Cheap Best Toyota Tacoma Lift Kits 2021 Reviews

Lift kits are used by car owners to increase the suspension height of their vehicles. With these kits, you can install larger tires and make your ride look taller and more imposing. Toyota Tacoma is a popular pickup that has been on the roads since 1995. This top-10 review will look at the best Toyota Tacoma lift kits of 2017.

Lift Kit Buying Tips

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Always remember to buy a lift kit designed for your car model and year. The choice of a particular design is dependent upon what you intend to do with the car. If you want to do serious off-roading, expensive Drop bracket lift kits, and long travel kits are probably the best. If all you want is an improved look, inexpensive above-coil lift kits and in-coil spacer kits are usually enough.

Top Best Sellers in Tacoma Lift Kits

10. StreetDirtTrack Toyota Tacoma 4WD Full Leveling Lift Kit

StreetDirtTrack Toyota Tacoma 4WD Full

This lift kit will increase the front height by 3 inches and the rear height by two inches. The billet strut spacers are high-quality aluminum parts. As for the billet rear blocks, they include HD suspension U-bolts. The package does include detailed installation instructions.


  • Extremely affordable lift kit at a great price.
  • Ideal for improving the looks of the 2015 Tacoma.
  • Increases the height by 3 inches.
  • Can be installed in your garage by hand.


  • Not the best option for serious off-roading.

9. ReadyLift 69-5510 Smart Suspension Technology Lift Kit

ReadyLift 69 5510 Smart Suspension Technology Lift Kit

The Readylift kit is available for a large number of car makes and models, which includes the Toyota Tacoma. It accomplishes the job at hand by using a steel front strut spacer, and add-a-leaf for the rear. But it does not work with all Tacoma models since 4WD versions are not compatible.


  • Very safe lift kit option.
  • Does not cost a lot of money.
  • Can be installed at home.
  • Maintains the factory ride settings.


  • Not suitable for 4WD Tacomas.

8. MotoFab Lifts 95Taco 3F 2R

If you have an older 1995-2004 version of the Tacoma, the lift kits mentioned above will not fit. The MotoFab 95Taco is a lift kit that will work with older Tacomas. It raises the front by 3 inches and the rear by two, improving the overall look and feel of the pickup. The aluminum billets are CNC milled and powder coated to fit with the factory spec parts.


  • Excellent pricing.
  • Can be installed at home, and doesn’t require any strut disassembly.
  • Product made in the US comes with lifetime warranty.
  • High-quality CNC milled and powder coated parts.


  • Not suitable for newer versions of the Tacoma.

7. ReadyLift 69-5056 SST Lift Kit For Toyota Tacoma 2WD/4WD

ReadyLift 69 5056 SST Lift Kit For Toyota Tacoma

This ReadyLift kit is designed to operate with Tacomas released since 2005. And that includes all PreRunner 6 Lug and TRD versions as well. The kits provide a maximum lift or up to four inches. Despite the changes, this kit keeps your default factory ride settings intact.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Very easy to install on your own.
  • Works with 4WD versions.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Does not work with pre-2005 Tacomas.

6. Supreme Suspensions Tacoma Differential Drop Kit

Supreme Suspensions Tacoma Differential

This is a lift kit designed for the newer 4×4 versions of the Tacoma (post-2004). You can expect a lift of at least 2.5 inches with this kit. The spacers are crafted from highly durable aircraft billets, using CNC machine milling technology for extra precision. In the package, there are two differential drop spacers and the required installation hardware, as well as instructions.


  • One of the cheapest lift kit options available.
  • Made from anodized parts for extra durability.
  • Can be easily installed in an hour, with no special tools.
  • Will work alongside coil spring spacers.


  • Not useful unless you have a 4WD version of the Tacoma.

5. ReadyLift 69-5212 Lift Kit

ReadyLift 69 5212 Lift Kit

This is one of the most comprehensive lift kits available for the Tacoma. It includes a steel strut extension, front differential drop bracket, sway bar drop brackets, skid plate spacers, and a rear lift block. You will get a maximum of 3 inches of lift at the front and 2 inches at the rear.


  • A complete lift kit.
  • Suitable for light off-road riding.
  • Come with a lifetime guarantee on all parts.
  • Can be installed in a few hours, using the tools provided in the kit.


• Quite expensive, and the car might require alignment after installation.

4. Supreme Suspensions Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit 2

As mentioned in its title, this lift kit is ideal for those who need only a minimal lift of up to two inches for their Tacomas. And it does work with most post-2005 models, though not with Tacoma 5-lug versions. The package includes two front strut spacers, a Supreme Suspensions pro pack, installation tools, and instructions. There are no parts for the rear suspension.


  • A very cheap option.
  • Made from durable T6 aircraft billets.
  • Very easy to install, should take only an hour or so.
  • Compatible with factory shocks.


  • Only provides 2 inches of lift, and that too only for the front suspension.

3. Rough Country Suspension 745N2 Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country Suspension 745N2 Suspension Lift Kit

For those who want to add a good 3 inches of lift to their suspension, the Rough Country Lift kit is an excellent choice. Coil spacers, rear blocks, installation hardware, and installation instructions come as part of the package. The rear suspension is also raised, up to a maximum of two inches. But if you have the latest 2017 model, there might be issues since it hasn’t been tested yet.


  • Does not require a garage or professional mechanics for installation.
  • Crafted from durable steel.
  • Has both front and rear suspension lifts.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee on parts.


  • The poorly written manual in quite inadequate.

2. Firestone W217602407 Ride-Rite Kit For Toyota Tacoma 4WD

Firestone W217602407 Ride-Rite Kit For Toyota Tacoma 4WD

This Firestone kit is perfect for those who want something beyond a cosmetic upgrade for their Toyota Tacoma. The kit will lift the vehicle, while at the same time providing improved stability and increased load bearing capabilities. This is a complete package that includes air helper springs, convoluted air springs, air lines, fasteners, brackets, inflation valves, and push to connect air fittings.


  • Provides complete leveling, from side to side as well as front to rear.
  • Improves stability and load capacity.
  • ISO certified product.
  • Excellent value for money, with improved performance.


  • Installation is a bit complicated and can take time.

1. Supreme Suspensions Toyota Tacoma Full Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions Toyota Tacoma Full Lift Kit

There is a reason why this is the most popular Tacoma lift kit available online. The price is great, and it offers just the right amount of performance. The standard 3-inch front and 2 inch rear lift suits most regular Tacoma drivers who are just looking to add a larger set of tires. Included in the package are two front strut spacers, rear lift blocks, U-bolts, installation manual, and tools. They have also thrown in some nice decals, and a bottle opener keychain as well to sweeten the deal!


  • High-quality CNC milled parts, zinc plated and from aircraft billet steel.
  • Very easy bolt-on installation.
  • Maintains factory shocks and stock ride quality.
  • Comes with assorted freebies.


  • Not suitable for 5-Lug and TRD Off-road versions of the Toyota Tacoma.


Buying and installing a lift kit for your Tacoma need not be a significant investment. Almost all the kits in this list retail at under $300, and can be installed at home using basic tools. They are perfect for those who want a lift mainly for looks and stance, and not aggressive offroading. Do remember to get the alignment checked after the installation of any aftermarket parts for maximum safety.

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