Top 11 Baseball Bat Display Cases 2021 Reviews

A baseball bat display case can be a beautiful addition to family rooms and home offices. Additionally, they make a wonderful conversation piece in many businesses. If you are looking for the right baseball bat display case for your home or workplace, then you have many different choices from hooks on the wall to baseball desktop display cases. Moreover, think about what other memorabilia you would like to display along with the bat. Before making a final decision, consider these top 11 choices.

11. Wooden Baseball Bat Display Case

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Wooden Baseball Bat Display Case

Hold a single baseball bat from the big game in the Baseball Bat Display with Shelf by GameDay Display. Place the bat in the strong ultraviolet protective acrylic tubing so that it stays safe in any environment. Then, attach it to the wooden shelf. Finally, use the attached wooden shelf to display other memorabilia from the player, team or day. Furthermore, business executives and others working at a desk all day enjoy this baseball display case because it can be mounted directly on their desks.


  • Strong acrylic tubing keeps bat safe
  • Holds one bat
  • Attached shelf for other memorabilia
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Can be attached to desk


  • Stain on wood may fade over time
  • No team spirit items included
  • No lockable

10. Wood Baseball Bat Display Case with Protective Tube

Wood Baseball Bat Display Case with Protective Tube

The baseball bat display case P322 sold by Pennzoni offers an acrylic tube holding one 36 inch or smaller baseball bat. This tube allows people to see all sides of the bat. Ultimately, enjoy displaying your child’s bat in this display regardless of the size of the bat because it easily accommodates smaller bats. Furthermore, solid oak attaches to the tube allowing owners to hang the display from the wall either horizontally or vertically. Alternatively, consider attaching this display to a shelf.


  • Holds one bat securely
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
  • Can be attached to a shelf ( not included)
  • Solid oak for years of enjoyment


  • No ultraviolet protection
  • No space for other memorabilia
  • Not lockable

9. Wall-Mounted Baseball Display Case for Four Bats

Wall Mounted Baseball Display Case for Four Bats

Display up to four 40 inch baseball bats and balls in the Wall Mount Bat Rack Cube Display by,LLC. Securely lock the ultraviolet acrylic display door with the provided keys so that no one can harm your game memorabilia. Consequently, choose the best viewing angle before laying your bats and balls in the viewing case. Then, attach the 42 inch by 19.75 inch by 4.75 inch black display to the wall with the hardware provided with your purchase.


  • Holds up to four bats and balls
  • Can be attached to the wall with provided hardware
  • Lockable


  • Requires bat and ball
  • No features to sit on shelves
  • No team spirit items included
  • Can only see one side of items

8. Glass Baseball Bat Display Case with Black Molding

Glass Baseball Bat Display Case with Black Molding and Engraved Sign

Perfect Cases proudly presents their Baseball Bat Display Case with Sport Moulding. Accommodating bats up to 36 inches long, this glass case comes mounted on a black display base making it the perfect addition to a desk or shelf. In the meantime, be sure to let everyone know the importance of the bat by having the attached sign on the display base engraved. Keep the bat protected by placing it on the special acrylic holding brackets within the baseball display case.


  • Engraved sign
  • Holds bats up to 36 inches long
  • Black display base
  • Special bat holding brackets


  • Must sit on shelf or desk
  • Will not accommodate bats longer than 36 inches
  • Not lockable
  • Glass may break

7. Lockable Baseball Display Case with Room for Five Bats

Lockable Baseball Display Case with Room for Five Bats

Measuring 16.2 inches by 39 inches by 4 inches, the bat display case by DisplayGifts offers room for up to five bats of different lengths. This solid beechwood display case is stained black offering the owner a beautiful display in many different settings. Alternatively, choose to attach this display case to the wall either vertically or horizontally. Use the bottom of the case when mounted vertically to display baseballs along with the bat. Furthermore, a lockable clear door protects the displayed items from dust while providing ultraviolet protection.


  • Lockable
  • Can be hung horizontally or vertically
  • Ultraviolet protection


  • Will not accommodate bats longer than 38 inches
  • May fade over time
  • Bats and balls seen only from the front
  • Cannot use for balls when hung horizontally
  • No engraving plate

6. Official Major League Baseball Display Case

Official Major League Baseball Display Case

Baseball fans looking for a wall-mounted baseball display case for bats measuring up to 36 inches should consider the MLB bat glass display case offered by Perfect Cases. Open the rubber hinges so that you can place one prized bat inside this baseball case. Keep the bat protected behind clear glass offering ultraviolet protection so that signatures on the bat will not fade over time. Furthermore, this glass case is attached to cherry wood molding making it an attractive display in many different settings. Non-acidic adhesive holds the glass together so that this display easily protects the bat from fading. In fact, it is easy to see all sides of the bat because a mirror is included behind it. Two special bat holders easily mount allowing users to display the bat within the case.


  • Wall-mounted display case
  • Non-acidic adhesive helps prevent fading
  • Mirror background allows easily viewing from all angles
  • Ultraviolet protection


  • Glass may break
  • Not lockable
  • No wall-mounting hardware included

5. Glass Baseball Bat Display Case with Ultraviolet Protection

Glass Baseball Bat Display Case with Ultraviolet Protection

Proudly display your memorabilia bat on your desk or on a shelf inside the MLB Glass Baseball Bat Glass Display Case by Perfect Gifts. This ultraviolet glass display case holds a baseball bat measuring up to 36 inches in length. Consequently, viewing the bat from all angles is never a problem because there is a mirror in the back of the case. The display glass sits on a black base making it a great conversation starter on any desk. Finally, two movable bat holders helps keep the bat securely in position regardless of the bat’s size.


  • Attractive case for shelf or desk
  • Ultraviolet glass keeps display from fading
  • Easily adjusts to fit bats of different sizes up to 36 inches long


  • Glass may break
  • Cannot be wall mounted
  • Glass does not attach to base
  • Not lockable

4. Black Baseball Bat and Ball Display Case

Black Baseball Bat and Ball Display Case

Give your bat an elegant appearance by displaying it in the B001VH-BL display case by DisplayGifts. The back of this display case contains a black-matted surface allowing bats up to 38 inches long to look great. Brass hinges fasten the lockable glass door on the front of this display keeping dust and sticky fingers from reaching your prized bat. Furthermore, this vertically hung display case offers room underneath the bat for an autographed ball placed on the included stand. Keep the bat securely in place with the wooden holder that is already in place when you receive this case. Finally, do not fuss over attaching this display to the wall as the hardware is already in place.


  • Lockable
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Display hooks for bat and ball
  • Easily mounts vertically to wall with attached hardware


  • Must be hung vertically
  • Softball is too big for baseball display holder

3. Baseball Bat Display Tube

Baseball Bat Display Tube

Create your own baseball bat display using the UPHBATUV display from Ultra Pro. This acrylic tube helps to protect the bat from dust and fingerprints. Incidentally, thick rubber end caps offer extra protection while helping to ensure that your prized bat does not fall out of the tube. In conclusion, this tube holds a 36 inch baseball bat securely without using any holders.


  • Strong acrylic tube
  • Strong rubber end caps
  • Basic option perfect for do-it-yourselfers


  • No bat display hardware included
  • No mounting hardware included
  • Requires a 36 inch bat

2. Baseball Bat Brackets

Baseball Bat Brackets

Display your prized baseball bat in a no-frill manner with the A023 baseball display brackets from Better Display Cases. Use the two high-quality .25 inch clear acrylic brackets to hang a regulation baseball bat in a vertical position on the wall. Actually, these durable brackets are very easy to use allowing everyone to display an autographed baseball bat in under 10 minutes.


  • Strong acrylic brackets
  • Easily installs


  • No protection for bat
  • No instructions included
  • Requires a regulation baseball bat

1. Baseball Bat Holder

Baseball Bat Holder

Hang your autographed baseball bat vertically on the wall using the baseball rack cabinet by sfDisplay. Ultimately, users can choose to display their bats up to 36 inches in length vertically or horizontally in this Australian beachwood case containing a lockable acrylic door. Furthermore, keep a baseball in place with the small indention at the bottom of the case when choosing to hang the display vertically. While the top bat holder is already installed, users put the bottom holder in place based on the length of their bat.


  • Easily adjusts to hold one bat up to 36 inches long
  • Lockable acrylic door with two keys
  • Small indention for baseball


  • No way to display baseball when hanging horizontally
  • Can only see one side of bat and ball

Baseball fans find many different options when shopping for baseball display cases. Use this list to choose the one meeting your needs the best. Then, enjoy a beautiful display in your living or working space for many years to come.

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