Cheap Best Standing Desk Mats 2021 Reviews

Standing desk mats are an essential accessory in work environments where employees have to spend a lot of time standing. These mats provide improved comfort and support to the body, helping you to stand and work for a longer period. They can prevent back pain and other injuries associated with standing on your feet for a long time. These anti-fatigue mats are usually made of polyurethane or rubber.

Features to Look for When Choosing Standing Desk Mats

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The best mats will provide just the right balance between comfort and support. The mats should be soft, but not too soft and plush. They should have a textured finish for better grip, along with ridges and slight protrusions to massage your feet and encourage blood circulation.

Mats are available with flat surfaces as well as curved or irregular surfaces. Here the choice is dependent largely on individual preferences. Some people prefer the simple flat and rectangular design, while others like the extra movement and massaging features provided by unconventional shapes and surfaces.

These mats also need to provide superior safety features like an anti-skid design. The edges should not curl with time, as that cause a significant tripping hazard. The materials used should be non-toxic and durable.

10. Urvigor Non-flat Anti-fatigue Mat

Urvigor Non flat Anti fatigue Mat

This thick polyurethane mat provides extra comfort along with a curved design that encourages more healthy body movements. It helps promote movement and stretching and provides healthy muscle and ankle engagements. The material is safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.

The textured surface provides good grip as well as a healthy massage-like feeling to the feet. With a compact size, the mat can fit even in tight and cramped spaces. It comes with a one-year guarantee and 10-year warranty.


  • Curved design prevents fatigue for longer time
  • Durable build quality
  • Excellent warranty and guarantee policy


  • Curved surface may not suit all users
  • Might be a bit too small for some people

9. Batmat Standing Desk Mat

Batmat Standing Desk Mat

This mat has a bat-like design, which makes it one of the most stylish mats in this list. It has an uneven surface, which encourages you to shift your weight and move your feet around while standing. The mat has massage spots which work well when you take your shoes off.

The material is of quality, and soft yet durable, making the Batmat a handy long-term option. It doesn’t slip around, which provides peace of mind on smooth surfaces. The company offers a lifetime warranty, and the option of a full refund if the customer is dissatisfied with the product.

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  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable massage spots
  • Durable quality material


  • Not a lot of stimulating features

8. Ergodriven Topo Mini

Ergodriven Topo Mini

The Topo Mini is a smaller mat on purpose, which enables it to fit snugly into cramped spaces. It has a soft yet firm texture, which provides the right amount of feedback to your feet. There are uneven spots on the mat to encourage subconscious movements from the user.

The Topo series of mats are designed in the US, and manufactured in China, providing the right mix of quality and affordability. With a generous 7-year warranty, the Topo Mini is a reliable product from the manufacturer.


  • Compact design will fit any office space
  • Good quality material
  • 7-year warranty


  • May not suit taller heavier people above 6 feet
  • Might be too small for some

7. CubeFit TerraMat

CubeFit TerraMat

The TerraMat has an uneven surface with six different shapes on its edges, which is ideal for providing an all round workout at various leg muscles and joints. Two rounded shapes on the sides are perfect for sliding the mat under the desk when not in use. A pointed surface at the back offers excellent massage to the feet.

With 11 different stances possible on this mat, there is plenty to do while standing up. The material is soft and of a high quality. A successful Kickstarter campaign made this mat a reality, which is a testament to the value provided by this product.


  • Six different surfaces and eleven possible stances
  • Thick and comfortable materials
  • 3D Features for stimulation and massages


  • The features are all at the edges
  • Some of the features are bit too soft

6. Butterfly Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat

Butterfly Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat

The mat is indeed shaped like a butterfly, giving it a fair amount of flair and style. It is available in two other colors as well, offering a nice alternative to the same old dull black usually found on all other mats. With a flat soft surface dotted with rugged features, this mat can encourage movement and stimulation.

The material used is polyurethane, which is a very safe and toxin-free product. With edges that avoid curling, this mat does not pose any significant tripping hazards. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any warranty by the manufacturer, which is rather concerning.


  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Unique and attractive design


  • The flat surfaces are bit too soft
  • No precise information regarding warranty

5. AmazonBasics Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Coming from the retail major’s in-house brand, this standing mat is available in one size, and three different color options. At just one inch thick, it is not the plushest option around, but it does have a soft and foamy feel. It has a simple rectangular shape, with a textured but largely flat surface.

The mat is quite safe, with anti-slip and anti-skid features integrated into the design. The foam material is quite sturdy and long lasting. Though it does provide some confort and support to your feet and legs on hard surfaces, this mat may be better suited for home/kitchen use, rather than long hours at the office.


  • Good looking product
  • Soft foam is very comfortable to stand on
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not thick enough for prolonged use
  • The seams are not very robust

4. Ergodriven Topo

Ergodriven Topo

As the larger variant of the Topo Mini from the same manufacturer, this mat offers improved performance for bigger and taller users. It has the same unique non-flat design as the Mini, and gives similar performance, only on a larger surface.

The mat is made out of pure polyurethane form, offering a great mix of soft comfort and adequate firmness and support. A 7-year warranty is also provided by the manufacturer. The design does lack rough and pointy surfaces, which would have given more friction and stimulation to bare feet.


  • Available in different colors
  • High-quality PU materials
  • Surface promotes constant healthy motion


  • Does not have a lot of stimulating surfaces
  • May not suit all users

3. Royal Anti-fatigue Comfort Mat

Royal Anti fatigue Comfort Mat

Royal mats are available in three different colors, offering more choices than many other mats out there. The manufacturer has opted for a more restrained design, without any extreme surface variations of ridges and mounds. This might make it a more attractive option for some users who do not like such features.

It is also available in multiple size configurations, which is always a welcome feature. The mat is compatible with multiple surfaces, and will not slip on any of them, offering a very safe product. A lifetime warranty is also available with this mat, making it a reliable option.


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Straightforward, no-gimmicks design
  • Money back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • May not offer the level of stimulation of other mats
  • Alternative color options are not that great

2. Sky Solutions Comfort Mat

Sky Solutions Comfort Mat

The Sky Mat uses a patented foam material, which provides a superior level of comfort and support to your legs. With five different shades and three different sizes, there is a lot of choice on offer for the buyer. Unlike many other less popular mats, this mat does not try to woo the consumer with outlandish designs.

What you get is a simple, flat and textured surface, with just the right amount of plushness. This feature encourages constant weight shifting and movement of the legs and will help avoid long term fatigue. The mats are safe, durable, and come with a lifetime return guarantee.


  • Lots of choice in color and size
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Durable, with a lifetime return guarantee


  • Lacks the different features of other mats
  • Too soft for some users

1. Gorilla Grip Anti-fatigue Comfort Mat (Best Seller)

Gorilla Grip Anti fatigue Comfort Mat

Simple and straightforward designs are often the most efficient for standing desk mats, and the Gorilla Grip mat is a true testament to that fact. You do not get busy uneven surfaces with ridges and bumps on this mat. What you do get is a thick comfortable rectangular mat, with a flat but textured surface.

The 3/4″ thickness reduces the pressure on your feet and encourages motion and weight shifting, thereby allowing you to avoid fatigue. The materials used are durable, non-toxic and easy to clean. The mats are available in different colors and sizes and come with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Simple and efficient design
  • Multiple color and size options
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Safe and well-designed product


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Might be a bit too plush for some

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