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Cheap Best Swimming Pool Cover Reels 2021 Reviews


When you consistently cover up your pool you can look forward to a clean pool every time you use it. Your pool patio is also safer when the pool is covered. The trouble with pool covers is that they are inconvenient, and when you think of manually removing a cover you can be discouraged to use them again. A swimming pool cover reel would make covering your pool so much easier. In addition to helping protect your pool from debris, they also allow you access to your pool much faster. A good cover can be removed or applied in a very smooth single person operation. There are even blanket covers with reels to make protecting your pool even easier when it’s not in use. We’ve evaluated the market checking size, durability and ease of use. Check out this list to see which swimming pool cover reel is best for you:

10. Aluminum Solar Cover Reel by Kokido

Aluminum Solar Cover Reel by Kokido

This cover reel is made for in-ground swimming pools. It has an aluminum frame which is resistant to corrosion and very durable. You can handle this solar roller reel without help or a headache every time you need it. You can also easily adjust the cover roller to fit unique shaped and various sized pools.


  • Expands up to 21-feet
  • Oversized wheels on a single side to make maneuvering easier
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Large turning handle for a single person operation
  • Easy assembly and sturdy construction
  • Includes: 5 piece tube set (80mm diameter)
  • Fits pools up to 21.1′ wide

9. Aluminum Solar Cover Reel by LxHealthy

Aluminum Solar Cover Reel by LxHealthy

This 18 ft aluminum cover reel is for inground pools. It will help you get your pool cover rolled up much quicker. It has a solid and sturdy design that will not sag over your pool.


  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Constructed with first-rate aluminum
  • Made with three aluminum tubes
  • Portable and practical

8. Deluxe Above Ground Cover Reel by Doheny’s

Deluxe Above Ground Cover Reel by Doheny's

This pool cover reel for above ground pools can cover up to 18 ft pools. Operate this wheel system on your own. It can fit oval or round shaped pools. Install this system on your wall or pool deck.


  • Includes: Reel attachment kit
  • Can accommodate a max of 12ml solar blanket.
  • Low price
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy operation
  • Heavy-duty construction

7. Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel by Sun2Solar

Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel by Sun2Solar

This deluxe reel system works with inground pools. It is a 16 ft wide cover and it can be used with 800 & 1200 series heating blankets. This cover is also available up to 20′ wide and up to 25′ wide. Access your pool much faster with this reel system and you won’t even be tired before getting into the water. It will roll up the blanket smoothly with it’s easy gear system. This pool cover reel fits all pool shapes.


  • Easy to use crank handle you can operate alone
  • Blanket roller is constructed with five aluminum reel tubes that are 3 1/4″ in diameter. It also has two tires with large tread for easy maneuvering and a stainless-steel frame that is quite durable.
  • Solar cover equipment for attachment is included in addition to all installation hardware.
  • Works with 8mil and 12mil solar covers

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6. Swimming Pool Blanket Reel by Aqua Splash

Swimming Pool Blanket Reel by Aqua Splash

This solar cover blanket reel is made for 16 ft wide inground swimming pools. You can keep this system mobile, mount it on your fence, or make it stationary. The handles for this reel system are conveniently places on both ends. It has durable construction that is resistant to corrosion. It also has rib-locking telescoping tubes that will not let the cover sag.


  • 3-way end design
  • Turns and rolls easy with wide-track bearings
  • Includes complete hardware and blanket attachment kit
  • Designed to use with 9mil-12mil blankets
  • Pre-drilled holes are installed in case you want easy-lock castors (castors not included)

5. In Ground Pool Reel by Rocky’s Reel Systems

In Ground Pool Reel by Rocky's Reel Systems

This pool solar reel is made for pools that are up to 20 feet wide. It has baked enamel finish so it remains durable and of good quality. This reel system is designed for portability, and you only need one person to use it. It includes 2 inch castors to be moved easily.


  • 3 inch, 12 sided anodized tubing to prevent sagging and give the system strength.
  • 9.5 inch Ground clearance to bottom of tubing
  • Includes: 2 inch castor set, solar blanket attachment kit, and all hardware
  • Made from sturdy die-cast aluminum.
  • If you want to move this system out of the way, just reel in the cover and let the anchor bolts go.

4. Stainless Steel Cover Reel by Kokido

Stainless Steel Cover Reel by Kokido

This stainless steel cover reel makes managing the pool cover easier, and it also provides a place on the wheel to store the cover. Assemble this reel with ease using grooved tubes, and clips to attach on solar cover. When you need to move this system the large tread wheels will keep it mobile.


  • Cover reel for 3.25 diameter tubes
  • Rust and weather-resistant frame
  • Includes straps with connectors for simple assembly

3. Aluminum Base Pool Cover Reel by Intex

Aluminum Base Pool Cover Reel by Intex

This solar pool cover reel will allow you to hand-crank your cover with ease. It is made for above ground rectangular shaped pools that are 9-16 feet wide. This pool cover reel is durable. It constructed with heavy duty materials and has an interlocking aluminum shaft. Purchasing this shaft will help your pool and cover last for many more years. Your pool will also stay safe and clean throughout the year.


  • Locking feature keeps the cover from unrolling by accident
  • Constructed to attach to your pool’s metal frame
  • Cover is not included
  • Size adjustable to make it easy to use

2. Solar Blanket Reel Cover by HPI

Solar Blanket Reel Cover by HPI

This solar blanket reel cover is made for pools up to 20′ wide. There are also covers available for 16, 18, 24, and 28 feet wide. Use this blanket on pools that are either above ground or inground. Extend the life of your solar cover and reel by protecting it with this blanket.


  • This is not a solar cover or solar reel. This cover is used to protect your pool cover and reel when not in use
  • Constructed with durable plastic that is resistant to the elements including harmful UV rays
  • Attaches securely with Velcro
  • Easily cut this cover down to desired length using scissors
  • Blanket is easy to remove or apply to your solar roller or solar cover

1. Pool Cover Reel Set by Vingli

Pool Cover Reel Set by Vingli

This pool cover reel set comes with a large and stable pulling force. The lockable telescopic tube will keep it from shaking while you’re using it. This system is elevated so it tends to function a little better than the reels that sit right on the ground. This system is constructed with stainless steel legs and an aluminum reel, so there is no rust to worry about. Use this system to keep your pool clean at all times, warm enough to swim in, and prevent the water from evaporating in extreme heat.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Large and balanced to make rolling up the cover smooth process
  • 3-section aluminum pipe will prevent sagging.
  • Strap will not fall off thanks to grooved reel tube design
  • Large full solid tires to keep reel durable
  • Fits all pool shapes that are within 18 feet wide. The cover can be cut to fit
  • Long straps to reach various points
  • Easy wheel barrow maneuverability. A single hand crank helps with rolling and unrolling. The two wheels make portability easy.
  • Mechanical lock to stop roller rotation after cover is rolled
  • Comes with extra clips

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