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Sports plays an important role in our society as it brings people together, entertains, and improves the health of the participants. Soccer is one game that is widely loved by many people around the world. It can also be a great career where a talented person can earn a living. To make this a reality, there is a need for regular practice using the right equipment. A soccer goal acts as motivation because it is where the players score to win. Buying the best soccer goal will not only ensure accuracy when scoring but will serve you for a long time. Two soccer goals are required in every pitch, one for each team. It is also common for a coach to consider the different age groups and get goals that suit them.

Benefits of Soccer Goals

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A soccer goal acts as the target of scoring. It brings the whole meaning to the soccer game. This is the point where the goalkeeper stays to prevent the ball from entering. Being able to pass the ball through the opposing team and scoring is entertaining and rewarding for the players. Having a target creates enthusiasm and taste in soccer. This makes the players play hard in order to win. The effort involved has physical and psychological benefits of the players. It increases the players’ aerobic capacity and improves their cardiovascular health. It lowers fat from the body and improves the muscle tone. Playing soccer builds endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Types of Soccer Goals

There are different types of soccer goals that fit different needs and places. The types include portable soccer goals, backyard soccer goals, the pop-up soccer goals, and small soccer goals.

What to Look for When Choosing a Soccer Goal

The different soccer goals vary in their placement and mode of use. When choosing soccer goals, it is important to consider the size because different age groups play and practice this game. You could also look at whether the goal is portable or adjustable to be able to use it across age sets.

Look at the sturdiness and quality as this will tell you whether it could withstand the constant hitting by the ball and pushing by players. Safety is critical, as it should not have sharp edges that can harm the players or burst the ball.

10. BOWNET 4X6 Soccer Goal

BOWNET 4X6 Soccer Goal

This new official USSF size goal is suitable for U6 and U8. BOWNET is made of a permanent sturdy steel base and composite tension poles. The net is made of nylon. Its durability is enhanced by using an energy absorption system.


  • The BOWNET 4X6 Soccer Goal can be disassembled into pieces that are easy to carry
  • It is very easy to put up and take down
  • This goal is light weight


  • The net should not be tangled

9. QUICKPLAY PRO Match Fold-Away Soccer Goal

QUICKPLAY PRO Match Fold-Away Soccer Goal

This is a premium goal suitable for the backyard. The goal is easy to fold up and store occupying minimum space. It is made of high impact uPVC cross bars.


  • The QUICKPLAY PRO Match Fold-Away Soccer Goal is made of high-quality material making it suitable for both adults and young teams
  • It is easy to set up and pull down
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry


  • The goal has plastic buttons that may slip out sometimes
  • Those with metal buttons requires lubrication or pushing hard

8. Pass 24′ X 8′ X 5′ Large Huge Steel Soccer Goal

Large Huge Steel Soccer Goal

This soccer goal is designed for heavy duty, and it is made of premium quality. It is the official size of the FIFA goal and comes with an extranet. The goal is made of white coated galvanized steel making it sturdy.


  • This goal is easy to assemble and pull down
  • It is made of high-quality material making it durable
  • The goal is the standard FIFA size
  • Despite its super size, it is lightweight and easy to carry around


  • The goal tubes can crimp if compressed by a heavy object

7. Net World Sports FORZA Soccer Goal

Net World Sports FORZA Soccer Goal

This soccer goal is 12 by 6 feet, weather proof, and super strong. Its 2.7-inch diameter of the PVC frame makes it sturdier. It is a suitable backyard soccer goal for your home as it could be assembled or brought down with ease. They differ in size according to age.


  • The strength of the material used increases its durability
  • It comes with a complete backyard soccer package
  • You will find it easy to assemble


  • The center bar has a tendency of sagging

6. Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal

This soccer goal is made of powdered coated steel to make it weather and rust proof. It has a heavy-duty nylon net and its height and width are adjustable easily.


  • The soccer net is easy to set up as it has a manual guide
  • It is suitable for all ages because the width and height are easy to adjust


  • The pins are sometimes hard to push when setting up

5. PowerNet Soccer Goal 12×6 Portable Bow Style Net

PowerNet Soccer Goal 12x6 Portable Bow Style Net

This soccer net is portable from one place to the other. It is a perfect goal for indoor or outdoor soccer playing.


  • The set up of this goal can be done within a short time
  • It is perfect for all types of soccer and age sets
  • The goal is well built and has a solid net that makes it durable


  • The manual is not detailed on how to set it up

4. Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal (5-Feet x 10-Feet)

Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal

This soccer goal measures 10 by 5 by 4 feet, which makes it suitable for backyard training. It has a fast unfolding action and is made up of galvanized steel tube, which is all weatherproof.


  • This goal is easy to assemble or put down
  • The goal is durable because of its high-quality tubes
  • It is suitable for all ages as its adjustable


  • The net is too small and sometimes does not fill the whole frame when adjusted

3. GoSports Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goal

GoSports Portable Pop Up Soccer Goal

This goal comes in a set of two. The soccer goal folds easily and weights about 3 pounds. It does not require assembling but popping up immediately it is open.


  • The goal is made from premium nylon and steel, making it strong and durable
  • It reflects light hence it can be used under low light
  • It is easy to set it up


  • Some do not stand up well

2. Franklin Sports Competition Goal, 6 X 4-Foot

Franklin Sports Competiti

This 6 X 4-Foot goal is made of heavy-duty steel with four galvanized ground stakes. The weatherproof net also has adjustable stick straps.


  • The goal is ideal for the backyard soccer training
  • It is so easy to assemble
  • This soccer goal is highly durable


  • It is too small for someone above 6 feet tall

1. GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

The GOLME PRO Pop-up Soccer Goal is 6 feet high and comes in a set of two. This soccer goal is suitable for the backyard training and playing because of its small size.


  • This soccer goal does not require assembling, it just pop up open when the button is pressed
  • The goal is easy to carry because of its lightweight


  • The net is not of a high quality and can hold up because of poor stitches

Finding a good goal ensures that you enjoy your soccer match or training. With a wide variety of options, it is important to have information about them to help you make the right choice. The cost may vary but choosing quality can be rewarding.

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