple pockets on each side, providing holding locations for important items. Folding out the front-face will produce additional pockets and slots. Stiches cover the outer face, adding a style sense that is woven in a subtle fashion. The money clip is available with purchase, coming in magnetic form. This item is also safe to wash by hand, keeping your wallet shining and in good shape no matter the occasion.


  • Multiple slip pockets
  • Magnet money clip included
  • Safe to wash
  • Price point is second to none with similar features


  • No magnetic or holding feature to keep the wallet folded

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9. Perry Ellis Men’s Michigan Slim Bifold Wallet

Perry Ellis Men Michigan Slim Bifold Wallet

For the men who enjoy a simple design with careful craftmanship, the Perry Ellis Slim Bifold is for you. It features the classic wallet look, with no outer pockets or outward designs to cloud your space. The wallet is made from 100% leather, providing the durability you can appreciate. When opening the wallet, one will discover multiple pockets with a large bill holding slit. The interior matches the exterior color, leaving dark tones in color design. On the exterior facing, there is a small stitching surrounding the border. This wallet keeps it simple and is for the business-minded individual.


  • Simple design with true craftsmanship
  • A large bill holding slit
  • No exterior additions


  • Money clip not included
  • No picture holding or clear slots

8. Cole Haan Men’s Slim Billfold

Cole Haan Men Slim Billfold

Adding to the leather space is the Cole Haan Slim Billfold. This wallet is constructed with textured leather, adding a visual appeal to a strengthened holding mechanism. Hosts the RFID blocking technology, adding advanced protection and reducing identity threats. The outward pattern is met by a smooth interior. Inside the interior holding space are 6 separate credit card slots and a large slit for bill holding. The exterior design keeps the simple stitching technique that doesn’t take away from the beauty held by the textures. A small Cole Haan logo is placed in the bottom corner of the front face.


  • 6 different credit card holding slots
  • RFID blocking technology for added protection
  • A simple design reinforced by strengthened materials


  • Money clip not included
  • No picture holding or clear slots for displays

Dockers Men Slim Pocketmate Wallet

Docker’s holds a long-standing success line with their clothing products, so it is only fitting they create a wallet that goes hand-in-hand with their product lines. This product creates a multitude of uses with its removable pocket and holding spaces. The outward-face holds an elegant stitching pattern. Interior design is where this product shines, hosting the same stitching format and housing multiple components. For all the holding spaces that this product encompasses, it is amazing to think it hosts recognition in the slim wallet space. Transition to the Docker’s brand of clothing to find looks and styles that are designed with holding this accessory in mind.


  • The Docker’s combability stamp
  • Easy to remove pockets and holding areas
  • A design that is consistent throughout


  • No money clip included
  • A lot of functions crammed into a slim wallet

6. Timberland Men’s Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Passcase Security Wallet

Timberland Men Genuine Leather RFID Blocking

Keeping you safe and secure is the Timberland wallet for men. Housing the RFID blocking technology, this wallet doubles as a protection device against harmful scamming threats. The Timberland protection is continued through their genuine design process. Timberland has been known as a large contender in the work boot space, and the same elements of individual protection are brought to this wallet line. The outer-face features a textured design that is met by a subtle logo in the bottom corner. The interior houses 8 separate slits, including a clear picture holder and a large slit for bill holding.


  • Lots of individual storage spaces
  • Strengthened design measures
  • Protection against skimming with included RFID technology


  • Rather bulky for a slim wallet

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Genuine Leather Oxford Slimfold Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Genuine Leather Oxford

Tommy Hilfiger has been a staple in the men’s clothing marketplace for a long time. Their dedication to quality design and unique features make for a product line consumers can trust. This same sense of craftsmanship is carried into their Slimfold wallet. Made of lighter materials, the Oxford design keeps you looking stylish without the unnecessary flash. The interior features 6 separate credit card holding slots, making it spacious yet slim. Tommy Hilfiger utilizes RFID technology in their product lines, which helps prevent against cyber-attacks and credit card scams.


  • The design element you can grow to love
  • RFID technology included


  • Logo on the front is plastic

4. Alpine Swiss Thin Front Pocket Wallet Business Card Case 2 ID Window 6 Card Slot

Alpine Swiss Thin Front Pocket Wallet Business

The Apline Swiss company is known for their design that prevents against element damage. Their product line spans many different reinforced protection devices and mechanisms. The wallet space represents another area where their expertise shines through. These wallets feature elements that resist against water damage and other harmful environment byproducts. Windows are featured on the outside and inside, maximizing the areas of personal storage. Their inner pockets contain zippers, adding protection for the user to enjoy.


  • Designed for functional uses
  • Protect against unwanted elements
  • Adds features we don’t even know we need


  • The outer clear display has mixed reviews with users on protection standards

3. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Card Holder Wallet

Herschel Supply Co

Herchsel Supply Co. takes a different approach to the slim wallet. Their unique design methods combine stitches and denim materials. Their product line houses many different patterns and designs, creating a large library of selections for the user. This is a fun take on the wallet and their designs help match the different outfits you may have. Demin is a strengthened material, so the non-leather design should not keep the user away from this product line. The inner and outer portions both house multiple pockets. It fits well will a pair of jeans, using the same materials that go into that product design.


  • A fun take on slim wallets
  • Multiple variations and design patterns available


  • Does not come with leather materials most are accustomed to

2. Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout ID Wallet Bifold Trifold Hybrid

Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout ID Wallet

The Alpine Swiss Trifold is the wallet equivalent of the Swiss Army knife. Housing more pockets than any slim wallet on the market, there isn’t a space wasted on this trifold design. The product folds to a tight closure, making it optimal for the slim wallet space. This wallet is comprised of pure leather materials, adding a strength component you can truly enjoy.


  • More pockets than you can count
  • Functionality increases
  • Folds to a slim design


  • May have too many holding components for the user

1. Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather Money Clip Thin Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather Money Clip

Alpine Swiss makes its third appearance in the slim wallet space with their unique money clip. This money clip houses 3 separate credit card spaces, giving you the most function out of you space. This leather is treated and reinforced, creating a strong element for holding your cards and money. The Alpine design ensures top quality and protection. As with all Alpine products, this wallet houses the RFID technology. This technology helps block out unwanted attention or hacking attempts.


  • RFID technology
  • More than just a money clip


  • No interior housing units


All the mentioned products host their own individual intrigue. Assessing your needs or wants prior to purchase is a good practice when it comes to wallets. Do you want a subtle design? Or, do you crave a product that really pops out in the visual stream? Each of these devices offers functionality standards that can increase protection or provide you with a slim option that holds over the course of a lifetime. None of these products truly reach the high-end space, creating cost effective options that the user can enjoy.

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