World’s 10 Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries


Each and every country has its own marvels as well as spectacular landscapes, but these 10 mentioned below are blessed with an exceptional bundle of outstanding natural splendor and man-made miracles that enhance their own territories with everything from gorgeous urban centers to timeless villages, spectacular parks, and perfect scenery. They are nations that provide a variety of sights and a plethora of inspiration from man as well as nature.

1. Italy

Italy has the planet’s most breathtaking cities, probably the most impressive cultural treasures, and luxurious scenery. There is Florence, Venice, as well as Rome along with their diverse architecture, and the natural masterpiece which is Tuscany with its rolling hillsides, grape plantations, and snow-peaked hills. Then there is the perfect naturalist artwork which is the Lake Maggiore or Amalfi Coastline and the Alps and you also get the feeling that no nation in the world offers as much elegance as Italy.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

2. Spain

Spain is probably the most diverse nation on earth, with everything from white Mediterranean communities to stylish metropolitan centers. You will not find a metropolis with a greater perception of individuality than Barcelona, and from Andalusia to the Pyrenees, Spain may well serve as the perfect setting for just about any type of book, movie or painting. It is also the planet’s most seductive nation, enthusiastic about living the good lifestyle reflected on awesome plazas in even the smaller towns, in well-maintained historical centers, and in the tiniest of villages perched on the hilltops.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

3. France

Paris exudes an ideal ambiance of cultural magnificence but even though capital receives all of the attention, France provides a lot more. Villages along with abounding Old World elegance are all over the nation, from around the impressive Loire Valley to the flourishing Provence. Then there is the gorgeous Riviera and when you wish to see the planet’s best palace (Versailles) as well as museum (the Louvre), here they are. However, France is also a nation of high class living in the outdoor eateries, in perfectly-maintained cities and in the wine-producing areas like Champagne and Bordeaux.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

4. Australia

Australia is much more than a country; it happens to be a continent and still more than that. It has its very own world, from the Kakadu National Park to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park having its internationally known stone monolith. It’s wild parks plus a broad variety of landscapes make Australia so remarkable, from the Mornington Peninsula National Park to the Great Barrier Reef which is on the list of the natural wonders on the planet, to the sunny Whitsunday Islands; however, there is Sydney along with its harbor, which is probably one of the most gorgeous and renowned urban areas.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

5. Greece

The Greek Island destinations on the azure waters of the Aegean Sea are actually home to a few of the planet’s most incredible seashores. These are the first pictures of the nation, however, there is the fascinating Mt. Olympus, remarkable Meteora, and historic ruins all around the nation. Although Athens disappoints those searching for artistic inspiration, Greece is a nation that really fulfills all the feelings and it’s easy to understand how the concept of so many mythological characters originated here.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

6. Portugal

For the excellent natural charms of the volcanic Azores alone, Portugal will be on this particular list of the top ten most beautiful countries in the world. Then you will find the “floating garden” which is Madeira, the stunning coastline as well as mystical capes, the tranquil plainlands of the Alentejo along with the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the stunning white ancient towns of Marvão, or the excellent collaboration of nature and man in the magical illusion of Sintra and Douro Valley. Although the old locations of Porto and Lisbon are inexplicably rundown and neglected, it is hard to match up their scenic splendor with their fantastic riverside settings.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

7. USA

In terms of nature, America is really beautiful. You will find the Hawaiian Islands, the impressive Grand Canyon, California’s Big Sur, the astonishingly crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, the incredible wildlife in Alaska, the spectacular scenery of Monument Valley or even of Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the other wonderful national parks, the woodlands of the Great Smoky Mountains… this list of natural marvels appears to go on forever.

Golden Gate

8. Brazil

Brazil is renowned for its natural beauty. The Amazon is definitely matchless, and the amazing horseshoe-shaped Iguaçu falls are among the planet’s most spectacular places. The colonial flamboyant architecture of the northeast along with their fantastic decorations combined with singular traditions provide it with one of the planet’s most soulful ambiance, and if the nation’s other important cities were not so dull (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Curitiba, Manaus, and so on), Brazil would actually rank much higher on this particular list.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

9. South Africa

Cape Town is among the planet’s best cities and the Kruger National Park is among the most unforgettable experiences in the world for anybody who visits. South Africa provides the impressive diversity of panoramas, from the Blyde River Canyon to the Drakensberg Mountains. With all that it’s practically very easy to overlook that it is also a nation packed with problems, however, go to the Cape and you will be relishing one of the most awe-inspiring areas in the world.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

10. Germany

Germany is a host to architectural jewels as well as fairytales. They’re not necessarily observed in the largest metropolitan areas of the nation, however, Munich has its own charms and smaller towns like Leipzig, Dresden, and Potsdam have been conserved or renovated to fairytale eye candy. However, the actual storybook of Germany is observed all along the Romantic Road with all the amazing castles, in the enchanting land of the Rhine together with its vineyards, in the gorgeous mountains and lakes of the Alps, or even in the stunning Black Forest.

Most Stunningly Gorgeous Countries

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