Top 20 Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews 2021

Consistent exercise is very healthy for your body and more so doing pull-ups daily. Similarly, going to commercial gymnasiums daily is not only costly but also tiresome and inconveniencing. The nature of work we do, the lifestyle we lead, our religion backgrounds and the regions we come from can be a hindrance. Therefore, Free standing pull ups will help you have your gymnasium at your comfort doorstep. Cost, available space, the age of the intended user, weight and durability are some of the qualities to look when selecting a good free standing to pull up bar. These are the top 20 Free Standing Pull up Bars in 2018;


20. Goplus Chin up Tower Rack

Goplus Chip up Tower Rack is one of the quality chip up bar that can be used for the home gym on an everyday basis. Its design and make-up make it stable, durable, fun to- use and economical on space. It has a measurement of 55.1″ x 43.3″ x 84.6″ and can support an impressive weight of up to 330 pounds. It is easy and straightforward to assemble and can easily be setup using a few standard household tools, despite all these, it is affordable and easy to operate.

18. Goplus Chin up Tower Rack

19. Soozier Ultimate Strength

Soozier Ultimate Strength has helped weightlifters in the comfort of their homes do fulfill workouts safely and efficiently. As the name states, it is durable, and its design is space-efficient. It supports a range of exercises due to its stable walk-in built design. Its storage hooks are perfect for storing barbells. Its versatility is further boosted by the holding plates offered. It is the most famous squat rank among beginners and professionals. You will always appreciate its value as you enjoy doing thrusters, deadlifts and other types of lifts.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

18. Stand Alone – Portable Pull-up Bar

Stand-alone portable pull up bar can accommodate more than 150 different types of exercises. It is one of the most affordable pull-up bars. It’s disability friendly and can help people of all statutes due to its fully height adjustable design. Moreover, it is convenient and works well in basements and other areas of homes due to its stability free standing design. The materials used in making the pull-up bar are light and strong, this makes it easily portable and durable. Risks of irritations and injuries are lowered due to its low impact design, and its convenient build makes it relatively easier to learn and safe.

20. Stand Alone – Portable Pull up Bar

17. Topeka Art Commercial Dip Station

Just as the name suggests, Topeka Art Commercial Dip Station is commercial-grade accessory having a well-built self-standing design which supports a weight of up to 500 pounds. Its oversized knuckle grips make the hands comfortably grip on it and provides extra supports that keep it rock solid, not dependent on the type of exercises one is doing. It is durable, it can accommodate all kinds of triceps and biceps workouts, and furthermore it has a compact but versatile system that can also be used in doing a plethora of other upper parts of the body workouts without weight lifting. It also has extra thick bars offers which are stable and fun to use.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

16. XMark Power Tower XM-4434

XMark Power Tower XM-4434 can be attained in gray or white colors. It is a combination of pull-up bar and dip station. It’s narrow and well gripping makes it favorable for doing several varieties of dips, pushups, pull ups and vertical knee raises as need arises. It’s skid resistant rubber feet lower the risk of slipping and also protect flooring. It does not corrode nor rust over time due to its aesthetic powder coating. The 14-gaege steel used to manufacture it makes it strong and durable.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

15. XMark XM-4434 Power Tower

The days when individuals who wanted to exercise in the home environment could contend with low-quality are long gone. XMark XM-4424 power tower pull-up bar has changed the situation. It is purposely designed to suit different body types and exercise regimens. XMark XM-4424 power tower pulls up bar will help you tone your core muscles (abs), strengthen your back muscles and define your upper body. Its ergonomic design and padded pull-up bars, vertical knee raise, and handles improve comfort.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

14. Perfect Basic Pullup

Do you want to tone your upper muscles for the good health of your cardiovascular system and price is a concern? The perfect primary pull-up is one of the cheapest exercise accessories available on the market. It is simple but very effective pull-up bar that will help you improve the strength of your upper body. It among the lightest on the market and weighs around six pounds only. It’s adjustable swing arms allow individuals to perform Australian pull-ups in addition to traditional pull-ups. It is easy to install.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

13. JFit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Do you have limited space and looking for space efficient and pocket-friendly pull up bar that will suit your home exercise need? JFit Deluxe Doorway Pull-up bar is the solution. It is one of the cheapest and space efficient workout accessories in the market. Its stainless steel construction improves its stability and rubber pads; this enables the bar to support 250 pounds of weight during usage. The pull-up bar can easily fit the door space between 26 to 40 inches through unscrewing and screwing its bars. The rubber pads also enhance comfort and prevents injuries and slipping during exercise

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

12. XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station

XMark Fitness Power Tower has stood the test of time. It has had a magnificent image of producing some of the best workout equipment for both commercial and home use. Its 14-gauge pull-up station made of stainless steel assures its stability. Its ergonomic design allows people to do dips, pushups, pull-ups and many other exercises. It has thick high-density cushions that enhance comfort.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

11. Chinning, Dipping, & Push-Up Station

Chinning, Dipping, and Push-up station by TDS are constructed by a two by two square tube which enhances strength. This one of the pull-ups where you can easily perform hanging sit ups without worrying about your safety. It is comfortable, and your hands will not be injured irrespective of the length of time you take exercising on the accessory; its deluxe hand grips have enhanced this.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

10. Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ Power Tower is a compact yet versatile standing pull up bar that can comfortably be used at home environment. It is an advanced workout accessory that offers different benefits. A well-designed D-frame base enhances its stability. Its durability is achieved by the heavy gauge steel used in constructing it. It has an ergonomic pull-up bar for toning the backs, shoulders, and arms. It has pushed up bars for strengthening chest muscles and a dip station for working out the triceps and the upper body. Most importantly, this power tower is affordable, easy to assemble and disassemble and features a vertical knee raise station that operates well.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

9. Elite Pull Up Bar

As the name suggests, Elite pull up bar is made of a light (36 pounds) and portable aluminum, hence durable.  It is a professional grade workout tool that works well for both commercial and home setups. Its unique adjustable build of 77 inches by 92 inches enable it to support people of different stature. It’s removable and ergonomic bar makes it easy to transport. It is safe to the user due to its built-in stabilizer boosts. Its non-tool design makes it easy to assemble hence ideal for everyday usage. It also has knee raise for working on thighs and abs and natural grip handle for comfort exercise.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

8. Shamrock Triple Pull up, Dip, and Suspension Door Gym

It is made of heavy duty steel that can support the huge weight. It has a multi-functional triple pull up bar that works as a dip station and a suspended door gym. This suspension trainer has an adjustable design of between 24-32-inch. It can support the weight of up to 300 pounds. It is easy to install and use and has a versatile and ergonomic design that works well for individuals of all groups. Its foam-padded handle makes it comfortable, and its professional-grade build supports over 35 upper and lower body exercises.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

7. Titan Power Rack

Titan Power Rack is a multi-functional cross fit pull-up bar. It is designed for doing deadlifts, pull-ups, and squats. It has a weight capacity of approximately 700 pounds. It is a 44-inch wide design that fits individuals of all shapes and sizes and it weighs 107 ounces, and a tall 83-inch build that supports a wide range basic and complicated exercises. They are space efficient and neither rust nor corrodes. All its components are made of high-density 2-inch steel tubes that make it durable. You will never regret installing Titan Power Rack in your home gym.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

6. Titan HD Power Rack

Titan HD Power Rack has a weight capacity of over 1000 pounds, it is a heavy duty deadlift cage and supports bench based exercises and squats. It has a durable steel construction, a tall 90-inch frame that is around 30 inches deep and a well designed Westside Hole pattern. It also has a large steel J-hook that eases installation. Most importantly, it is space efficient, cheap and recommended for home use; it is also durable and easy to assemble.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

5. Trapeze All-in-one Pull up Bar

Trapeze All-in-one Pull up Bar has a unique stand-alone design that works well both indoors and outdoors. It is light and easy to use and weighs only 23 pounds. It comes in seven easy to transport pieces that fit in a 48-inch x 8-inch x 8-inch box, and it is also corrosion and rust resistant due to the aluminum material it is made of. It is easy to assemble since it is a no tool design. This pull-up bar has well-welded seams that assure safety since it does not crumble under pressure. It also has a flexible design that supports a lot of weight and a naturally gripped and padded handles that make it comfortable.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

4. Titan Power Rack

Titan Power Rack is a well-made stand alone pull-up bar that can be used to do the preceding exercises at home. It is used in doing bench presses, curls, shrugs, and military presses. It is made of heavy-duty 2-inch steel tubes that can support up to 700 pounds. It is affordable and space efficient. Its versatile design accommodates a wide range of exercises; it is also easy to assemble and use.  If you want value for your money the then the solution is Titan Power Rack.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

3. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Cap Barbell Power Rack measures 26 inches by 50 inches by 85 inches; it has a stable upright design that accommodates people of all cadres and a double gusseted for added stability. It is a large professional grade standalone stand made of 12 x 14 gauge steel that assures durability and strength Furthermore it has a powder coated finish that boosts aesthetic and durability. The inner oxidation is also prevented by the capping at the ends.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews


2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 can support up to 250 pounds, supports versatile workouts and is easy to set up. It has several functional workout stations. It supports triceps dips, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups and has a tough, solid frame that weighs approximately 54 pounds. It is affordable and durable.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

1. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 is one of the popular top twenty standing to pull up bars. It is a trusted power tower with a unique multi-station design that accommodates a wide range of workouts. It has a slip resistant foot grips, a sturdy base and a padded arm and back cushions for optimal safety. For working the lower abs and quads, you will get a universal dip station with multiple grip positions and a leg raise station. Body Vision PT600 will enable you to enjoy fulfilling upper body workouts on demand due to its well-designed pull-up and chin-up stations.

Free Standing Pull Up Bars Reviews

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