Cheap Best Yoga Pants for Men 2021 Reviews

Unlike traditional trousers, men’s yoga pants provide the ultimate comfort and flexibility. Their loose fitting material makes it easier for men to move around while engaging in activities. Yoga pants are more lightweight and breathable than traditional pants, which is why they are chosen most often for yoga, martial arts, and other physical activities.

When it comes to selecting yoga pants for men, it is crucial to find pants that balance strength and quality. The materials need to be flexible and durable enough to wear for any occasion. There are ten pairs of yoga pants that stand out among others offered on the market in 2018. These products are detailed below, providing specific qualities that make them the most suitable option for wearers.

10. Thai Fisherman Free Size Two Tone Yoga Pants

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Thai Fisherman Free Size Two Tone Yoga Pants

This popular style of pants is an excellent option due to their strength and durability. This Thai Fisherman yoga pants for men are free-sized, making them extremely comfortable and lightweight. The fold-down top makes them perfect for anyone wearing a size XS to an XL.


  • Extremely versatile pants. High-quality material made with 100-percent heavy weight cotton drill. These pants are perfect for any occasion and can be worn with a belt that ties from the rear.


  • These pants are completely oversized, so smaller framed men may feel like they are swimming in cotton.

9. CandyHusky Extra Long Fisherman Pants

CandyHusky Extra Long Fisherma

These Tai Chi yoga pants are perfect for taller men. The extra-long pant length is 48-inches, with a total waist of 56-inches, which is adjustable between 28-48-inches.


  • These pants are made with 100-percent cotton. They are lightweight and airy, perfect for warmer weather. There are no zippers or buttons. These pants fit extremely loose and are great to wear on any occasion.


  • Some customers did not like that the fabric was extremely thin. Item is recommended to be hand washed in cold water, which may be an inconvenience for some. Some wearers are also displeased with the limited room provided for between the legs.

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8. xHorizon TM Men Man Loose-fitting Yoga Pants

xHorizon TM Men Man Loose fitting Yoga Pants

These loose-fitting yoga pants provide a ‘next to nothing’ feeling during wear. The material is an 80/20 blend of polyamide and elastic, which is extremely comfortable and lightweight.


  • These pants are extremely airy and lightweight and perfect for any occasion. Has three sizes available to choose from. Specific sizes allow you to wear them comfortably without being left swimming in fabric.


  • These pants need to be worn with boxers or underwear underneath as the fabric is extremely visible. The sizes run small.

7. Thai Fisherman Traditional Tailoring Style Yoga Pants

Thai Fisherman Traditional Tailoring Style Yoga Pants

These white striped Thai Fisherman yoga pants for men provide a relaxed-fit option for men to wear during yoga, martial arts, or virtually any activity. These pants are extremely adjustable and comfortable, providing a perfect fit for nearly any body type.


  • These pants roll down and tie from the top, allowing you to adjust the waist effortlessly. The white color is extremely clean looking. The airy fit makes them perfect for summer wear.


  • The length is not too good for individuals over 6-feet if they have to roll the top down.

6. Wynnthaishop Baggy Yoga Pants

Wynnthaishop Baggy Yoga Pants

These baggy boho yoga pants are made with 100-percent cotton. The waist and openings are all elastic, allowing them to provide a comfortable fit for any wearer.


  • These pants are made out of 100-percent Thai cotton, an extremely soft and breathable material. There are over twenty different colors and patterns to choose from, so you will have no problem finding the perfect look to match your wardrobe.


  • Some wearers find the material to be a bit scratchy during the first few wears.

5. Brown Rayon – Thai Fisherman Pants

Brown Rayon

Thai Spicy offers these comfortable and versatile yoga pants in a brown rayon color. These Thai Fisherman style pants have a wide waist with a built in belt, fitting waists up to 50-inches.


  • The 38-inch length is perfect for most individuals, but it can be shortened if needed. These pants are super comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. The fabric color is rich and luxurious and the material itself is extremely soft.


  • These pants need to be hand-washed and hung to dry.

4. Blue and Maroon Thai Fisherman Pants

Blue and Maroon Thai Fisherman Pants

The rich blue and maroon fabric used in these yoga pants truly make a statement on their own. These pants are made with a top quality cotton drill, making them extremely comfortable, reliable, and versatile.


  • These pants have a great color combination. The material is extremely strong, durable, and heavy weight. These Thai Fisherman style pants contain an adjustable 56-inch waist that can be belted down to fit your specific body type.


  • The stitching could be better quality, but the pants are low priced — you get what you pay for.

3. Two Tone Green Thai Fisherman Pants Yoga

Two Tone Green Thai Fisherman Pants Yoga

These Thai Fisherman style pants are handmade straight out of Thailand. These pants are made with top quality materials, so you can rest assured knowing you will feel comfortable during every wear.


  • The two-tone green finish is extremely attractive. The adjustable length and waist make these pants an excellent option for active individuals of all body types. These pants are extremely versatile and comfortable to wear.


  • Putting these pants requires a certain technique which may seem weird or difficult to some initially.

2. Yoga[Addict] Men Yoga Pants

Yoga Men Yoga Pants

These yoga pants by Yoga[Addict] are extremely comfortable cool to wear. Composed of 94-percent cotton and 6-percent spandex, these pants are extremely stretchy and stretch stylishly with your every move.


  • Durable product contains a drawstring elastic waist. There are two front pockets, great for carrying small items. An excellent option for pants for any activity, travel, or sleep. Top quality materials and craftsmanship.


  • This is a more expensive option for yoga pants.

1. Two Tone Gray and Charcoal Thai Fisherman Pants

Two Tone Gray and Charcoal Thai Fisherman Pants

This two-tone pair of Thai Fisherman pants boasts a 100-percent cotton material in a gray and charcoal. This unique style of pants is specially designed with a wrap-around waist and belt, fitting waists up to 38-inches.


  • These pants are extremely soft, containing a subtle texture that adds to strength and durability. The wrap around waist contains a belt that adjusts for a closer and more comfortable fit. The overall length can be shortened by rolling down the top.


  • These pants are only 38-inches long, making them a bit on the short side for most wearers.

These 10 best yoga pants range under $10 to near $50, providing an option fit for any price range. When purchasing yoga pants, it is important to consider the color you need and the purpose for which you are interested in the pants. If you are looking for comfortable oversized pants that can be worn anytime, the Thai Fisherman pants are an excellent option. All of these pants are excellent for home and outdoor use. Either way, this list of ten best men’s yoga pants provides a suitable option for anyone.

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