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Wooden crates and cases are considered among the best materials for packaging especially among shipping companies. Because these are self-supporting structures, they are a preferred choice when carrying breakable products or items. They are also ideal for the safe transportation of fragile goods.


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Wooden crates have many benefits that explain the increasing popularity among those shipping and transporting different types of goods. Some of the benefits that pull users towards the wooden crates include their durability and reusability. The crates have a long life, which makes them reusable. Wooden crates also have enormous packaging capacity for transportation of large amount of items or goods.

The wooden crates are also bug and corrosives resistant making them suitable when transporting products in extreme condition. They are stackable for bulk transportation without causing damages to the items. Crates themselves can be stacked together, giving room for more storage. This is a cost effective and eco-friendly solution. They pose no harm to the environment and do not absorb moisture.

Type of Wooden Crates

There are two standard types of the DIN59499T1. They include Type A crates that can hold up to 500kg of goods and Type B crates that can hold over 500kg of goods. The crates have highly rigid corners with planks stretched along. Wooden crates vary in their functionality and design and will include frame crates, open crates, closed crates, and stitched and wired crates. All of them serve different transportation needs.

What to Look for When Choosing the Wooden Crates

The wooden crates are in high demand because of their reliability and strength. These products are available in different sizes and capacities. It is also possible to get custom wooden crates from the manufacturers to fit your specific requirement. When searching for wooden crates, there are important issues you need to consider. They include:

  • The types of goods and mode of transportation
  • The size of goods to be packaged: This will help you to pick the right kind of wood crates
  • Quality and design of the crates as they influence the crates’ durability and reusability.
  • The crates’ manufacturer: Whether you are buying the crates from an online shop or physical stores, make sure their manufacturer has a good reputation.
  • If buying crates in bulk: Their cost is something you ought to look into as you can get discounts.

10. 7Gypsies Vintage Photo Crate

7Gypsies Vintage Photo Crate

This is a bestselling black wooden crate that is perfect for packaging photos, books, note card, and other stationeries. The crates are 4 by 6 inches. It is lightweight and highly durable.


  • The 7Gypsies Vintage Photo Crate is attractive
  • It is easy to lift and occupies a small space
  • Affordable to low budget buyers


  • The open crate cannot carry bulky goods, as it is too small.

9. Red Co. Vintage Style Produce Chalkboard Front Crates, Wooden Box

Red Co Vintage Style Produce Chalkboard Front Crates Wooden Box

This Red Co product is a wooden crate suitable for a farmhouse. It comes in a set of four and is used in the storage of vegetables and fruits. The crates have chalkboard front, which allow easy labeling and erasing. This product is made from fast growing paulownia wood.


  • The set of wooden crates is perfect for the freshly picked farm products.
  • You have options in different sizes of the wooden crates to consider based on the quantity you want to transport
  • It’s long lasting and presentable


  • May not be adequate for bulky packaging because of their sizes

8. Household Essentials Large Decorative Wood Crate for Storage

Household Essentials Large Decorative Wood Crate for Storage

This wooden crate product has metal handles and a beautiful design. It is large to accommodate more goods such as displaying wine and spirits, among other items. It measures 19.5 by 19.25 by 13 inches making it a perfect packaging box for a variety of goods.


  • This wooden crate is suitable for open storage in homes and bars.
  • It is strong and durable


  • The handles are very stiff and do not flab back like the handles on the grocery basket

7. MyGift Set of 2 Country Rustic Finish Wood Storage Crate

MyGift Set of 2 Country Rustic Finish Wood Storage Crate

The MyGift Wood Storage Crate comes in a pair, and it has country rustic looks. It is suitable for storing decorations or acting as a serving tray for dinner parties. It measures 15.75 by 11.5 by 6.25 inches for the large one and 13.25 by 9.0 by 5.25 inches for the small crate.


  • The crates have handles in each side easing carriage
  • These crates are strong and long lasting


  • Cannot accommodate bulky goods in shipping
  • Only suitable for holding small items

6. Wald Imports Whitewash Wood Decorative Storage Crates

Wald Imports Whitewash Wood Decorative Storage Crates

These wooden crates come in a set of 3 white finished products with open slat design. The three sets are of different sizes, which would work perfectly for storing garden supplies. You can put your garden tools in the crates for safekeeping.


  • They are high-quality products that are well crafted and looking clean
    • Suitable for holding plants in the living room
    • The crates are durable and strong


  • They are too small for transportation of items

5. Timeline Dry Brush Crate

Timeline Dry Brush Crate

This gorgeous crate is made from solid wood. The crates are stackable, which makes them suitable for storage. It works well as a planter or for placing towels among other uses. There are different colors of these products that you can choose from.


  • The crates are beautiful and will add color to your décor
  • They are made from high-quality wood and are long lasting
  • You can assemble the crates on your own


  • Cannot hold bulky items

4. Pure City Classic Rear Mount Wooden Bicycle Crate

Pure City Classic Rear Mount Wooden Bicycle Crate

These are natural wooden crates that can be transported on a bicycle. The crates are ideal for the storage and transportation of grocery, shopping bags, and books, among other things. They are made from high-quality cedar and pine wood. Each crate measures 12.5 by 10 by 7 inches.


  • The crate is strong and durable
  • They have handle bars for easy carrying


  • The wood is not water or moisture resistant

3. Houseworks, Crates, and Pallet

Houseworks Crates and Pallet

The crate is made of smooth unfinished pine and measures 27 by 12.5 by 9.5 inches. The crates are slated, which makes it easy to see the contents inside. They are suitable for vertical storage.


  • They are big and their handles are strong
  • These crates look attractive and can have a variety of use


  • The slats are not strong enough and are likely to crack

2. Wald Imports Whitewash Wood Decorative Crates

Wald Imports Whitewash Wood Decorative Crates

These wooden crates come in a pack of three. It is made of galvanized metal trim that make the crates strong and durable. You can use the crates for household storage. The large one measures 10.25 by 10.25 by 5 inches, which accommodates items such as towels, crafts, and magazines, among other household items.


  • The crates are light weight making them easy to carry
  • Affordable to low budget buyers
  • These crates are well trimmed to last longer


The crates are small and may not accommodate a lot of items

1. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

This crate is made from heave wood, which is a sustainable option. It has a great design that provides a cozy and private spot for your pet. The big ones are 20 inches long and 14 inches tall to fit the big pets.


  • The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate looks nice
  • It is affordable to low budget buyers


  • Not suitable for rough dogs; they would damage it

There are different types and styles of wood crates that serve a variety of purposes. The best way to shop for one is to assess your needs first. Finding reliable vendors is also important as they provide credible information about the product.

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