Why Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich


Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich
Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump is slowly becoming an International Icon in the political arena. The outspoken and controversial Republican Presidential candidate nominee-to-be is now known by almost everyone in the world. He is known for making funny sentiments not expected of a leader in press conferences and campaign grounds. He is known to condemn any act or personality he feels is not right using all negative sentiments irrespective of the authority one holds. However, a well-done research points out to a very rich background for Trump. Take this opportunity to have a look at some of the best fascinating pictures that show how wealthy the 69 years old man is

10. A Young Donald Trump With His Rolls Royce

Trump’s net worth of $8.7 billion did not start accumulating yesterday. He started his success journey at his dad’s real estate firm and worked his way up to larger deals. He later specialized in implementing state of the art, architectural designs. He indeed became rich while still young. You can see in the photo below a young and wealthy Trump posing with his expensive Rolls Royce.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

9. Posing With His Private Helicopter

Trump got himself a private helicopter, Sikorsky S-76’s which costs nothing less than $5 million – $7 million. Besides, he also hired the most prominent aircraft interior designer, Roth, for further interior work. The whole interior work was redone with the most material used being gold. The whole work is estimated to have cost $750,000.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

8. $20 Million Dollar Golf Courses

The man Donald Trump has several golf courses worth $20 million in the USA. The Trump National Golf Club in Washington D.C is the home of two championship golf courses. The golf courses here are situated within 800 acres land along the scenic and peaceful Potomac River. It is one of the most scenic and luxurious golf club owing to its unique design. Trump is a golfer and has done a lot to create something unique for golf activities. These golf courses are in the modern status and very costly; all these shows how rich he is.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

7. Boeing 757 jet

Donald Trump has a private jet Boeing 757 which is popularly referred to as Trump Force One due to its likening to the popular Air Force One. The jet is currently being used alongside other helicopters for campaigns. Relevant sources have it that the jet was bought by Donald 20 years ago and regularly undergoes modernization. Don’t you think that possessing and maintaining Boeing jet alone is a measure of wealth?  I thought so. Yes, people have private jets, but mostly one or two, but Donald Trump has several of them. Besides, none of his aircraft have been leased or chartered to commercial airlines as others do. The Trumps Boeing 757 jet has a sitting capacity of 200 passengers and has great interior design brushed with 24-karat gold.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

6. The Trump Tower

The Trump Tower is one of the tallest buildings and one of the most visited attractions in New York. It is 68 stories building above 5th Avenue. The all-glass structure was constructed and completed in 1983 and remains one of the most distinctive buildings in the globe. Most of the luxurious offices that provide world class services in New York are the 26 offices located in the Trump Tower. Besides, the tower homes world’s top elite luxury residential houses preferred by top public figures, celebrities, athletes, and other affluent sophisticates. At the lower entrance are Trump Grill and Trump Bar. The tower is a multi-million project.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

5. A Mar A Logo Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida

Trump owns a beautiful home in the historical A-Mar-A-Logo in Palm Beach, Florida. He also has many ventures in the same place. He owns some guest houses, luxury boutique, spa, sports, & recreational; facilities. Wedding & Events facilities are also available courtesy of the one Donald Trump. Palm Beach itself is a place of luxury with a large popularity in the world.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

4. Trump’s Mansion in Greenwich

Trump is the owner of this multi-million worth executive home in Greenwich. The home was built in 1939 and is among the best in the city. However, the home has been listed at $54 million. It is an 8-bedroom manse located at 21 Vista Drive and has attracted many bidders given that it is linked to a renowned real estate magnate, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

3. Trump Princess Yacht

Kingdom 5KR, formerly Trump Princess is a 282 feet motor yacht that was built in 1980 and owned by Donald Trump. The Yacht even appeared in one of The James Bond Movies, “Never Say never Again. Trump bought the Yacht from Adnan Khashoggi at $ 29 million. The yacht has a capacity of 22 guests and 48 crew. Among the many facilities that the yacht houses, a private hospital is one.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

2. Trump Taj Mahal

The Trump Taj Mahal is a famous casino located at 1040 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. It is owned by Trump Entertainment Resorts which is a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises.[2] The Mall was officially inaugurated by Donald Trump in 1990. According to a reliable source, the mall was built at a total cost of nearly one billion dollars. In November 2014, the Mahal announced closure and ceased casino and hotel operations. In February 2018, a billionaire Carl Icahn purchased the Trump Taj Mahal at unknown amount.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

1. Trump Plaza

The Trump Organization started the foundation of the Trump Plaza casino in June 1982. It was, however, a joint venture with Harrah’s investment whereby Trump would oversee the construction while Harrah’s operate the property. The property was officially opened on May 14, 1984. The Plaza is a complex with seven restaurants, 614 rooms, a 750-seat showroom and a 60,00 sq. feet casino. This expensive and luxurious structure stands on a 2.6-acre piece of land just next to Caesars Atlantic City. The plaza is remembered for hosting the prestigious Wrestlemania IV event in 1988 and Wrestlemania V event 1989.

Donald Trump is Considered Filthy Rich

That is just but a little confirmation on how filthy rich the man, Donald Trump is. What lingers in your mind? Is there a relationship between wealth and power or authority? Now that Donald Trump is in the race for White House, can wealth play roles in acquisition of power and authority? Time will tell.

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