Top 15 Best Oil Filters 2021 Reviews

Everyone that works on cars understands that to change your oil, you must change the filter. When an engine runs, an oil filter is constantly at work. Its primary job is keeping contaminants from entering the oil. As such, you need something that can hold up to the task.

When you’re shopping for a filter, you first need to be sure that it fits the make and model of your car. From there, look for filters that have certain features that enhance engine life such as bypass valves that keeps oil flowing even if the filter clogs.

Top Best Sellers in Oil Filters

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15. Fram TG3593A Tough Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter

Fram TG3593A Tough Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter

With 99% dirt-trapping efficiency, this filter is engineered for use with both premium conventional and semi-synthetic oil. It has a silicone anti-drain back valve that helps hold a reserve of oil. To make changing the filter an easier, quicker job, it features a SureGrip anti-slip texture design. It’s also been proven to provide protection for up to 10,000 miles.

Weight: 1 lb

Dimensions: 3.1-in x 3.1-in x 3.5-in


  • Install without tools thanks to rubberized grip.


  • Not much of a noticeable change in engine life.

14. MAHLE Original OX 187D Oil Filter

MAHLE Original OX 187D Oil Filter

To ensure proper lubrication, this oil filter features a pressure relief valve. In addition, where applicable, it has an anti-drain check valve. Throughout, the MAHLE Original filter has an exceptional structural integrity due to the use of endplates, seaming, and sheet metal. The filter even makes sure to keep dirt in check with a pleated filter media.

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Dimensions: 3.5-in x 3.5-in x 4.5-in


  • Comes with necessary hardware needed for a complete oil change (e.g. crush washers).


  • Might have installation difficulty if metal housing doesn’t flex.

13. Toyota 04152-YZZA4 Oil Filter

Toyota 04152-YZZA4 Oil Filter

This filter is designed to fit Toyota models that have the 5.7L engine which includes the Land Cruiser, Tundra, and the Sequoia. It has everything you would expect from an original Toyota filter such as two O-rings, filter snap drain plug, etc.

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dimensions: 6.3-in x 3.2-in x 3.2-in


  • Original Toyota filter with the necessary oil change hardware.


  • Drain piece doesn’t always stay in place.

12. Fram PH3387A Extra Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter

Fram PH3387A Extra Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter

The filter provides proven protection for up to 5,000 miles, and it boasts 95% dirt-trapping efficiency. It’s designed for use with conventional oil, and it aims at providing a balance between the capacity for dirt-holding and the efficiency of dirt-trapping. The filter is made with a textured grip to allow for easier installation without having to resort to using tools.

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 3.1-in x 3.1-in x 3.5-in


  • Quick and easy filter to spin on and install.


  • Merely a basic oil filter that may not have much of a negative or positive affect.

11. Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

Toyota Genuine Parts 90915-YZZF2 Oil Filter

This filter is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, so it should be a direct fit. More so, it provides high-quality engine protection. The filter is a spin-on that comes with a factory-installed rubber gasket. It even helps to remove contaminants. Although it’s recommended that you use Toyota motor oil products, this filter should do well with any oil brand you like.

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Dimensions: 3.6-in x 2.9-in x 2.9-in


  • Gasket is already pre-oiled and sealed in plastic.


  • Might be difficult to remove depending on how you screw it on.

10. ACDelco PF47E Oil Filter

ACDelco PF47E Professional Engine Oil Filter

This oil filter uses a non-metallic cartridge that can act as an energy source by being crushed in order to remove oil. The filter is good for the environment as the leaf spring, steel shell, and threaded plate assembly can all be recycled.

Weight: 8.2 ounces

Dimensions: 3.5-in x 3.3-in x 3.3-in


  • Features by-pass valves so your engine doesn’t become oil-starved in cold weather.


  • In spite of the seals, oil can still leak out.

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9. Genuine Hyundai 26300-35503 OEM Replacement Oil Filter

Genuine Hyundai 26300-35503 OEM Replacement Oil Filter

This OEM replacement filter is capable of fitting most Hyundai 2006-2014 models. It will also reset the blue link maintenance alert. The filter has an anti-drain back valve, and a thick, tightly wound filtration media. It comes with a plastic seal in order to protect it from any outside contaminants that may get in.

Weight: 12 ounces

Dimensions: 3.5-in x 3.4-in x 3.1-in


  • The anti-drain back valve helps stop clatter on engine startup.


  • Doesn’t come with drain plug gaskets.

8. Mann-Filter W 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter

Mann-Filter W 71945 Spin-on Oil Filter

This comes available with a variety of filter media. It features a non-return valve that has minimal pressure drop. Additionally, the filter has high dirt holding capacity and efficient separation that has minimal pressure drop as well. The bypass valves have a leak-free closing and defined opening characteristics. This filter is designed with a robust, corrosion-protected housing that has high pulsation and pressure stability features.

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 3.9-in x 3.9-in x 4.8-in


  • Doesn’t require much tightening thanks to a better gasket seal compound.


  • May not fit the make/model it specifies.

7. Bosch 3330 Oil Filter

It’s designed with sturdy steel base plates and housings that fight against leaks and helps to provide a better fit. Another feature that fights leaks is the double-locked rolled seam that forms a leak-free canister. The high lubricity gasket design gives a tight seal, but still allows for an easy removal. To ensure that your engine continues to receive a supply of clean oil each time your car starts, the filter uses a silicone anti-drain back valve system. All of this is backed by media technology that screens out harmful contaminants.

Weight: 9.8 ounces

Dimensions: 3.2-in x 3.2-in x 3.6-in


  • Premium filtration media can hold up to 14 grams of dirt.


  • Outer casing can appear to be flimsy.

6. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

The filter comes with an anti-drain back valve and is designed with steel cases that give a precise fit to ease removal pains and resist rust. Pressure-relief valves maintain oil supplies under extreme temperatures or oil clogs in addition to minimizing the chance of dirty oil circulating back into the engine. The filter media increases dirt-collecting capabilities by capturing more harmful contaminants. It also screens out abrasives like sand and carbon.

Weight: 6.9 ounces

Dimensions: 1.4-in x 1.1-in x 0.8-in


  • Anti-drain back valves provide high heat resistance to fight dry startups.


  • May not come with a new O-ring for the filter cap.

5. Motorcraft FL820S Silicone Valve Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL820S Silicone Valve Oil Filter

By screening out abrasives like dust, metal bits, and carbon before they reach your engine, this filter can help keep your engine running like new. The filter media increases its ability to capture any other harmful contaminants that may enter the engine. It has “ironed” steel cases to help give a precise fit that are painted to prevent them from rusting. Additional features include pressure relief valves, an ability to resist fatigue failure, and a silicone anti-drain back valve.

Weight: 13.8 ounces

Dimensions: 3.9-in x 4-in x 4-in


  • Location of the silicone anti-drain back valve stops dirty oil from re-entering the engine.


  • Is known to still cause leaks.

4. Mobil 1 M1-110 Oil Filter

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter

With a 99.6% Multi-Pass Efficiency Rating at removing contaminants, this filter holds double the capacity when compared to some other filters (28.0 grams in total). It has an advanced synthetic fiber blend media, and it helps prevent dry starts due to it eliminating internal leakage with a silicone anti-drain back valve. Additionally, the filter helps withstands nine times the normal system operating pressure to offer protection up to 615 pascals per square inch.

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Dimensions: 6.8-in x 10-in x 4.4-in


  • High-quality construction with composite filter material secured with metal end caps.


  • Can be difficult to install.

3. K&N KN-303 Motorcycle/Powersports High Performance Oil Filter

KN-303 Motorcycle

This replacement spin-on filter can fit most cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs. It has an anti-drain back valve to eliminate dry starts and stop oil from draining back into the crankcase when the engine shuts down. The heavy duty construction helps it hold up in extreme weather conditions, and the resin-impregnated filter media traps 99% harmful contaminants. This synthetic filter media is designed for greater flow and less pressure drop.

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Dimensions: 2.8-in x 2.8-in x 3.5-in


  • The 17-mm nut design makes removal quick and easy.


  • Gasket may blow and leak oil.

2. Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter

Recommended as the replacement filter for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles, this filter is made with steel, “ironed” cases that are painted to fight off rust and designed to fit your car perfectly. It features an efficient filter media that offers enhanced dirt-collecting capabilities, and the filter also helps screen out abrasives like carbon and bits of metal before they can enter your oil.

Weight: 11.2 ounces

Dimensions: 3.2-in x 3.3-in x 4.1-in


  • Has twice as many pleats for greater filtering.


  • Gasket doesn’t come pre-oiled.

1. K&N KN-204 Motorcycle/Powersports High Performance Oil Filter

KN-204 MotorcyclePowersports High Performance Oil Filter

This spin-on filter replacement fits most cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and motorcycles. It features a heavy-duty metal can that helps it survive in the most extreme weather conditions. The anti-drain back valve prevents oil drainage, and it helps to stop dry starts, while the resin-impregnated filter media traps 99% of the harmful contaminants that try to enter. That modern synthetic filter media is engineered for greater filtration while lessening pressure drop and increasing flow.

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Dimensions: 2.8-in x 2.7-in x 3.1-in


  • Built-in nut for easier removal, especially on motorcycles.


  • May see leakage around the nut, gasket, etc.


When it comes time to change your oil, hunting down a filter can be quite a task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Hopefully, our run-down of 15 of the best reviewed, top selling oil filters on the market today will help you in your search.

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