Top Best Samsung galaxy S8 Screen Protectors in 2020

There is a fear that gets on one’s nerves at the thought of dropping their smartphone or at the occurrence of any form damage on their smartphone’s screen. But what if the level of damage to the screen could be reduced? That’s where the topic of screen protectors comes in.

The first I want to introduce you to what is a screen protector?

A screen protector is a sheet of clear plastic material added to the screen of an electronic device to protect it from damage. It is cut to fit the exact shape and size of the device as well as cut-out holes for buttons(if any) and speaker.

Types of screen protectors:

Screen protectors could be classified according to the type of material they are made from.

The most common screen protectors are made from plastics such as PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and TPU(thermoplastic Polyurethane) while the rest are made from a tempered glass material. However, those made from tempered glass are more expensive and less thick.

Top brands of screen protectors:

1) Body Guardz: Body Guard screen protectors are clear plastic and supertough protectors. They offer products such as HD Anti-Glare, Privacy, Pure and Ultra Tough. Other top brands include Xtreme guard, Boxwave Clear Touch, and PPE Techs WriteSHIELD.

2) Moshi visor: These are simple and bubble free screen protectors. They are said to be the easiest screen protectors to install.

3) ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD: These screen protectors offer protection and shock resistance. They possess advanced clarity and glass-like surfaces.

4) Skinomi Techskin: These are tough and durable screen protectors that offer resistance against lubricants and corrosion. They also protect against U.V radiation.

5) Tech Armor: Tech Armor screen protectors are 100% bubble free with HD clear finish. They offer resistance from both glare and fingerprints.

Why use screen protectors?

The glass screen of a smartphone or any other phone is a very vulnerable and therefore it’s important to shield it for the following reasons:

  • To protect the screen from scratches, debris or dust.
  • To reduce glare while using the mobile phone.
  • To prevent damage by U.V radiation by refraction/bending light.
  • It may improve aesthetics. For instance, it may give the screen reflective properties when the phone is not in use.

The high use of smartphones has seen the use of screen protectors increase immensely. With the production of the Samsung galaxy S8, this trend is bound to increase steadily.

Cheap Best Samsung galaxy S8 screen protectors.

First and foremost, the Samsung galaxy S8 has a screen size of 5.80 inches(~83.6% screen to body ratio). Therefore, all screen protectors featured here have a similar size.

Many types of protectors have been designed for this smartphone leading buyers into confusion on which to purchase. But I have good news. I’ve taken a look at the best screen protectors for this new device so that everyone makes the best decision. It’s as follows:

08. Tauri Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

08. Tauri Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

This screen protector is made from glass. It has rounded edges and is laser-cut. Round tips provide full-screen coverage and offer the user comfort. It has an incomparable HD clarity.

  • The screen protector resists scratch thereby offering the screen protection from high impact drops.
  • Its installation is easy.
  • Its mode of construction makes it durable.
  • Its price is higher than other screen protectors in the market.

07. LK Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

07. LK Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

This is another laser cut screen protector. It’s cut openings fit the front camera, the speaker, and the home button.

This screen protector is shatterproof, scratch resistant and has an anti-fingerprint coating that improves its ease of cleaning and keeps it free from fingerprints. In any instance it breaks, the pieces cannot harm the user as they are not sharp.

  • It is highly responsive and with a very good sensitivity aspect.
  • It is durable and offers maximum user service
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Its laser cutting is ideal for S8
  • It’s only suitable for Samsung Galaxy S8 but not other mobile phones.

06. JDBRUIAN Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8.

06. JDBRUIAN Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

One advantage of this screen cover is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price. Besides that, it keeps the phone from scratches and prevents fingerprints as well as dirt due to its anti-fingerprint coating. In addition, it has a natural feel thereby boosting sensitivity.

  • The film used is U.V resistant
  • It’s easy to install and remove depending on the user’s need.
  • Looks new due to its self-healing technology
  • It’s not made of tempered glass

05. Skinomi Techskin Full Coverage Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector.

05. Skinomi Techskin Full Coverage Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

It’s resistant to punctures, scratches as well as U.V light due to its tech skin. It also assists in absorbing impact and has self-healing capabilities. It is designed well to cover even curved devices.

  • It has a smooth glass-like surface helps in improving its sensitivity
  • It has a liquid solution that enables the user to adjust the protector while installing
  • It has a risk-free lifetime warranty
  • It is both durable and reliable
  • Only one pack is offered for the user

04. Dmax Armor Full Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

04. Dmax Armor Full Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

Dmax screen protector is made from a thin sheet of tempered glass which is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. In addition, it has a 99.9% HD clarity. It also offers the screen protection from shock.

  • It has both hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that prevent accumulation of dust or grime.
  • It has a life-time warranty
  • It is only created for Samsung Galaxy S8

03. MP-Mall Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

03. MP-Mall Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

This is a specially made screen protector, in that it comes in 2 pieces with each made with tempered glass.

Both pieces protect the screen from drops, scratches, and scrapes.It is affordable as it has favorable prices.

  • Life-time warranty
  • It is touch sensitive
  • It’s of high quality
  • Maintains screen brightness due to its transparency
  • It adheres to the screen and is free of gaps or bubbles
  • It is specifically made for Samsung Galaxy S8 only.

02. Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

02. Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

The Spigen screen protector is rated 9H hardness. Its layer is made of flexible TPU that ensures proper screen protection. Moreover, it offers the user with both a bubble-free and rainbow-free clarity. It’s also an edge-to-edge screen protector, therefore, guaranteeing full-screen protection. Moreover, it’s case has an inbuilt kicks used to prop the device up while watching videos.

  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • It does require any lifting during installation.
  • Its surface is self-healing and resists fingerprints.
  • Covers the screen fully
  • It’s only meant for Samsung Galaxy S8 only

01. Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector.

01. Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protector

Made from 3mm of tempered glass, it has 9H hardness rating which can protect the screen from scratches resulting from some metals. In addition, it also has a 99.9% clarity. It is bubble-free, making its installation easy. It also leaves no residue when removed. It’s slimness offers the screen a natural and real look.

Besides that, it guarantees protection from sweat and oil residue that may form fingerprints. This is due to the coating used.

  • It’s affordable due to its budget-friendly prices.
  • It provides proper full-screen coverage.
  • It has both hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings.
  • No

In conclusion, the various examples of screen protectors covered have received different views from different people due to their different personal preferences. Nonetheless, these products have different qualities yet meant to offer similar services to users.

Before buying screen protectors, it’s advisable to research on the best brands. You don’t want to buy screen protectors that don’t offer you contentment. In addition, check on the warranty given.

At times, remember that although prices are a major consideration for most people when purchasing products, check on quality and durability.

Remember that the cost of replacing several screen protectors sum up to or exceed the cost of buying one high-quality screen protector. That’s the simple maths of purchasing.

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