What Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge | Full Phone Specifications?

For a phone to be appealing, it has to have enough changes that improve earlier versions. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will awe you in a way that the predecessors did not. It gets so many features right and extends the usefulness of the Galaxy S6 family. It has the greatest of features leaving nothing to perfect. This guide will particularly point out that this is the best phone to have.

It is a comprehensive review of these phones that help you visualise the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You will discover that these phones provide the best of everything from the display to the battery life. You will get to learn about the size and gaming experience that you get with these phones. Furthermore, you will learn about the usability of these phones and their smooth curves.

You will further see how they compares to other makes in the Android and iOS line. In here, you will also find the reasons why these phones thwart their predecessors and are therefore worth the purchase. You will hear important details about the camera, its resolution and the convenience it offers. If you are the kind of person who considers the thickness of the phone: that too is evaluated in this guide. You will even get to see the positives and negatives of this phone in comparison to others. As an added bonus, you will note the design changes that Samsung S7 and S7 Edge offer. In general, you will see how this phone listen to the needs of their users. Comfort is also not left out when describing these phones. Performance and hardware are also not left-out, and they are something to watch out for.

What is a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?


The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are phones that give you freedom to do more. It is an amazing world of great experiences and connected products. The experience is heightened with a Gear VR headset that lets you explore new worlds. In addition, there is more to this, and these flagship phones do not disappoint. The speculation is now a showcasing of spectacular phones that heighten every mobile experience.

These phones have a different 5.5-inch screen on the S7 edge which is powerful and includes all the features you have been asking for. The Galaxy S7 is not just any other new phone; it comes with a new way of thinking about what phones do. It defines more than the possibilities you can imagine. The design of these phones is re-engineered beauty to provide a slim feel in your hand and still not compromise on the size of the screen. They are elegant phones that are also good to look at.

What is the Killer Feature of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?


These phones have a life of their own and mainly have the following magnificent features:

a) Water-Proof


These smartphones help you live comfortably with water, and that is why these phones are certified as water-resistant. They are able to repel spills, dunks and splashes even when they do not have a bulky protective case. This feature increases their life span.

b) Canny Design


The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are very slim and still have an incredibly large screen. They are therefore able to fit comfortably in your palm and display notifications legibly. Furthermore, a slight swipe gives you instant messages.

c) Expandable Memory


You do not have to worry about running out of space; these smartphones have a memory of 32 gigabytes which is easily extended to 200 gigabytes with a micro SD card.

d) Easy and Quick Wireless Charging


You no longer have to wait for your phone to charge, the Galaxy S7, and its counterpart powers from zero to 100 percent in a surprisingly short time. The battery is also large to keep you going for a long time.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


There are things that you need to know if you consider buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. There is nothing alarming about going for these phones. In fact, you need to know the device key features and consider all the essentials before making up your mind. There is also another consideration to do with price, specs, rumour and release timeline.

There are obvious details about these devices like their fast speed and stunning display. Your thoughts should be far from disappointment, and you should be thinking about the Snapdragon 820 processor and QHD screen. There are further other less obvious details that include the always-on-screen. These phones come with an always-on display to enable you to view the time, date and notification without doing anything.

The advantage here is that it helps with the battery life since you won’t have to wake the device to check the notifications or time. They make use of a technology that supports optimal use of these phones.

What is the Difference Between Apple IPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7?


The Samsung Galaxy S7 which is a recent entry into the market has a number of advanced specs which compare to the Galaxy S6 smartphone. It is also compares to competition such as the Apple iPhone 6S which has been in the market since September 2018.

The design and display of the Galaxy S7 that is glass and metallic comes with an IP68 rating that protects it from getting damaged from water and dust. It is 7.9 millimetres thick and weighs just 152 grams. The Galaxy is further available in white, silver, black and gold.

On the other hand, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus is gifted with a bursting metallic body. It however does not have the IP rating to protect it from water and dust contact. Its profile is slimmer than the Galaxy S7 and only measures 7.3 millimetres.

It also weighs 192 grams and is available in space grey, gold, silver and rose gold. You are able to see notifications on the Galaxy S7 without affecting the battery unlike in an iPhone. Ultimately, the S7 is better in terms of performance, camera, storage and software.

What are the Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7 Over Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?


The Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are top phones to beat. They are like affordable pocket computers that you will be glad to have. You will discover that an upgrade to this stylus is worth it. It is even wise to move from the Galaxy S6 Edge to the Galaxy S7. The reason for this is that you get a slightly faster processor with Galaxy S7. There is also the added benefit of a water-resistant phone.

Furthermore, Galaxy S7 has a larger 5.5-inch screen and has memory that can be extended with a micro SD storage. The S7 stands taller with the faster wireless charging and a remarkable curved glass back. It further has a responsive home button and a battery that lasts up to 16 hours unlike for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The S7’s camera is able to operate in low-light situations and has quick focus which gives better pictures. Still, what remains the same is the high definition screen, curved glass front and 32 gigabytes of storage. The S7 however does not have the slimness, visibility in bright light and IR blaster to control your home entertainment system that the S6 has.

What Should I buy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus when S7 Edge is Also Out There?

The Galaxy S7 has the always-on display to show time, date and notifications without swiping. It is also 4 percent narrower and 2 percent shorter than the Galaxy S6 Plus. The S7 is however thicker than the S6, and the number stand at 12 percent thicker. The S7 is heavier than the S6 at 3 percent although it feels better in the palm. The construction of the S7 is similar to the S6 with both having aluminium frames. However, the S7 has a curved glass back.

In addition, the display of the S7 is 7 percent smaller than the S6. In keeping, the display resolution still remains at 1440pixels which gives the smaller S7 edge a pixel density advantage. The S7 produces better images and boasts of better low-light shooting besides taking shots quickly. Moreover, the S7 has a better battery life, charges quickly and has wireless charging. In general, the S7 is better than the S6 Edge Plus.


The Samsung S7 and S7 Edge are models that iterate perfectly. They are award-winning smartphones that are brilliant and have a striking design. They have a curved edge and feel great to own. These phones really step forward and have brilliant innovative features.

They are a reinvention of the Samsung phones to still give them that competitive edge. The screen is larger but still feels comfortable to hold. The rear of the phone is further curved so as to conveniently sit in the hands. Furthermore, they have a micro SD card slot that allows you to extend the memory capacity to up to 200 gigabytes.

These phones have so much power. The battery life is something notable and a great improvement from earlier models. Also, it is able to quickly charge wirelessly and in a short time so as to make it convenient for you. What’s more, it is made to last and survive water with its water-resistant make.

These enhancements come at a cost which is quite hefty and stands at £640 in the United Kingdom. However, you can get the phone in the United States at $299 on contract, while Australia sells the Galaxy S7 Edge at an enormous AU$1,249 for the 32GB version. All in all, it is worth every penny.

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