Cheap Best World’s Most Beautiful Women in 2021

Somebody said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but today, I want to disagree with this saying publicly. I think that there are people who are just beautiful. If the saying were right then, it would not be possible to find an individual who is perceived to be beautiful by almost everybody in the world. Today can list all the ladies on earth based on their beauty and majority of people out there will agree with our listing. I mean that would not be possible if beauty was really in the eyes of the beholder. We must appreciate the beauty, and that is why today I have decided to give the men something to talk about. I bring to you, the top ten best beautiful women of 2018.

10. Liza Soberano – Philippines

Most Beautiful Women

At position ten is the Philippines American actress who is not new to such lists. She was the second most beautiful woman of the year two thousand and sixteen, and if she still managed to appear in this list, then it only means that she is still in the game. The title of the best woman of the world always receive new entrants every year making it slightly difficult to hold a position for long, and that applies to even making it to the top ten more than once.

For those of us who love Philippine moves, you must have realized that the country has some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet earth. Liza is the Philippine’s finest and she has not let us down. Some of us might know her as an actress. That is not all about her. This beautiful lady is also the face of some of the most famous brands in the world which include Maybelline.

9. Emma Watson – UK

Most Beautiful Women

The Britons are not left behind in this list of the most beautiful women under the sun in the year two thousand and seventeen. Emma Watson is an actress and a model. The other part of her that most people do not know is that she is also an activist. These are very major platforms that did some good job in exposing her beauty. The beauty was born in Paris, France and she has grown to be a blessing to her Briton parents, Jacqueline and Chris Watson. It is not a surprise that her name today appears in the international rankings.

The lady becomes an international figure upon her birth. She lived in France for five years before she could transfer to the United Kingdom. The lady is only twenty-seven years old and has already got the attention of the whole world.

8. Priyanka Chopra – India

Most Beautiful Women

If you love Bollywood movies, then you might have come across this name. I know of someone who watches every movie that this lady is featured simply because of her beauty. Other than appearing on this list, she was the eighth most beautiful women of the world recently. This is not easy to achieve, and if she keeps this pace, then she might just be named the world’s most beautiful woman. The actress is thirty-four years old so we can expect a lot more from her in the rest of her career.

I, certainly have no idea on what it takes to be beautiful leave alone remaining beautiful, all I know is, whatever it is that this lady does to remain beautiful works for her. The next time you find a man watching one of her movies try to find out the main motivation. You will be surprised to find out that the man is more into the roles of this actress than any other actor or actress in the same movie even if she is not the main character. I can’t blame them anyway, it’s natural for such a thing to happen and if I am not wrong, it is the men who have voted her to this list.

7. Im Jin-ah – South Korea

Most Beautiful Women

There is something I have come to realize. Every company wants a beautiful face to represent them. It should not surprise you that the companies hire the most beautiful people in the world to be their ambassadors or to be the face of the company. The South Korean beauty queen is also an actress, a platform that has helped her rise to fame. The good thing with movies is that it puts the actors and actresses in a better position to market them, I mean, the marketing is done right in your living room every time you sit down to watch a movie. The stars stage name is Nana, a name that most people use to refer to her such that you would think that it is her real name.

It should not surprise anybody that she is in this list as this is not the first time she appears in a list of such rankings. She was one of the most beautiful women lists of Korea and no doubt, she is one of the Korea’s finest women. When the ranking was done In Korea, the lady was placed at position seven and hopeful that when the ranking is done again, she will be among the top three positions. In my honest opinion, she should be the most beautiful woman in Korea, but that is just my opinion. It must be noted that it takes more than just one’s opinion to make it to the top.

6. Fahriye Evcen – Turkey

Most Beautiful Women

From Korea, we, travel all the way to Turkey to get our sixth most beautiful woman in the whole world this year. It is now pretty obvious that she is an actress. After all, the actresses stand a big chance of clinching these positions which leaves me with this question; do less attractive actresses exist? From the look of things, any lady who joins the media industry has to transform to be attractive. It is just a thing of the media industry. I stand to be corrected but I believe that all the ladies in the media industry are beautiful. It is just the degree of beauty that differs.

Fahriye was one of the best Turkish actresses but that might have just been a stepping stone to the global standards. She is also among the few people who were born with international stature. She was lucky to be born in Germany but that is not the most interesting part of her story. Her parents were from both Germany and Turkey. The star celebrates her birthday on fourth June to remember her birth that took place in the year 1986. For those who love her TV series you might have noticed that she can speak Spanish, English, German and Turkish fluently without any problems. It confuses many people as it is hard to know her first language.

5. Alexandra Daddario – USA

Most Beautiful Women

At position five is a lady whose eyes alone were enough to secure her a place on this list. She was voted the woman with the most amazing eyes in the whole globe. That award made her one of the most admired ladies of the world. Of cause, there are some people who thought that her eyes alone were not enough to earn her global attention and we respect their opinion. Am beginning to think that for you to earn international recognition, you must be one of the foreign relations as well. This celebrity boasts of more than one origin despite being born in the New York City of the United States.

Also, it is said that she has English, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Irish and Italian origins. Of cause, she has not denied it so we can only assume that it is true. There is more than just her eyes. Her body shape has more to do with this list than anything else. I trust the opinion of the men who think that she deserves a better position than this but as for now she is our number five most beautiful woman in the world.

4. Manuela Arcuri – Italy

Most Beautiful Women

This list will be incomplete if I don’t include this Italian beauty in this list of the most beautiful women in the world. As I said before, the media industry has done some good by producing the most beautiful women of this year. This Italian beauty is not only an actress but also a model and soubrette. This is not the list that ranks this actress as one of the most beautiful women. She was even voted among the most beautiful by Buzznet polls. Her Italian audience mostly knows her as a protagonist of fiction.

The Italian is also among the top ten hottest girls in Italy. If you have not watched her fictions, then you might not fully know what we are talking about. You should spare some time to catch up with her in one of the fictions. I don’t see how it feels to have such a beauty and for the ladies, you either want to become like her or just envy her. All that is allowed and trust me, it is not a crime to crave such a person. It should be natural.

3. Taylor Hill – USA

Most Beautiful Women

At twenty-one years old, Taylor Hill has managed to get international attention. I must say that her modeling has brought the best out of her. I know many people who are of the opinion that she should be in a better position than this and I want to assure them that your opinion is well taken under consideration. If she keeps her game up, she might just be to top most beautiful woman in the world very soon. The model is the current Victoria’s, Secret Angel. I mean why it would surprise anyone if an angel appears among the most beautiful creatures under the sun!

From this trend, I can only conclude that if you want to be famous, just join the media industry. This is the only industry that gives you free advertisement even without you knowing. Imagine having millions of followers who would not miss a chance to watch you on the television all over the world. However, holding such a position is not easy either. You can imagine the number of young women who come up every year trying to grab such spot. It would take more effort to maintain the position than to get the position for the first time.

2. Taraneh Alidoosti – Iran

Most Beautiful Women

Some of us would say that age is just but a number and in this context, I agree with them. However, to those men who still think that ladies are only beautiful when they are still young, you should see this. At thirty-three years of age, Taraneh has made it to the second position in the list of the top ten most beautiful women in the year two thousand and seventeen. That should tell us that one can remain beautiful even with age. Even when sixty you can remain beautiful.

Ok, sixty may have been way exaggerated but you know what I mean, it’s not lying it is impossible. This beauty is an actress, and this is not the first time she appears among the beauties. She was also voted the best Iranian TV actress of the decade. I don’t know what it feels like to hold a position of such magnitude for ten good years maybe she will tell us one day.

1. Beyoncé – USA

Most Beautiful Women

The topmost beautiful woman in the globe this year is a thirty-five years old Beyonce. The black beauty has been the talk of the town for a while now, and it does not surprise me that she has managed to maintain this top position in a tight beauty contest. She has also been voted the top most beautiful lady by Buzznet which uses photos and video sharing. So if you were surprised by the thirty-three years old at position two, thirty-five years old should blow off your mind. But, just a second, does Beyonce look like she is thirty-five years old? You can give me your feedback in the comments.


That was Cheap Best Best’ selection of the most beautiful women in 2018. You can start voting for your favorite lady to appear in next year’s top ten best beautiful women of the year two thousand and eighteen. The list is expected to comprise of women who have more to show in their celebrity life and have desired success stories.

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